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Today's Headlines (details below)

--MultiLogic Software Releases Knowledge-Based WebDev Systems

--Pictorius Announces Family of Web Development Tools

--Crawford Delivers Mac Interactive Storytelling Tool

--Macromedia Announces Authorware Synergy for Designer's Edge

--CyberCash Delivers Payment Components for Microsoft Wallet, Site Server

--Shiva Upgrades ISDN Client Router

--Russian Bank to Debut Visa Smart Card

--Puffin Ships Commotion

--MetaCreations Announces Ray Dream 3D

--Online Store Offers Streaming Media Products

--MicroVision Debuts Online Guide to Web Design

--Sites Slow to Adopt Rich Media Types in Online Ads

--O'Reilly Updates UNIX Power Tools Book

--ION Storm Acquires 7th Level Computer Game Dominion

--Microsoft Publishes Puzzle Collection

--Eidos Releases Real-time Strategy Game

--Activision Debuts New Zork Text Adventure

--Interplay Ships Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

--Blizzard Announces Diablo II, Million Battle.net Users

--MacSoft's QUAKE for the Mac Offers New Mac-Only Features

--Midisoft Delisted from Nasdaq

--Unwired Planet Announces Wireless Developers Conference

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MultiLogic Software Releases Knowledge-Based WebDev Systems

Information overload, driven by technology, networking, and the Internet has led to a new class of application development software - knowledge-based systems. These systems are said to assist information consumers in sifting out relevant information automatically. Evolved from artificial intelligence technology, such "Webtop" applications incorporate expertise and guide users through a decision-making process.

MultiLogic last week released Selector and ReSolver, designed to let Web developers effectively bottle expertise and put it online. With these products, members of MultiLogic's DecisionBuilder product line, the company is targeting sales and marketing applications.

Selector's spreadsheet-like interface lets developers to build a selection application using simple questions in laymen's terms. Developers can manipulate data, script questions and build a knowledge-based application.

Web site users reportedly see results that reflect more than a simple database query; results are ranked in terms of "best fit" based on the user's input.

ReSolver is a general-purpose knowledge-based application development software package for developing custom Web-enabled applications. It is designed for Web developers who want full-featured, knowledge-based systems development capabilities, including full access to MultiLogic's DecisionMaker inference engine technology.

Additional information is available at http://www.multilogic.com



Pictorius Announces Family of Web Development Tools

Canada-based Pictorius Incorporated plans to expand its current product line into a new family of Web development tools targeted at single users, small Web development teams and enterprise-wide Web development teams.

The company plans to announce in the next two months two new products, one at the enterprise level and one for individual users, said to offer a wider variety of people the ability to create and manage powerful Web sites.

The new products will be based on Pictorius iNet Developer's team-based authoring and support for both the Microsoft and Netscape versions of Dynamic HTML and push technologies.

The new additions to the Pictorius iNet family will all ship by Q1 1998.

Pricing will be set as each individual product is announced.

Find Pictorius at http://www.pictorius.com




Crawford Delivers Mac Interactive Storytelling Tool

Now available for free download at http://www.erasmatazz.com is the Erasmatron, a new tool for creating interactive stories from legendary game designer/programmer/industry curmudgeon Chris Crawford. It's currently available only for Power Macintosh, although a Windows version is in the works.

Here's Chris to tell you a little bit more about Erasmatron:

I realize its weaknesses, especially the fact that there's little in the way of demonstration storyworlds. But we're working on that and should have a full-blown storyworld ready Real Soon Now. In the meantime, after six years of work and poorly concealed cackling, I am finally putting my cards on the table. I believe that the Erasmatazz technology represents the first genuine breakthrough in interactive storytelling. Like the Wright brothers' first airplane, it's flimsy and cosmetically unimpressive. But unlike so many other efforts, this thing actually gets off the ground. In-flight movies are just a matter of time.

More info is available at the Web site.



Macromedia Announces Authorware Synergy for Designer's Edge

Macromedia last week announced Authorware Synergy, a product that links Authorware 4, an authoring tool for delivering interactive training, and Allen Communication's Designer's Edge version 2.0, a planning and pre-authoring tool.

"Traditionally, the up-front pre-authoring process of interactive course design is an important but very time-consuming part of full-scale development and delivery," said Jim White, VP/GM of the Interactive Learning Division at Macromedia.

