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Today's Headlines (details below)

--Maximized Software Improves Web Site Log File Analysis Tool

--CyberTeams Releases WebSite Director

--The Motion Factory Ships Motivate 3D Tech

--Companies Offer Real-time, Multi-user, 3D World Creation without Programming

--Microsoft IGZ Reaches 500,000 Members

--IBM, CompuServe Partner for E-Commerce

--Ulead Upgrades Image Editing, Web Graphics Tools

--Adobe Updates Photoshop MMX Plug-In

--Dilbert Does VRML

--Skunk Tech to Presents New Java Enterprise Class Applications

--NovaStor Bundles Backup, Anti-Virus, Encryption Software

--O'Reilly Publishes Photoshop Reference

--Carronade Updates Interactive Media Directory

--GT Interactive Completes SingleTrac Acquisition

--Uprising Combines First-person Action, Real-time Strategy Genres

--EA, Anark Release A-Life Game

--Psygnosis Releases G-Police for PlayStation

--Fallout Hits Ground Zero

--TEN to Deliver Free Online Strategy Game

--Ubi Soft Ships N64 Racing Simulation

--Virtual Luminaries Gather for NTT New Media Minds Finale

--About Spectrum



Maximized Software Improves Web Site Log File Analysis Tool

Maximized Software last week announced the immediate availability of FlashStats version 1.3. The Web site log file analysis program has reportedly been improved to offer more reports, greater handling of log files, comprehensive search engine support, easy setup and configuration, and support for ten different platforms.

FlashStats is targeted towards ISPs who need to provide statistics to their hosting customers, as well as owners of small- to medium-sized businesses who want to analyze their own Web site's traffic patterns.

Primary features include

· generation of 12 different reports, including the Search Phrases Report (which shows keywords searched for at the top 16 search engines)

· browser interface for report generation and display, allowing for remote access to real-time statistics

· quick generation of reports, analyzing log files at an average rate of 20MB per minute

· all standard and custom log formats supported

· customization options for ISPs

· no client software required

The Search Phrases Report lets users determine which search engines are sending Web traffic in their direction, as well as gauge how effective their entries are at the 16 major search engines.

More product information can be found at: http://www.maximized.com/products/flashstats/

A fully functioning demo can be downloaded from: http://download.maximized.com/



CyberTeams Releases WebSite Director

CyberTeams Inc. last week released its flagship product--WebSite Director. WebSite Director is a server-based, Web-site content management system designed to optimize corporate Web-site creation and maintenance.

The WebSite Director user interface was designed to enable continuous review and advice from many sources, including a professional human factors engineer. Authors using WebSite Director can submit content via the Internet or email. The program reportedly allows the edit, approval and publications cycles to be tailored to fit existing corporate procedures.

CyberTeams first announced the beta version of WebSite Director in July of this year at the Internet World show in Chicago. WebSite Director is an evolutionary product based on the design and customer feedback from its companion product WebSite Director lite. WebSite Director lite was commercially released in May of this year, and is available for free download from Cyberteams ( http://www.cyberteams.com ).

Features include:

· resides equally well on a company's own Web server as on externally managed sites

· runs on many server platforms (FreeBSD, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, and SunOS), is compatible with most browsers, and is particularly well suited to Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer,

· has been optimized for Web server usage, including ISP-based Web sites

· makes effective use of MiniSQL, thereby providing a growth path to other commercial database engines

· adheres to industry standards for HTML, CGI, HTTP and SMTP

Pricing begins at $4,795. CyberTeams is offering a free, time-limited demo of WebSite Director 1.0 for download from http://www.cyberteams.com




The Motion Factory Ships Motivate 3D Tech

We previewed this product a couple of months, and were duly impressed; it looks like a terrific development system for 3D games. Newly released from Fremont, California-based The Motion Factory is the Motivate Intelligent Digital Actor System, a development tool designed to let game, edutainment, multimedia and online developers to create interactive 3D content filled with characters that have "intelligence" and the ability to participate in compelling story lines.

3D characters' motion is synthesized, on the fly, in response to a dynamically changing world. Motivate's innovative behavior programming system reportedly enables the creation of sophisticated character behavior and game logic. Motivated 3D characters have the intelligence to respond autonomously to arbitrary stimuli in a dynamic environment. The system is designed to let developers to "direct" their Intelligent Digital Actors to perform high level tasks, just as a traditional movie director instructs actors to perform certain roles.

