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WEBMEISTER --POET Ships XML-Enabled Content Management Suite --Create Forms With Database Capability --DeMorgan Ships WebSpice Themes for FrontPage 98 --Speech Solutions Announces Web Pages that Talk and Listen DEVELOPER'S TOOLBOX --Film Sound Designers Release Library on the Web IN THE INFOGROOVE --Apple Ships Shockwave, Flash Player with New MacOS 8.5 --NetNames Launches Domain Name Legal Recovery Service GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING --Join the UMEL Texture Review List WEBSIGHTINGS --Disabilities Information Resources Debuts --Infonautics Previews Company Sleuth Service THE DIALS & LEVERS OF POWER --Study: New Online Buyers Will Be Tough to Convert --Color Voodoo for Web Site Design --Web Performance Tuning GAMES PEOPLE PLAY --SCEA Gets MediEvil on Your PSX --EA to Ship X Games Pro Boarder on PC, PlayStation --MSN Gaming Zone Gets Antsy --Red Baron 3D Goes Gold --Konami Shifts into Metal Gear --Sierra Sports Announces Skiing -- 1999 Edition --ORIGIN Ships WC: Prophecy Gold/Secret Ops Combo --Half-Life to Ship by Thanksgiving NUMBEROLOGY --Acclaim Reports Strong 1998 Results DIGERATI ILLUMINATI --Larry Wall Wins Free Software Foundation Award --Nominations Sought for '99 Shareware Junkies Awards F.Y.I. --About Spectrum --------------------------------------------------


POET Ships XML-Enabled Content Management Suite POET Software, a vendor of object databases for Windows NT and content management solutions for XML objects, last week announced version 1.1 of its Content Management Suite (CMS) which comprises an enhanced version of the Content Client, Content Server, Content SDK and Web Factory. Built on POET Object Server 5.0, the suite is said to represent the first Web application development environment with the capability of being driven 100 percent by XML. Features include revision control, check-in/check-out, full-text indexing, workgroup collaboration, dynamic template-driven HTML publishing through Web Factory and version management. XML stored in POET's Content Management System repository can be navigated, accessed, queried and modified directly through Web Factory. Web Factory, then uses a combination of server-based PTML templates, stylesheets and XML to send either pure XML, or dynamically generated HTML pages, to a Web browser. The product requires no C++ or SQL. Recite some verse at http://www.poet.com/. -------------------------------------------------- Create Forms With Database Capability A new, free service offered by the Free-Forms Engine Web site lets users create forms by visiting http://www.free-forms.com. Types of forms include feedback forms, survey questionnaires, membership and subscription forms, employment applications, and information requests. After the user creates a form, the software automatically gives the form a unique URL, which allows site visitors to access and fill in the form. The filled data is then stored in an automatic database. The information thus supplied can be retrieved by the user who created the form by one of the following means: (1) receiving email messages with each filled form, (2) accessing the data through the browser, (3) downloading an Excel file containing the data, or (4) downloading an Access file containing the data. -------------------------------------------------- DeMorgan Ships WebSpice Themes for FrontPage 98 DeMorgan Industries Corporation last week released WebSpice Themes for Microsoft FrontPage 98 (street $99), with more than 1,250 professionally designed themes, and dozens of Web page templates. The themes include real estate, religion, medical, sports, restaurant, small office, nature, law, education, e-commerce, and others. Templates enable creating resume, catalog, order form, and intranet pages, among others. Also released is WebSpice Deluxe, a $249 bundle of the four WebSpice products: WebSpice 1,000,000, WebSpice Animations, WebSpice Themes, and WebSpice Objects. The four products comprise a library of approximately 1.1 million Web images, themes, and templates. Spice up your life at http://www.Webspice.com/press.html. -------------------------------------------------- Speech Solutions Announces Web Pages that Talk and Listen Philadelphia-based Speech Solutions new product SPOTw (SPeech On The Web) is a developer's kit that enables using speech recognition on your Website. The software "reads" existing HTML or DHTML languages on a site, and a few text instructions tell SPOTw the speech activity for that page. Clients will be able to manipulate and converse with your Web page in real time. For commands and questions not visible on the page, the client says, "What can I say?" to display a list of available phrases. SPOTw will be available for customer shipment November 9. Visit http://www.speechsolutions.com/. --------------------------------------------------