"Designer's Edge simplifies and facilitates this process with a 12-step methodology that includes goal setting, defining audience, defining topic, and assessing achievement. Authorware Synergy provides developers with a ... link to take the information gathered in the pre-authoring phase and seamlessly organize it in a logical application prototyping and delivery environment."

The $495 Authorware Synergy will be available as an electronic download from the Web in the U.S. and Canada on September 18; it will be available through traditional distribution October 6. Authorware Synergy will be available for Windows 95 and Windows NT; Designer's Edge 2.0 for Windows and Authorware 4.0 for Windows are required for use.

Additional information on Salt Lake City-based Allen Communication and Designer's Edge is available on the Web at http://www.allencomm.com , or by calling 800/325-7850 or 801/537-7800.

For the name of a Macromedia authorized reseller in your area, call (800) 326-2128 or visit http://www.macromedia.com/software/authorware/buy_auth.html




CyberCash Delivers Payment Components for Microsoft Wallet, Site Server

CyberCash, Inc., an enabler of secure financial transactions on the Internet, last week announced the availability of two new CyberCash payment components for the Microsoft Wallet and Microsoft Site Server, Enterprise Edition. These new components are said to offer consumers and merchants extended flexibility and greater security for online commerce. Merchants can download these new components for free from CyberCash's Web site at http://www.cybercash.com

CyberCash CashRegister, V2.1.2 Adapter Kit for the Microsoft Wallet allows CyberCash-enabled merchants who do not use Microsoft Site Server to accept credit card and CyberCoin payments from the Microsoft Wallet.



Shiva Upgrades ISDN Client Router

Shiva Corporation last week introduced version 2.0 of its Shiva AccessPort ISDN client router for connecting telecommuters and small remote office users to corporate networks, the Internet and online services.

AccessPort 2.0's Wizard is designed to make installation simple for the non-technical user. In addition, Shiva also focuses on the more complex requirements of the Network Manager who requires secure mass deployment or upgrading of Shiva AccessPorts. Specifically, version 2.0 adds the following easy-installation features:

Rapid ISDN Setup, provides a combination of automatic setup based on the country of use; discovery of the ISDN switch to which the device is connected; and automatic composition of SPIDs. This eases Shiva AccessPort setup by detecting and automatically configuring ISDN parameters.

Network Test Facility tests the ISDN functionality of the Shiva AccessPort during configuration and provides detailed traces of any problems with ISDN lines or configurations, saving time during setup for installation.

Mass Deployment Tool allows configurations and firmware upgrades to an installed base of Shiva AccessPorts to be edited, controlled and scheduled from a central site.

DIAT over IP and IPX: Dynamic address translation for single or multiple hosts using IP or IPX. DIAT isolates the remote LAN for security and removes the burden of remote LAN administration.

Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP): PCs being supported on the remote LAN automatically get an IP address via the Shiva AccessPort, which acts as a DHCP server. This prevents time-consuming address allocation for the network manager. Security Assistant provides third-party security authorization support for remote users. Instead of full management software, only the Security Assistant popup need be deployed onto PCs making Shiva AccessPort use more seamless for the remote users.

AccessPort 2.0 will be available in October at SRP US$795. Version 2.0 upgrade will be offered to existing Shiva AccessPort customers this month, free of charge from Shiva's Web site at http://www.shiva.com/remote/accessport/install.html



Russian Bank to Debut Visa Smart Card

Visa International and one of Russia's largest banks, Inkombank, last week unveiled a new chip card that could revolutionize the way consumers pay in more than 50 countries.

The new card system allows transactions to be completed off-line without the need for telephone authorizations, making it particularly suited for countries with limited telecommunications and banking services.

Visa and Inkombank will launch the card in St. Petersburg, Russia, later this year as "Visa Roskart." Visa expects the card to be available worldwide in 1998.

The new card allows consumers to place a pre-authorized amount of funds from their bank accounts (with the funds staying at the bank) on an embedded microchip. To make a purchase, the consumer places the card in a terminal at the merchant location and keys in a personal identification number (PIN) to confirm the amount of purchase. The merchant also inserts a chip card in the terminal and the transaction information is transferred automatically from the consumer's card to the merchant's chip card.

At the end of the day, the merchant can either take the card to his bank for credit to his account or leave the card in the terminal and download the transaction information to the bank. Visa settles individual transactions back to the consumer's bank where the funds are deducted from the consumer's account.

Visa's Internet address is http://www.visa.com.