The Motivate Intelligent Digital Actor System is available directly from The Motion Factory with licensing on a per title basis. Licensing fees are $50,000 per title, which includes full usage of the development tool for up to 10 users and includes an unlimited runtime license for client distribution.

The Motion Factory, a privately held company, can be reached at (510) 505-5151, by fax at (510-505-5150, or through mailto:marketing@motion-factory.com , or on the Web at http://www.motion-factory.com



Companies Offer Real-time, Multi-user, 3D World Creation without Programming

RTIME, Inc. and Virtual Reality Technologies GmbH (VRT) last week announced a worldwide licensing agreement whereby VRT will embed RTIME's Interactive Networking Engine within its "Paraworld" multiuser plug-in for Superscape's Viscape 3D Browser.

Rather than coding in C or C++, developers and enthusiasts can deliver 3D interactive environments using a simple scripting language, and enable a multi-user application in five steps. End users are not required to download multi-megabyte files or to restart their computers to participate in a multi-user environment. Paraworld offers a one-time, 125K download that enables immediate interaction. And through the power of the embedded RTIME Interactive Networking Engine that eliminates the performance problems on the Internet, multiple users from anywhere in the world can interact in real time over the Internet.

The first commercial implementation of Paraworld is Cy-Berlin, a virtual, three-dimensional representation of Berlin. Sponsored by the Senate of Berlin and the European Economic Community (EEC), Cy-Berlin offers visitors the ability to enter and explore a virtual representation of one of the most storied, cultural cities in Europe, and to chat with people from all over the world. The Brandenburg Gate is the first segment of the virtual city to be inhabited by multiple avatars that can maneuver and communicate in real time over the Internet. Users can access Cy-Berlin at http://www.cy-berlin.de

Paraworld will be available on October 25 at http://www.vrt.de . A development version of Paraworld, which includes the RTIME Interactive Networking Engine that supports five concurrent users, is offered to developers at no charge. The RTIME Server Engine runs on Windows 95 (development only), Windows NT, SGI and Solaris.




Microsoft IGZ Reaches 500,000 Members

Microsoft Corp. last week announced that its free Internet Gaming Zone ( http://www.zone.com/ ) has attracted more than 500,000 members, reportedly making it the largest gaming site on the Internet.

The company also announced new features to the Zone and released the limited beta version of the Fighter Ace online multiplayer game, the company's first "pay-for-play" game.

The Zone generates revenue from advertising. With the addition of Fighter Ace, Microsoft opens a second revenue stream from daily and monthly subscriptions for this one premium game.

Fighter Ace is a World War II air combat game that exists exclusively on the Internet. It allows more than 100 people to play in a single flight arena at the same time. Gamers will pay $1.95 per day, or $19.95 per month.

The Zone will support free online matchmaking for some holiday '97 retail CD-ROM games, including LucasArts' Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, Hasbro's Pictionary family entertainment title and Microsoft Flight Simulator 98, CART Precision Racing rooms.



IBM, CompuServe Partner for E-Commerce

Under a partnership announced last week by IBM and CompuServe Network Services, merchants and payment card processors on the CompuServe Network will now be able to authorize payment over the Internet when a transaction takes place.

Currently, when a consumer makes a purchase at a Web site, the order is accepted but the credit or debit card is not authorized right away, as it would be at a cash register. This poses a potential risk for the merchant, who may have to stop shipments to consumers whose cards are not approved during the traditional batch authorization process.

Using IBM's CommercePOINT Gateway, CompuServe Network Services customers can complete Web-based sales and verify a credit or debit card through an Internet transaction using the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol. CommercePOINT Gateway uses SET to encrypt or "scramble" a consumer's account information as it is transmitted, and only the card processor can decipher it. Order and payment information is transferred to merchants through additional server software.

By 2001, consumers are expected to spend more than $220 billion for products and services purchased online, up from $2.6 billion in 1996, according to International Data Corporation (IDC) market research.