Film Sound Designers Release Library on the Web Sound Dogs, a sound design team for feature films, has posted a large portion of its sound effects library and the Sound Ideas sound library on its Web site for purchase and use royalty-free by other sound designers, musicians, multimedia developers, and other users of digital audio content. Sounds, available in a variety of formats including .AIFF, .AU, ,WAV, are categorized by category, sub-category, unique quality, and file name, and with each sound generally tagged with a one-paragraph description, where and at what time of year the sound was recorded, and length. Make the scene at http://www.sounddogs.com. --------------------------------------------------


Apple Ships Shockwave, Flash Player with New MacOS 8.5 They're not official Web standards yet, but they're getting closer as Apple Computer ships Macromedia Flash and Shockwave players with its new MacOS 8.5, a major upgrade to the Macintosh operating system. Last week's news follows the recent announcement that America Online is including the Macromedia players as part of its AOL 4.0 CD-ROM. Earlier this year, Macromedia announced that the Flash and Shockwave players are included with every copy of Microsoft Windows 98, and that Netscape is including the Flash player with all current versions of its Navigator browser. Web designers use the Flash authoring tool to create and deliver vector-based graphics and animation for the Web. Macromedia Generator is new server-based software that uses templates created in Flash to deliver Web graphics on the fly from dynamic, real-time data. For more information, visit http://www.flash.com. -------------------------------------------------- NetNames Launches Domain Name Legal Recovery Service NetNames International <http://www.netnames.com/> has just launched its Global Recovery Service, an option to recover infringing domain names. For an hourly fee, NetNames' domain registry staff will utilize their knowledge of global domain rules and regulations along with the counsel of attorneys, to attempt domain name recovery. Domains are easily registered by non-authorized third- parties, infringing the trademarks and creating obstacles for companies and their brand. Typically, companies resort to paying exorbitant fees by dealing with this situation through law firms or in-house counsel, who may not have the knowledge or expertise necessary to recover the name. Each National domain registry sets its own rules for domain dispute policy. NetNames says it has researched and collected information from nearly every registry in the world. "We charge per hour and are able to recover 75 percent of all domains," said Jan Kallberg, director of legal services at NetNames. "The other 25 percent is handed over for litigation or not solved." --------------------------------------------------


Join the UMEL Texture Review List The VRML Universal Media Element Library (VRML-UMEL) now has more than 1,000 textures submitted for potential inclusion in the library, with more on the way (see Spectrum, 31 August 1998). They've started a new mailing list specifically to decide which textures make the cut and which are rejected. To learn more about THE texture collection effort, visit: http://www.vrml.org/WorkingGroups/vrml-umel/ If you have a good eye and are interested in being part of the process that accepts and rejects UMEL textures, join the Texture Review list by sending mailto:listproc@listserver.tiac.net with the following as the body of your message: subscribe vrml-ums Formal review of the textures begins this week. Since there are so many textures to review, the process will be altered somewhat from the original plan. Rather than rate each and every texture on a scale, as originally planed, they'll start with a broad "pass" and "fail" approach. Once the pack of submissions is narrowed down, they can then take it to a higher level of review if that's what the Texture Review list members decide is best. In December, they'll begin our Sound and 3D object collection, for which we'll use the same list to review the library contents. --------------------------------------------------


Disabilities Information Resources Debuts Disabilities Information Resources (DINF), a new online resource center providing information pertaining to the disabled, has debuted on the Internet at http://www.dinf.org. The primary focus of DINF is to supply news and information for researchers, businesses seeking compliance information, legislative bodies, people with disabilities and people working in the disability field. The data provided is collected from conferences on disability-related subjects, organizations that focus on the subject, and Internet-based resources. DINF information will take the form of text, image, audio, multi-media and combined formats. The data will be accessible via standard Web browsers, non-visual browsers such as pwWebSpeak, and by using technology such as pwTelephone to access the Internet by either standard or cellular phone. Special attention will be given to providing this information to Third World countries, where access to the Internet is limited. DINF servers will be based in Japan, Europe and the USA. -------------------------------------------------- Infonautics Previews Company Sleuth Service Infonautics, Inc. last week launched a preview version of Company Sleuth, a free service that uncovers seemingly hidden business information on the Internet. Users receive a daily email report detailing the business activities, financial moves and Internet dealings of selected companies ­ often before they are officially announced or reported. Currently, Company Sleuth tracks U.S.