Puffin Ships Commotion

Newly available from Puffin Designs, Inc. is Commotion, a $2,495 paint and effects application designed by and for artists working with the moving picture.

Said Jim Thill, sales manager of VAR Entasis, "Commotion, in combination with ElectricImage and After Effects, enables smaller production studios to produce higher-end effects and broadcast work that until now has been beyond their budgets."

Artist-centric features of Commotion include the ability to paint and manipulate multiple frame sequences, sophisticated rotosplining and compositing tools, and frame-to-frame onion-skinning for precise 2D animation control. Commotion also enables artists to play back uncompressed, resolution independent video and film sequences in real time on their Macintoshes.

Commotion was developed by Puffin founder Scott Squires, a visual effects supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic whose credits include both The Mask and Dragonheart.

For further information, contact Puffin Designs at 415-331-4560 or browse http://www.puffindesigns.com



MetaCreations Announces Ray Dream 3D

MetaCreations Corporation announces Ray Dream 3D, a 3D application designed to introduce newcomers to 3D.

Built from the same engine as Ray Dream Studio, MetaCreations' professional 3D package, Ray Dream 3D provides first-time users an entry-level 3D package with a path for growth in the same familiar 3D environment.

The Modeling Wizard is a picture-based assistant that guides the user through the steps of creating basic 3D objects. The Scene Wizard is a built-in design assistant that automatically creates complete indoor, outdoor and studio scenes that are ready for object placement, through a step-by-step process.

The Free Form modeler in Ray Dream 3D uses Bézier curves, used in popular drawing programs like CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator, for traditional 3D modeling techniques like extrusion, lathing, sweeping and lofting. Using interactive rendering, cameras and lights have direct-manipulation controls for aiming and positioning. Shaded models can be moved in real-time, making accurate placement a breeze.

Not found in Ray Dream 3D are more advanced features and tools, targeted for professional users, such as physics-based animation, support for formulas, boolean operations, post-render filters such as visible light beams, lens flares, particle generation system, deformers, inverse kinematics and motion constraints. Also found only in the high-end Ray Dream Studio are the Mesh Form Modeler, which gives professional users greater control of objects at the vertex, polyline or polygon level, and support for multiprocessor systems.

Ray Dream 3D for Windows and Macintosh is scheduled to be available in the third quarter of 1997 at a street price of less than $100. Call (800) 846-0111 for more information, or visit http://www.metacreations.com




Online Store Offers Streaming Media Products

Progressive Networks announces RealStore.com, a Web site dedicated to selling streaming media products on the Web. Macromedia's Flash 2, mBed's Interactor, Syntrillum's Cool Edit, in:sync's Kohesion and others are among the first products to be available on RealStore.com. RealStore.com will allow instant download access to Progressive Networks' products and third-party streaming media products.

Products in three categories are currently for sale at the RealStore.com Web site including content developer tools, consumer entertainment products and Intranet-based computer training products. Individual products include: AudioTrack from Waves; Cool Edit 96 from Syntrillium; EasyStart Server from Progressive Networks; Flash 2 from Macromedia; Interactor 1.0 from mBed; Intro to Windows 95 from ViaGrafix; Intro to Word 97 from ViaGrafix; Intro to Excel 97 from ViaGrafix; Intro to Access 97 from ViaGrafix; Intro to PowerPoint 97 from ViaGrafix; iQ from QSound; Kohesion from in:sync; Lariat Stats from FreeRange Media; Media Cleaner Pro 2.0 from Terran Interactive; Peak LE from Bias; RealPlayer Plus from Progressive Networks; Smartsound for Multimedia from Sonic Desktop; Soundedit 16 v2 from Macromedia; V-Active for RealVideo 1.0 from Ephyx; WaveConvert Pro from Waves.

Find more at http://www.RealStore.com/




MicroVision Debuts Online Guide to Web Design

MicroVision Development announces the launch of The Web Resource Center, a new Internet site designed to provide information, resources and links for the creation and maintenance of Web sites.

The site's HTML Style Guide is a primer on HTML issues, ranging from design basics to questions and answers regarding Java, ActiveX, sounds, tables and frames.

Also featured is the Image Creation Guide, which provides detailed instructions on image-related questions. Information and advice on image basics, using photographs and animation, and the best image tools available are also covered. The site's Essential HTML Links section provides a rundown of Internet resources, including freeware programs for images, animation and backgrounds plus access to Java, plug-in and sounds programs online.