Beta trials of the CompuServe CommercePOINT Gateway solution are currently underway at a number of banks, financial institutions and retailers. SET Wallets, enabling consumers to take advantage of the technology, can be downloaded from the visa.com, mastercard.com and ibm.com Web sites. The full production launch is slated for January. Pricing, based on a per transaction charge according to time on the network, is planned for announcement later this year.

More details about Net.Commerce and CommercePOINT Payment can be found at http://www.ibm.com/CommercePOINT





Ulead Upgrades Image Editing, Web Graphics Tools

Ulead Systems, a producer of Windows image and video editing software, announced last week a new version of its PhotoImpact, with a targeted ship date of mid-November. New features include specialized tools for Web image creation, superior Microsoft Office integration, and new creative effects.

Ulead GIF Animator 2.0, Button Designer, and Background Designer Tools have all been improved in PhotoImpact 4. GIF Animator 2.0 offers new frame transition effects, QuickTime and FLI/FLC import, and simulated browser preview for compatibility checking. The improved Button Designer instantly delivers anti-aliased pushbuttons from any shaped selection. The latest Background Designer includes a new natural texture engine and improved palette control with Ulead's patented Palette Ramp.

PhotoImpact 4 has two new features for Web design. Seamless self-tiling patterns can be created from any rectangular selection chosen from a graphic or photo. And, for better layout control over complex graphic projects, PhotoImpact now offers new grid and partition elements.

Improved production features include a new Macro Recorder for recording and reusing often-repeated image editing tasks and an update to Ulead's SmartSaver utility. SmartSaver 3.0 is a dynamic file optimization tool that now features a PNG SmartSaver, transparent JPEG images, and on-the-fly swapping between SmartSavers to visually decide on the best type of optimized file. PhotoImpact 4 features improved color management for HTML authoring with an enhanced Color Palette. The Color Palette now permits mouse operations to construct and edit color tables, reduce the total number of colors to less than 16, and display color values in RGB, HSB and hexadecimal RGB. Image Map Tags are now generated from multiple objects with the complete image map HTML command.

Three new features help users post and linki images via the Web.

PhotoImpact 4 lets users post images to FTP sites and open images directly from URL addresses. Users can also now create a Web slide show in PhotoImpact's Album. These are HTML pages incorporating images and navigation controls for automatic scrolling through pictures on a Web site.

Finally, PhotoImpact also includes a "URL-aware" Album, which catalogues and manages remote images through URL addresses as if the images were local on a hard drive or network.

In the realm of Microsoft Office integration, OLE 2.0 support means a user can activate an image while in Word or PowerPoint, edit in-place with PhotoImpact, and then continue creating their document. A new Post Processing Wizard in version 4 assists in acquiring the highest quality image from any input device, including scanners, digital cameras, or video frame grabbers.

The Natural Texture Generation engine delivers natural effects like rain, snow, lightning, and bubbles; warping effects that regenerate selections as a series of random patterns along paths; painting effects that apply a "brushstroke" appearance to entire photos; and Type effects, which add flames, neon, ice, metallic and more to text. Finally, the Real-time Transform effect lets users twist, mold and manipulate images on the screen by simply using the mouse.

Ulead PhotoImpact 4 will ship in North America in mid-November. The SRP is $139 with the targeted street price of $99.95. Upgrades from PhotoImpact 3.0 will be available to registered owners direct from Ulead Systems at 1-800-85-ULEAD for only $69.00. For more information about Ulead and its products, visit Ulead's Web site at www.ulead.com.



Adobe Updates Photoshop MMX Plug-In

Adobe Systems Inc. last week released an enhanced plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that improves the performance of the application on PCs with Intel's MMX technology. The new plug-in applies the accelerative benefits of MMX technology to three times as many Photoshop functions as the first-generation plug-in. The plug-in (MMXCORE.8BX) is now available for download free of charge at Adobe's Web site ( http://www.adobe.com ).

The current release of Adobe Photoshop includes an MMX plug-in that optimizes some of the most common functions, such as the Gaussian Blur and Unsharp Mask filters, with performance improvements ranging from 70 to 500 percent. The new plug-in, version 4.0.4, optimizes three times as many functions throughout the application. Unfortunately, neither the download nor the Web site specifies exactly which these are.