-based, publicly traded companies and plans to track private companies soon. Highlights of Company Sleuth include: * checks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for issued patents * reports from the U.S. trademark office on new trademarks * tracks Usenet news groups for breaking news and information * reports on Securities and Exchange Commission filings * tracks and reports newly registered domain names * reports on recent postings on popular Yahoo! and Motley Fool message boards * uncovers online job postings * provides stock market reports * delivers business headlines and press releases on selected companies * reports on changes in analyst recommendations and earnings estimates * highlights stock transactions from company insiders, officers and directors The service is accessible from <http://www.companysleuth.com>. --------------------------------------------------


Study: New Online Buyers Will Be Tough to Convert While online commerce continues to grow in popularity among the 60-plus-million online population, a newly released study from Jupiter Communications and NFO Interactive shows that those who have yet to make purchases online are still hesitant to initiate transactions, citing price, not payment security, as a primary concern. The study showed a significant 35 percent of the online population did purchase a product or service in the last year and were very satisfied with their shopping experience. In fact, almost 95 percent of those "buyers" plan to shop more online in coming months. However, the remaining 65 percent of the online population, which can be segmented as "browsers" (those that visit commerce sites but did not make a purchase) and "non-shoppers" (those who neither browse nor shop online), were less likely to make an initial purchase soon. A total of 45 percent of browsers and 84 percent of non-shoppers said they were unlikely to begin buying online in the next year. The study shows that one of the main reasons for the reluctance of the non-buying population to purchase products or services online is the barrier of price. More than 77 percent of online browsers and 64 percent of non-shoppers state that greater discounts online will spark buying behavior. Indeed, among the browser population, lower prices emerge as the single most important "change driver" to spur purchasing. "Aggressive pricing on select items will get customers in the door, and is a crucial step to help win the next phase of the customer acquisition battle," said Evan Cohen, group director, Data Research at Jupiter. "Vendors shouldn't slash prices across the board, but strategic discounting will help commerce players to convert non-buyers into online purchasers." Although lowering prices may help many transact online, it should not be the only outcome that online marketers depend on. Consumers are increasingly relying on online information sources to drive their off-line purchases. In fact, consumers ranked "researching products and services" as the third most popular online activity. In many cases, online consumers have indicated browsing for information about products that have historically not had strong sales success online, including cars (48.7 percent), housewares (36.2 percent), clothing (35.9 percent), and consumer electronics (35.8 percent). The Jupiter/NFO study also found that online user demographics provide a rich environment for potential widespread online shopping. The demographics of the online population are more attractive than the national average in a variety of metrics that are important to retailers. For instance, 43.1 percent of online US households earn over $60,000 per year, while just 23.6 percent of total US households earn more than that amount. In fact, 65 percent of all online households maintain incomes that exceed $100,000. The Jupiter/NFO study also shows near parity in the number of women online (45 percent) and a disproportional percent of online households with children (41 percent) compared with the national average (35 percent). The Jupiter/NFO book-length study, Defining the Internet Shopper: Attitudes, Objectives, and Behavior, is based a survey of 50,000 online and offline households and follow-up