Visit http://www.mvd.com



Sites Slow to Adopt Rich Media Types in Online Ads

Focalink Communications, Inc., a provider of Web advertising management solutions, last week released new statistics for the month of August that show sluggish adoption of rich media types as the format used for online advertisements. Rich media types, such as Java (accepted by 17 percent of Web sites), ShockWave (14 percent) and HTML-embedded banners (2 percent), lag considerably behind GIF banners, the standard online image format.

Focalink also disclosed that traditional static formats are still the most widely supported by Web sites; August's figures show that all sites will accept GIF, and 48 percent will accept JPEG.

The August Online Advertising Report shows that August's average CPM of $39.11 was off slightly from $39.53 in July. Average CPM has remained around $39 since March of this year, and over the course of the past five months it has never varied by more than $1. It was at its highest in May at $40. Additionally, the corporate Web sites category, which includes America Online, Microsoft Network and Netscape Communications, led in average CPM (or cost per thousand viewers); the company's statistics for August reveal that this figure has risen 17 percent since July, to $47.25. The next category posting a significant gain was search engines, which rose 13 percent to $40.85.

The August Online Advertising Report, based on data from 938 sites, also documents shifts in the number of sites in key categories.

August's data shows a 9 percent increase in the numbers of games/brainteasers sites and classified sites. Other site categories that experienced growth in August were entertainment and weather sites (up 8 percent), shopping/transactions sites (up 6 percent), corporate, consumer and news sites (up 5 percent) and TV/radio and travel (up 4 percent).

Additionally, a decrease of 13 percent was recorded in the number of "what's new" sites, as well as a 6 percent decrease for comics/humor sites and a 1 percent decline for computers & technology sites.

Focalink can be reached by phone (650) 842-0660, by fax (650) 842-0665 or via the Internet http://www.focalink.com



O'Reilly Updates UNIX Power Tools Book

UNIX Power Tools, 2nd Edition (1120 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-260-3, $59.95) offers tips, tricks, concepts and freeware, and also covers add-on utilities and how to take advantage of clever features in the most popular UNIX utilities.

This new edition provides more practical advice about almost every aspect of UNIX. It addresses the technology that UNIX users face today, differing from the first edition in a number of ways:

- it slants the blend of options and commands more toward the POSIX utilities, including the GNU versions

- the bash and tcsh shells have greater coverage, but the first edition's emphasis on the core concepts of sh and csh are kept intact, to help the reader use all UNIX shells

- Perl is more important than awk these days, so awk is de-emphasized in this edition

The 53 chapters in this book discuss topics like file management, text editors, shell programming--even office automation. The CD-ROM included contains all of the scripts and aliases from the book, plus perl, GNU emacs, netpbm (graphics manipulation utilities), ispell,screen, the sc spreadsheet, and about 60 other freeware programs. In addition to the source code, all the software is precompiled for Sun4, Digital UNIX, IBM AIX, HP/UX, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, and SCO UNIX.




ION Storm Acquires 7th Level Computer Game Dominion

John Romero's ION Storm is acquiring and finishing the development on 7th Level's Dominion, now renamed Dominion Storm, a sci-fi real-time strategy combat game. The Dominion Storm purchase includes the license for 7th Level's TopGun technology for the title and the first mission pack. The game, originally conceived, designed and animated by two of ION Storm's founders, Todd Porter and Jerry O'Flaherty, while at 7th Level, will be co-developed by ION Storm and 7th Level under Porter's direction. Dominion Storm will be released at retail in January and published by Eidos Interactive.

Dominion Storm features military-style artificial intelligence; 95,000 frames of pre-rendered animation; a military hierarchy that allows commanders to lead their troops on multiple fronts and 40-plus missions to provoke and challenge players.

Gamers can choose to play as one of four powerful and unique species--the intelligent and die-hard galactic Human soldier race; the predatory and aggressive alien Scorp race; the well-armed and compact Darken race; or the merciless and predatory Mercenaries. Each race offers players four customized infantry types, 10 vehicles from tanks to multi-legged HAWCs (Heavy-Armor Weapons Chassis), and 16 advanced structures, such as refineries and semi-conductor plants, to aid them in their quest for annihilation and domination while they build and defend their colonies.