Users must have Adobe Photoshop 4.0.1 installed prior to downloading the new MMX plug-in. Registered users of Adobe Photoshop 4.0 can download a free upgrade to version 4.0.1 from at





Dilbert Does VRML

San Francisco-based animation and software production company Protozoa Inc., in association with Intel Corporation, CNET and United Media unveiled 3D versions of Dilbert and his pet, Dogbert , the quirky comic strip characters from Scott Adams. Housed at Mediadome (http://www.mediadome.com), the entertainment Web site, co-produced by C/Net and Intel, the walking, talking, interactive Dilbert Webisodes will post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays over a 15-week period.

Protozoa used their proprietary ALIVE! Real-time animation software and motion capture system to transform the traditional 2D comic strip to an animated 3D cartoon. Utilizing a suite of in-house animation tools, Protozoa reportedly can accomplish fluid animation consistent with the characters' distinct personalities. They set up and animate entire skits, including elaborate scene changes and camera moves, then export them to VRML at the rate of nine episodes per week.

In addition to the Webisodes, fans can peek behind the production curtain in the "Making of" section, where they can see a behind the scenes profile with audio and video streaming footage highlighting Dilbert's jump from 2D to 3D via VRML.




Skunk Tech to Presents New Java Enterprise Class Applications

Santa Monica-based Skunk Technologies will present the ENTAO Extended Enterprise Suite (EES) at the California Information Technology Investment & Partnering Forum (Cal-IT) http://www.cal-it.com in London October 20-21.

Skunk Technologies' Extended Enterprise Suite is designed to bring Java to communication and collaboration. Email, Contact Manager, Scheduler, Forums, Visual Chat, and Text Chat provide a suite of individual and group-oriented synchronous and asynchronous communications systems. Skunk claims it has developed a platform-independent universal client that provides device appropriate user interfaces to machines ranging from full-fledged PCs to pagers. With the power of the applications concentrated on the server, the Extended Enterprise Suite reportedly provides a seamless user experience via wired and wireless connectivity to PCs, NetPCs, NCs, handheld devices, and pagers.

Skunk Technologies, http://www.skunktech.com , was founded in 1995 with the mission of developing the next generation of computing technology written entirely in Java and based on open standards and protocols.




NovaStor Bundles Backup, Anti-Virus, Encryption Software

NovaStor has released the NovaWORKS Security Suite, a backup, anti-virus and encryption software package tailored for the family/SOHO market.

Details are available at < http://www.novastor.com >.

The suite includes:

· NovaBACKUP runs with all types of tape drives, disk drives and removable disk drives. Using 32-bit backup and Quick File Access (QFA), NovaBACKUP reportedly speeds the restore process on a single file to seconds, rather than minutes or hours. Includes NovaBOOT Disaster Recovery Utilities for protection from total system loss; NovaBOOT can restore a whole system in minutes.

· ThunderBYTE AntiVirus combines signature-based scanning, heuristic analysis, real code emulation and active monitoring to detect both known and unknown viruses. It is said to catch boot, polymorphic, stealth, encrypted and Word Macro viruses that other "name brands" fail to detect.

· DataSAFE Encryption is designed to let users lock up data and send it securely through email, intranets, or the Internet. At the heart of the DataSafe technology BLOWFISH, a 16-pass block encryption algorithm that reportedly has never been broken.




O'Reilly Publishes Photoshop Reference

"Photoshop in a Nutshell" (616 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-313-8, $19.95), new from O'Reilly & Associates, is a Photoshop reference guide with four sections:

· Photoshop's toolbox, including the Options Palette settings for each tool

· the menu commands, including every item of every dialog

· the floating palettes, including the function that each palette provides, as well as the ramifications of every value and palette submenu

· step-by-step descriptions of over 150 Photoshop techniques



Carronade Updates Interactive Media Directory

"Carronade's Interactive Media Directory - 7th Edition" is currently available in PDF format. The guide provides company profiles of interactive media and technology firms in the US and Canada. This electronic PDF book can be delivered to your desktop within minutes and is available for $109.95.

Also, Carronade's LiquidNavigator subscription-based online database, recently overhauled (http://www.liquidnav.com), has revamped its pricing structure. The new rates are: one-month access - $25.00, six-month access - $125.00, one-year access - $199.95.