surveys of 3,000 online households and 2,500 online individual users. For more information, visit http://www.jup.com. -------------------------------------------------- Color Voodoo for Web Site Design Color Voodoo, a new series of electronic (PDF-format) publications for Web site designers, has been released by Colorcom. They are available at the Color Voodoo Web site at http://www.jiffyart.com/cvoodoo.html for online purchase and delivery. Prices range from $14.99 to $19.99 each. These publications deal with the topic of color symbolism and color theory specifically for Web site design. Included are 110 large color swatches derived from the 216-color browser-safe palette. Each swatch is accompanied by symbolic adjectives and RGB & HEX codes. A special section covers the positive and negative symbolism of nine distinct color groups as well as classical and contemporary symbolism. "Color Logic for Web Site Design," the newest release in the Color Voodoo Web series, explains the logic of how colors work harmoniously together, a logic that forms the backbone of design composition. This book delivers over 150 illustrations of basic concepts and examples of application to Web site design. Formulas for color harmony, explanations of how colors move and mutate and basic terminology are presented. The author, Jill Morton, is also the creator of the Color Matters Web site (http://www.colorcom.com/~colorcom/). -------------------------------------------------- Web Performance Tuning "When I told people I was writing a book called 'Web Performance Tuning', the usual response I got was that the title should be 'Web Server Performance Tuning'", explains author Patrick Killelea, "But when you're desperate to improve performance, you can become much more creative about finding other parts of the Web that you can tune." Killelea's just-released book, "Web Performance Tuning" (O'Reilly, 374 pages, 1-56592-379-0, $32.95) covers tuning Web server software, but it goes beyond the server, uncovering ways to get optimal performance from a browser, tuning the hardware (on both the server and browser ends) and maximizing the capacity of the network itself. Visit the publisher at http://www.oreilly.com. --------------------------------------------------


SCEA Gets MediEvil on Your PSX Sony Computer Entertainment America last week released MediEvil, a spooky 3D action/adventure game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Cambridge studios. Gameplay combines swordplay, puzzles, exploration and dark humor. Players assume the role of skeletal knight Sir Daniel Fortesque -- a quirky, undead hero. "Sir Dan" must destroy the evil sorcerer Zarok, who has harnessed ancient magical powers to catapult the world into eternal darkness -- awakening the dead and turning villagers into crazed madmen along the way. Features include: * variety of puzzles and riddles ranging from simple runes to complex brain twisters * gothic landscapes including eerie graveyards, spooky castles, a mad village, a ghost ship in the sky, scary scarecrow fields and other ghoulish places. * weapons such as broadswords, daggers, cross-bows, axes, lightning rods, clubs, the occasional chicken drumstick and even his left arm * bosses such as a stained glass demon, a giant pumpkin with tentacles, a gargantuan dragon and more. * uncanny enemies include zombies, mutants, transparent serpents, crazed madmen, living scarecrows and more. Visit Sir Dan and the gang at http://www.playstation.com -------------------------------------------------- EA to Ship X Games Pro Boarder on PC, PlayStation Expected to ship this fall from Electronic Arts for both PlayStation and PC is ESPN Digital Games' "X Games Pro Boarder." The snowboarding game features eight of the world's best professional snowboarders, plus tracks from such "alternative" bands as Foo Fighters, Lunatic Calm, Rancid and Pennywise. Players ride as their favorite pro, compete against the best snowboarders in the world and pick their own line down a 3D mountain with no boundaries. The game will feature nine levels of gameplay that mirror the broadcast presentation of the Winter X Games, the winter alternative sports competition. The PlayStation version can be played by 1 - 2 individuals and PC version will support up to eight players via LAN or the Internet. The game was developed by Radical Entertainment of Vancouver, British Columbia, and was originally to have been published by Disney Interactive. More information can be found at http://www.ea.com. -------------------------------------------------- MSN Gaming Zone Gets Antsy Ants (not Antz!), a free, Internet-based multiplayer strategy game in which gamers compete against each other as ants, is now available for free download and play on the MSN Gaming Zone (http://www.zone.com). Ants is set in a miniature world complete with house-size soft drink cans, giant baked goods and monstrous molded jello. The object