ION Storm plans to have a playable demo of the game on http://www.Dominion-Storm.com soon. The full version of Dominion Storm features single- and multi-player modes and scenario editors allowing gamers to edit maps and create custom missions. The game is scheduled to ship in January.




Microsoft Publishes Puzzle Collection

What's the most popular computer game of all time? You might be surprised to hear it's probably Solitaire, simply by virtue of the fact that it comes with every Windows PC. Solitaire is an excellent example of how useful a puzzle game can be for whiling away a few idle moments, or unwinding from a particularly grueling meeting at work.

For those who've tired of flipping cards, Microsoft offers its newest title, Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection. The collection of 10 graphically oriented brainteasers for Win95 and WinNT 4.0 includes several puzzles designed by Microsoft employee Alexey Pajitnov, creator of Tetris, one of the other most popular computer games of all time.

Among the 10 are:

Finger - a somewhat frustrating race to untangle colored ropes Muddled Casino - a bizarre little puzzle that involves moving a playing card to a grid exit without knocking other cards off the grid Charmer - probably the loser of the group, with snakes coming out of pots; silly and poorly contrived

Spring Weekend - a clever, if tricky, little number that requires you to rotate hexagonal configurations of icons to match a design Lineup - our favorite by far puts a new spin on the Tetris scheme that involves placing five-block pieces, which appear in various configurations, on a square board, trying to form vertical and horizontal lines. This game alone is almost worth the $34.95 price, although if you can wait, there'll probably be a shareware version before long.



Eidos Releases Real-time Strategy Game

Today, September 15th, Eidos Interactive is releasing Conquest Earth, a graphically intense real time strategy/ action game.

Conquest Earth allows the gamer to choose between the Jovians or Human as they employ two different interfaces and combat tactics. Game features include single and multiplayer options for up to eight players. There is also a "Direct Control" feature the gamer can exercise over their army for more control and action. Finally, there are in- game full-motion videos and viewports that allow the gamer to peer into other parts of the world.

Watch this space for a review, coming soon.



Activision Debuts New Zork Text Adventure

For the first time in nine years, gamers can play an all-new Zork text adventure written by one of the original founders of Infocom, Marc Blank.

Entitled, Zork: The Undiscovered Underground, the new text adventure will be featured in Activision's upcoming adventure game, Zork Grand Inquisitor, and is now available for download (along with original Zork I and Zork II text adventures) at http://www.activision.com

The new text adventure's characteristic abusive parser and general silliness harkens back to the Zorks of old. The year is 1066. You are a Private, Seventh Class, in the Inquisition Guard. After being relieved by Earl at the Port Foozle Inquisition Gift Kiosk, you find yourself standing in the Headquarters of Frobozz Electric. Gesticulating in front of you is the Pastor of Disaster, the Minister of Sinister, the Grand Inquisitor. It appears he has a very special mission for you . . .



Interplay Ships Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

STAR TREK: Starfleet Academy has been transported to retail shelves.

Developed by Interplay Productions for Windows 95-based PCs, the title is a flight simulation game that enables players to captain the original USS Enterprise while interacting with actors from Paramount Television's STAR TREK.

Reprising their original roles, William Shatner as Captain Kirk, Walter Koenig as Chekhov and George Takei, in a special appearance, as Captain Sulu appear in full-motion video in the game.

The setting is Starfleet headquarters in the Presidio, San Francisco, CA, where hopeful cadets are trained to become Starfleet officers; the goal is to navigate successfully through over 20 missions and graduate as a Starfleet officer.

Academy life is filled with subplots, internal politics and decisions that will impact not only the player but his cadet class and Starfleet itself.

Among the cadet's teachers are Captain Kirk, Chekov and Sulu, who will help guide and teach the player what it takes and means to be a Starfleet officer.

"Players will get a chance to experience the Kobayashi Maru, from STAR TREK II: The Wrath of Khan, The Balance of Terror and some of Captain Kirk's other famous encounters," explained Rusty Buchert, the game's producer and life-long Trekker.

The title lets players command four classic Federation Starships (including the USS Enterprise) in combat against 30 3D real-time rendered spaceships from a cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey to a Romulan Heavy Cruiser.

The game combines an adaptive artificial intelligence, 3D graphics and real-time flight simulation/action play.



Blizzard Announces Diablo II, Million Battle.net Users

At last week's European Computer Trade Show in London, Blizzard Entertainment announced Diablo II, the sequel to this year's Diablo. The title is currently slated for a late 1998 release.

