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WEBMEISTER --Macromedia Announces Linux Flash Player, Unveils Dreamweaver 2 --Lotus Design Releases jHoliday Java Applet Collection --Impulse Introduces Consumer-based e-Commerce Builder --idealab! Announces eWallet for Online Shopping DEVELOPER'S TOOLBOX --IMC Releases 13.6/16.8GB Removable Hard Drives IN THE INFOGROOVE --Worlds Inc. Updates 3D Chat --Censorware Project Praises Loudoun Library Decision, Releases X-Stop Report --Samsung Releases JetAudio Plus Multimedia Player GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING --Snowbound Software Releases Java Imaging Applet --Strata Ships VideoShop 4.5 --Real 3D Upgrades RealScan Laser Scanner --Guillemot Offers $90 16MB Banshee Card in AGP, PCI --NewTek Slashes Prices for L.A. Show TECHNOTES --Guillemot's ISIS Soundcard Features Eight-Input, Four-Output Recording CONSUMER CHANNEL --Aftermath Media Lowers Price on "Tender Loving Care" --AIMS Lab Ships TV Tuner Card --Diamond Ships MP3 Music Player, Rio PMP300 --Voyager Launches Hybrid Version of Laurie Anderson's Puppet Motel THE DIALS & LEVERS OF POWER --Correction: X-Files/InVision Awards DEALS --Kinetix Names Digimation Preferred Plug-In Publisher --Excite, BT Combine Forces in UK GAMES PEOPLE PLAY --Nintendo Promises More 'Zelda' On the Way --Disney/Pixar Ship A Bug's Life for PlayStation --CRL Software Releases $10 Action Game Super Circuitry --Sierra Releases King's Quest: Mask of Eternity --EA Ships Jane's WWII Fighters --Speed Busters: American Highways' Reaches Ignition --Interplay Releases Carmageddon2: Carpocalypse --Sierra Sports Ships Viper Racing --Abracadata Releases Free 3D Railroad Master Layouts --EA Ships Future Cop: L.A.P.D. for PC, Macintosh --Interplay Renames Sports Division F.Y.I. --About Spectrum ___________________________________


Macromedia Announces Linux Flash Player, Unveils Dreamweaver 2 Solaris and Linux users were thankful last week for Macromedia's new, free public beta of its Flash Player for the two operating systems. The new UNIX players allow Web surfers on Solaris and Linux systems to view vector-based graphics, animations and Web interfaces created with Macromedia Flash authoring software. The free player is available from Macromedia's Web site at http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download. Also, Macromedia plans to show its new Dreamweaver 2 professional Web authoring environment at CNET's Builder.com Live conference in New Orleans on December 7 - 10. Macromedia will offer a half-day tutorial entitled "Mastering and Extending Dreamweaver" that will teach attendees to use Dreamweaver's Document Object Model, JavaScript API, and C-level extensibility layer to add custom functionality and to integrate with leading e-commerce and database tools. New features in Dreamweaver 2 include tools for efficient page production, site management, visual authoring for dynamic publishing, and Roundtrip XML. Dreamweaver 2 will be available for Windows and Macintosh platforms in December for US $299. For more information, visit http://www.dreamweaver.com. ___________________________________ Lotus Design Releases jHoliday Java Applet Collection Lotus Design International has released its jHoliday Java Applet Collection, with nine Java applets designed to bring a festive holiday feel to Web sites. The configurable applets give access to parameters such as texts, colors and sounds, and offer animations and special effects. Included are dancing SnowMan, blinking Christmas tree, magic Santa, animated fireworks, etc. Some of the applets can also be used as banners and menus to show a lot of information about the Web site in a small space. Find details at http://lotus-Web.com/java/holiday.html ___________________________________ Impulse Introduces Consumer-based e-Commerce Builder Impulse Software last week released Impulse 4.0, its $295 consumer-based e-Commerce builder designed to let non-technical small business owners create and manage e-Commerce Web sites. In addition to its built-in database functionality, the software integrates with popular business accounting packages like QuickBooks and Peachtree. When merchants update their accounting software, like adjusting prices and adding products, Impulse 4.0 automatically uploads the required files immediately, and instantly updates the entire Web site. Impulse 4.0 includes a credit card verification and transaction module, provides access to a secure server with no additional charges, and works as a standalone solution or as an add-on to an existing Web site. The system is delivered standard with both SSL and PGP 5.5, so orders can be encrypted. For more information, contact Impulse Software by phone at 512/260-3250, via fax at 512/259-5157, or visit http://www.impulsesoftware.com. ___________________________________ idealab! Announces eWallet for Online Shopping idealab! last week introduced eWallet, a Windows/Netscape/IE4 program said to let consumers make safe, secure purchases on the Web. eWallet is stored securely on a user's PC, and is compatible with existing credit and debit cards. Consumers enter their billing and shipping information once. It is designed to work at every e-commerce site on the Web, and is free to both consumers and merchants. eWallet can be downloaded at http://www.eWallet.com. ___________________________________