of the game is to collect as much food as you can and bring it back to your anthill, while competing against up to three other players for the same food supply. Along the way, your ants will discover power-ups that allow them to swim, blow things up, set things on fire, steal from other ants and act like a complete brute. -------------------------------------------------- Red Baron 3D Goes Gold Red Baron 3D from Sierra-owned Dynamix has gone gold. The new 3D acceleration supports Glide-compatible 3Dfx cards. Features include new cloud variations and layering effects, new textures to enhance smoke, fog, sun-glare, explosions, anti-aircraft gun fire, trees and bushes for definition of low altitudes, buildings and planes. A new massive multiplayer engine enables Internet dogfighting action for 50+ players in Melee, Team Melee or Red Baron Tag matches on independent or rogue servers. Won.net will also supports free internet play. Red Baron 3D will ship with support for force-feedback joysticks and will sell for $39.99. Owners A download of the upgrade will be available on http://www.redbaronplayers.com and Won.net. -------------------------------------------------- Konami Shifts into Metal Gear Konami of America is now shipping Metal Gear Solid, a 3D militaristic action/adventure for the Sony PlayStation. Described as "part spy-thriller, part action/adventure," the title follows the lead character, Solid Snake, though a movie-like plot that explores friendship, betrayal and even romance in the midst of a military mission. The gamer's goal is to infiltrate a nuclear weapons warehouse, eliminate the terrorists and disarm the base in 24 hours. While fighting, the gamer will battle a troop of genetically enhanced "Space S.E.A.L.S." who were formerly Snake's comrades. More than 30 weapons are available and the 3D elements offer hiding places for quick escape and stealth attack. The game, however, rewards more heavily those players who avoid detection and firefights. KCE Japan (Konami Computer Entertainment Japan) developed the title under the direction of Hideo Kojima, director of Policenauts, Snatcher and the original Metal Gear. Each Kojima title bears an anti-nuclear/anti-war message, bringing thought and foresight to the traditional fighting genre. "The first time I wanted to make a Metal Gear in polygons was when I heard rumors about the PlayStation," notes Kojima. "I've had the project in mind since around 1994. At that time, the main story was worked out and the main artist, Yoji Shinwawa, started work on the design. The game play is based on the same principle (of the original game): You have to avoid being discovered by the enemy. But everything is now in polygons and the player can jump from the over-the-shoulder view to a first person view with this feature." Get in gear at http://www.konami.com. -------------------------------------------------- Sierra Sports Announces Skiing -- 1999 Edition If you're ready for the slopes, but they're not ready for you, consider a turn with Sierra Sports' Skiing - 1999 Edition, shipping to stores October 30. New options include Extreme, Freestyle skiing and Hot Dog Mode on more than 5,000 acres and two new mountains. Gold medallist Picabo Street provided input and is also featured in a series of video clips that provide tips on the finer points of each run. Other features include: * physics model simulates the effects of aerodynamics and friction * support for 3Dfx graphics acceleration cards * single race and season (career) play * hot seat play to race against friends * customizable weather and visibility conditions * force feedback joysticks and Sidewinder Freestyle Pro support Find more information at http://www.sierrasports.com. -------------------------------------------------- ORIGIN Ships WC: Prophecy Gold/Secret Ops Combo ORIGIN Systems announces the shipment of Wing Commander: Prophecy Gold Edition, a combination of the sci-fi sim Wing Commander: Prophecy and the episodes from Wing Commander: Secret Ops. The package offers more than 100 space combat missions in a 3D space combat engine with real-time, multi-colored lighting, vapor trails and particle effects, plus detailed self-illuminated textures, multiple camera views and the ability to render massive capital ships in photorealistic detail. More information is available at http://www.prophecygold.com. -------------------------------------------------- Half-Life to Ship by Thanksgiving Just about every press release we get describing a soon-to-be-released game describes the title as "eagerly anticipated," but in this case it's not hype. Sierra Studios announced last week their upcoming 3D action thriller, Half-Life, will be in stores by Thanksgiving weekend. The game will go gold later this month. According to Sierra, Half-Life combines the visceral action of action games like DOOM with storytelling in the tradition of Stephen King. Action, drama, and adventure are blended with technology to bring to life a frighteningly realistic world where players must think smart to survive. Throughout the game, both friends and foes behave in unpredictable ways, a result of Half-Life's artificial intelligence. The story line was created by horror novelist Marc Laidlaw. Half-Life also includes a variety of multiplayer scenarios, and supports OpenGL and MMX hardware acceleration and Internet multiplayer support for up to 32 players. Visit developer Valve at http://www.valvesoftware.com. --------------------------------------------------