For more info, visit the Web site ( http://www.liquidnav.com ) or call (415) 474-3500 or send mailto: ( fort@liquidnav.com or samsel@gte.net ).




GT Interactive Completes SingleTrac Acquisition

GT Interactive Software Corp. has completed its acquisition of SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies, Inc., a Salt Lake City-based entertainment software developer, in a $16 million transaction. Total consideration included approximately $5 million of cash and $11 million of GT common stock. SingleTrac becomes an integrated GT Interactive development studio.

GT Interactive will take a one-time charge of $12-14 million for the write-off of purchased in-process research and development costs. GT also expects to pay up to $10 million in cash and/or stock for one-time retention bonuses to SingleTrac employees, based upon the performance of SingleTrac products over the next two years.

Said Ron Chaimowitz, president and chief executive officer of GT Interactive. "SingleTrac's record of outstanding game design, real-time 3D technology and brand creation, including hits like Twisted Metal and Jet Moto, strengthens our internal software development capabilities."

SingleTrac's 70 employees - 60 of whom are in product development--remain with the company, including Michael Ryder, president and chief executive officer; Todd Kelly, executive vice president; and Michael Bartholomew, vice president and chief technical officer.

SingleTrac is developing approximately three to four titles per year for both next-generation video game systems and PCs. The first SingleTrac title to be published by GT Interactive next month will be Critical Depth, an underwater 3D action PlayStation game.

SingleTrac's Web site address is http://www.singletrac.com




Uprising Combines First-person Action, Real-time Strategy Genres

Newly released from developer Cyclone Studios, a division of the 3DO company, is Uprising, a promising game that combines the two most popular gaming genres today: first-person action and real-time strategy. Most of the action takes place in an immersive environment, with the player guiding a high-tech assault tank called a Wraith. But at the same time, the player must establish bases, build production factories, deploy allied units, and secure enough energy to keep the war effort fueled.

We've had only brief experience with this game so far, but we're hooked, especially on the knockout 3Dfx Voodoo graphics. If you're playing any of the newest generation of 3D PC games, such as Activision's Hexen II, LucasArts' Jedi Knight and Interplay's Star Fleet Academy, without a Voodoo card, such as the Diamond Monster 3D, you're missing a lot.

We'll have full reviews of this and many more of the newest game and graphics titles in a series of special reports, coming soon from Spectrum; watch for them in your emailbox! Meanwhile, find more on Uprising at http://www.3do.com



EA, Anark Release A-Life Game

We've been fascinated with the concept of artificial life ever since we first learned about it during the editing of the VR issue of Morph's Outpost, published in November 1994. Shortly thereafter, we heard about a project called Galapagos: Mendel's Escape, being created by Anark Game Studios of Boulder, Colo. The project has finally achieved fruition in the form of a new entertainment title, published on CD-ROM by Electronic Arts for Win95 and Mac.

In Galapagos, Mendel, the hero, is a spider-like creature whose mind is an "advanced adaptive controller called Non-stationary Entropic Reduction Mapping (NERM)." The player can choose to experience a "newborn" Mendel, observing him learning how to walk, navigate and survive, or can choose to jump into gameplay with an autonomous Mendel, old enough to navigate and identify hazards in his path. The player must figure how to manipulate the environment to help Mendel through various hazardous environments. We're not sure if this actually constitutes artificial life, but it's pretty interesting, and if you have an interest in this bleeding-edge topic, we recommend you check out this title.



Psygnosis Releases G-Police for PlayStation

Prolific developer/publisher Psygnosis' latest PlayStation title is G-Police, a futuristic flight shooter. The player tests his or her flight skills piloting the heavily armed Havoc jet helicopter through fully navigable 3D environments that combine elements of urban, industrial, residential and agricultural communities. The plot line, which unfolds in computer-generated FMV sequences, involves multinational corporate espionage, sabotage and murder. Gameplay involves lots of shooting, as well as achieving specific mission goals. Watch for a review, coming soon in this space.

Find more at http://www.psygnosis.com



Fallout Hits Ground Zero

Just hitting the retail channels is Fallout, Interplay Productions' latest title. Created for Windows '95, MS-DOS and Macintosh compatible computers, Fallout is a post-nuclear role-playing game that features dozens of quests, a detailed turn-based combat system, a variety of weapons, and unique character creation.