In Diablo II, players return to a dark world plagued by evil forces. As one of five heroes, players must undertake a new series of quests to rid the world of Diablo and his vile brethren forever. New features in the game will include:

* five all-new character classes with unique attributes and abilities.

* four different, fully populated towns complete with wilderness areas.

* multiple dungeons, caverns and crypts in every town for players to explore.

* expanded world filled with all-new quests, weapons, spells, armor, monsters and non-playing characters.

* advanced combat system which incorporates class-specific fighting techniques and spells.

* new Battle.net options including increased multiplayer support, an online trading post and worldwide rankings.

Diablo, a real-time role-playing game, was a hit among gamers and debuted as the number-one selling game its first month in stores. Since releasing in January, the game has sold nearly one million copies worldwide and reportedly remains the best-selling game this year.

Blizzard also announced that Battle.net has become the only online game service to register one million users. More than 18 million games have been played over Battle.net since launching eight months ago.

Instead of focusing on pay-for-play pricing structures, the service is offered as a value-added feature to help drive retail sales of Blizzard products. Considering Diablo sales, it seems to be a successful approach.

Battle.net provides an arena for Blizzard customers to chat, challenge opponents and initiate multiplayer games. Battle.net is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Blizzard charges no hourly or monthly fees to connect to Battle.net.

Enhancements to Battle.net expected later this year will include support for unique player IDs. The ability for users to register screen names will allow for a moderated worldwide ranking system, challenge ladders and tournaments. Battle.net will also include the option to create player profiles with information about rank, group affiliation, game statistics and other player data. The profiles will be available to all other players in the Battle.net community.



MacSoft's QUAKE for the Mac Offers New Mac-Only Features

id Software's QUAKE comes to the Macintosh as MacSoft, an affiliate of GT Interactive Software Corp. unveils the title.

Features unique to the Mac version include a true Macintosh interface that lets users customize the game's many player options through familiar dialog boxes, support for most Mac 3D Hardware Accelerators, optimization for fast performance on Power PC computers and support for most Macintosh input devices. Additionally, Macintosh users can play against both PCs and Macs via local area network, Internet, modem and more.

id Software can be found at http://www.idsoftware.com




Midisoft Delisted from Nasdaq

Midisoft Corporation's common stock was deleted from the Nasdaq National Market, effective with the close of business Tuesday, September 9, 1997.

Midisoft was unable to evidence a minimum of $2,400,000 in net tangible assets and to evidence compliance with all the requirements for continued listing on the Nasdaq National Market.

The company was pursuing a private placement financing intended to ensure its continued listing on Nasdaq. However, the financing was not completed prior to the Nasdaq-imposed deadline.

Midisoft expects that the delisting will adversely affect its ability to raise capital and the liquidity of the public market for its securities.

The private placement financing currently pursued by Midisoft will be terminated, and the company will begin to evaluate alternative sources of working capital.

Midisoft Corporation is a developer of audio control and music software for the PC. Based in Issaquah, Washington, the company develops consumer, business and OEM products that are sold at retail and licensed to hardware manufacturers. For further information, visit http://www.midisoft.com




Unwired Planet Announces Wireless Developers Conference

Unwired Planet (UP) announces Unwired Universe, a developers conference, and the industry's first Handheld Web technical conference for developers creating interactive applications and services for mass-market wireless devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs.

Guy Kawasaki, Apple fellow and chief evangelist, will deliver the keynote address "Rules for Revolutionaries," at the Unwired Universe developer conference set for November 3 - 4, 1997, at the Grand Hyatt Union Square in San Francisco.

The Unwired Universe conference will bring together commercial and enterprise developers, content providers, independent software vendors (ISVs), systems integrators and technical consultants, as well as wireless data carriers and handheld wireless device manufacturers.

Unwired Universe Sessions will provide technical information for the developer community building and extending applications with Handheld Device Markup Language (HDML) and UP's open standards-based software platform for Internet/intranet access from pocket-size devices.

Individuals can register for the conference and workshop either online at the Unwired Planet Web site ( http://www.uplanet.com/u2 ) or via fax. Fax forms can be downloaded from the Web or requested by calling +1 650-596-5280, faxing +1 408-777-9610, or sending Email to u2@uplanet.com.

Questions regarding the conference can be addressed via email ( mailto:u2@uplanet.com ) or fax (+1 408 777 9610). Phone registrations will not be accepted.





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