Acclaim Reports Strong 1998 Results Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. last week reported its results for the 1998 fiscal year ended August 31, 1998. The company reported that it achieved net revenues of $326.6 million for the 1998 fiscal year ended August 31, 1998 compared with $165.4 million in the prior year. The company recorded a profit of $20.7 million and diluted earnings per share of $0.37 in the 1998 year. In the 1998 fiscal year, Acclaim successfully delivered ten titles that achieved sales during the fiscal year of over $10 million each including: NFL Quarterback Club 98, All-Star Baseball 99, Extreme-G, Forsaken, Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Riven: The Sequel to Myst, WWF: War Zone, Bust-a-Move 2, and NHL Breakaway 98. Of these titles, three sold over $20 million and four sold over $40 million. Seven of these brands have become established franchise titles for the company that it anticipates will deliver predictable revenue in the 1999 fiscal year. Acclaim will release sequels of these brands or franchises in fiscal 1999 which will include: NFL Quarterback Club 99, Extreme-G 2, All-Star Baseball 2000, NHL Breakaway 99, Bust-a-Move 3, WWF Attitude, and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. The most recent TRSTS data from the NPD Group reflects that for the first 9 months of the calendar year the company achieved a combined Nintendo 64 and PlayStation market share of 7.2 percent based on dollars. The company's combined fourth fiscal quarter market share was 12.5 percent based on dollars. Gross revenues by platform for the year consisted of 57 percent for N64, 30 percent for PlayStation, 10 percent for PC and the balance in portables and other categories. On a geographic basis, North American operations generated 63 percent of net revenues and international operations 37 percent for the year. South Park, based on Comedy Central's popular adult animated series, is expected to ship in the second quarter in time for the holidays. The company expects to ship 9 SKUs in the second quarter including Turok 2: Seeds of Evil for the PC, Machines, and South Park for Nintendo 64, PC and Game Boy. Visit Acclaim's Website at http://www.acclaim.net. --------------------------------------------------


Larry Wall Wins Free Software Foundation Award Larry Wall, the creator of several popular free software programs, has won the first Free Software Foundation Award for the Advancement of Free Software. Wall was honored for "his many contributions to the advancement of freely distributed software," according to the Free Software Foundation (http://www.fsf.org/). The award was granted on October 9 in at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Wall's most well-known product is Perl, a powerful scripting language used by system administrators and Web developers for sophisticated text manipulation, system management and active Web pages. There are about one million Perl programmers worldwide, with a core of more than 450 on the Perl porters mailing list, who are most active in its development and maintenance. Wall, Senior Software Developer at O'Reilly & Associates, also won the award for creating rn, a widely-used news reader; patch, a development and distribution tool; metaconfig, which writes Configure scripts; and the Warp space-war game. The Free Software Foundation awards committee members are Peter Salus (chairman), Scott Christley, Rich Morin, Adam Richter, Richard Stallman, and Vernor Vinge. -------------------------------------------------- Nominations Sought for '99 Shareware Junkies Awards Nominations for the year's best shareware programs are being sought for the third annual SharewareJunkies.com Awards, to be presented on January 4. Net surfers are invited to cast their votes at http://www.sharewarejunkies.com between now and December 14. The awards will consist of five categories: Best Windows Program, Best Macintosh Program, Best OS/2 Program, Best DOS Program and, for the first time, Best Freeware Program. The category for Best Freeware Program is open to a product running on any platform, as long as it is available at no cost. The program that receives the highest number of votes will be named Best Program of the Year. --------------------------------------------------


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