"Three years in development, Fallout has all the elements of the classic we haven't seen in quite some time," stated Brian Fargo, CEO of Interplay Productions. "We [Interplay] like to think of Fallout as the spiritual successor to Wasteland, which was voted one of the Top Five RPGs of all time by Computer Gaming World."

This post nuclear RPG challenges the player to survive an obscure and unforgiving world to save the people of Vault 13. The immediate task is to find a replacement water chip for the broken water purification system of Vault 13. Without the chip, residents of Vault 13 will die or be forced to abandon the safety of their Vault.

More information is available at http://www.interplay.com



TEN to Deliver Free Online Strategy Game

San Francisco-based Total Entertainment Network (TEN) last week announced that Cavedog Entertainment's Total Annihilation, a real-time strategy game, is the first game available for free on the TEN service. Total Annihilation fans can indulge in multiplayer action on TEN for free by simply installing the TEN software provided on the game's CD-ROM. TEN accounts created in this fashion will only have access to the Total Annihilation areas of TEN.

Cavedog Entertainment will add to Total Annihilation's 150 run-time 3D-articulated battle units starting Oct. 31, giving players free new and fully functional units for download every week at http://www.cavedog.com.

These new units will integrate seamlessly into the game, including multiplayer action over the Internet or a local area network, providing virtually unlimited expansion and enhancement of game play and strategy.

Game developer Cavedog Entertainment, based in the Seattle area, was founded in 1995 by Ron Gilbert and a team of game industry designers, programmers and artists. Gilbert previously spent eight years at LucasArts Entertainment, where he designed such classic games as Maniac Mansion and the Monkey Island series.



Ubi Soft Ships N64 Racing Simulation

Ubi Soft Entertainment last week launched F1 Pole Position 64, reportedly the first racing simulation for the N64 console. The title has the official 1996 Formula One license and features 22 customizable Formula One race cars and drivers, 16 authentic race tracks, changing weather conditions, wireless pit communication and more. Real-life challenges in the game include engine trouble, transmission damage, mid-race eliminations and more.

For more information, phone 415/547-4000 or visit http://www.ubisoft.com




Virtual Luminaries Gather for NTT New Media Minds Finale

In William Gibson's Neuromancer, cyberspace is portrayed as a digital landscape populated by millions of people. Today, we have the tools to create and inhabit virtual worlds. How are we using these new tools to reinvent ourselves and our relationships? What disruptions occur in our traditional ways of categorizing people and things in a culture of simulation.

Virtual artists, architects and inhabitants will explore these questions at the NTT New Media Minds Forum finale, "Virtual Communities and Virtual Worlds," on Wednesday, October 22, 7 pm at the Theater at Center for the Arts Yerba Buena Gardens, 700 Howard Street, San Francisco. This promises to be a special and stimulating event, and Spectrum recommends it highly (we'll be there!).

Moderated by avatar pioneer Bruce Damer, the panel features Linda Stone, director of Microsoft Research's Virtual Worlds Group and a leader in the effort to create community and content on the computer; Mark Pesce, Internet visionary and co-creator of VRML; Char Davies, creator of Osmose, a virtual environment described as a digital meditation space; Sandy Stone, a performance artist who describes her research as "the traffic in the boundaries between art and technology"; and Gail Williams, director of conferencing for The WELL. This panel also concludes the first day of the Avatars 97 conference and will include several interactive performances.

Tickets are $18 for the general public and $13 for students/faculty/seniors. Advance tickets are available. To purchase tickets, call the Center for the Arts Ticket Office at (415) 978-2787.

As leaders in the social, artistic and technical domains of cyberspace, panelists will discuss what cyberspace is today, what it may be in the future, and its implications for society on the ground.

Says Mark Beam, strategist for the New Media Institute, "In this final excursion we will tackle key questions about the future of community on the Internet, the types of worlds being created, and whether cyberspace will start to feel like a 'real' place."

For information and updates, check the SFSU Multimedia Studies program Web site at http://msp.sfsu.edu, call the information hotline at (415) 904-7740 or send mailto:msp@sfsu.edu




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