IMC Releases 13.6/16.8GB Removable Hard Drives Interactive Media Corporation's (IMC) new KanguruDisks are Ultra DMA 13.6GB and 16.8GB removable IDE hard drives. Features include a 33.3MB/sec. transfer rate and universal connectivity provided by the KanguruDocks, available as internal IDE, parallel port, PCMCIA, and USB. The 1998 estimated street price for the 13.6GB and 16.8GB KanguruDisks are $600 and $730, respectively. More detailed information can be found at http://www.interactivemediacorp.com. ___________________________________


Worlds Inc. Updates 3D Chat Worlds Inc. last week introduced its next-generation Internet experience, Worlds Ultimate 3D Chat Plus... (sic), which combines traditional 2D ("HTML") Internet chat with the real-time 3D animation and motion over the Internet. After selecting an avatar, the user can move into and out of different environments from a meteor in outer space to a space station and into and out of other more conventional virtual worlds, including dance clubs, virtual gardens, and 3D Internet chat rooms with categories ranging from social relationships to teens to 'Let's Talk about...' music rooms to Wall Street. The Avatar Gallery contains over 100 different avatars, including more than 70 that are polygonal and are user-controlled for performing more than 17 different actions and behaviors, including walking, waving, nodding yes and no, flipping, twirling, expressing happiness and anger, doing funky and rockin' roll dances and even flying in cyberspace, among other gestures. As part of the product launch, the basic service, including the CD, is priced at $9.95 for a one-year membership at http://www.worlds.com. ___________________________________ Censorware Project Praises Loudoun Library Decision, Releases X-Stop Report The Censorware Project <http://censorware.org>, an activist group opposing the use of blocking software in public libraries, welcomed federal judge Leonie Brinkema's decision that the use of such software by the Loudoun County, Va. library is unconstitutional. Said attorney James Tyre, a founding member of the group, "All of these products, including X-Stop Librarian II, the one used in the Loudoun libraries, block numerous innocent and socially valuable sites." One year ago, members of the Censorware Project, in the action which led to the group's formation, disclosed that X-Stop blocked a Quaker Web page and the American Association of University Women, among many others. The group also announced the release of "Deja Voodoo: The 'X-Stop Files' Revisited," its report on innocent sites currently or recently blacklisted by X-Stop. In the report, the group reveals that it has been assisting the Loudoun plaintiffs in identifying bad blocks since before the case was filed. "When we issued our original report in October 1997," Tyre said, "we put a public spotlight on Log On Data, the manufacturers of the X-Stop censorware. Then the lawsuit was filed in Loudoun County, relying on our information. A year of litigation and press attention, and what's happened? For every bad block Log On has removed, it has added another one -- sites including Redbook Magazine <http://homearts.com/rb/toc/00rblmc1.htm>, virtually all the user sites at an online community called Xoom.com <http://members.xoom.com>, and a scholarly page called 'Sex Culture in Ancient China.' <http://www.beijingnow.com/chun/> These products cannot be perfected, because they rely on too few human beings trying to review too much of the Internet. Inevitably the work is done carelessly, and innocent sites are blocked. Censorware has no place in public libraries." The group's report is on its Web pages at http://censorware.org/reports/xstop ___________________________________ Samsung Releases JetAudio Plus Multimedia Player Samsung America, Inc.'s new $50 JetAudio Plus software for Windows PCs combines an integrated multimedia player with an Internet Radio, letting users play, record, and enhance audio, watch full-screen video, and tune in Internet radio. The program features six independent audio/video rack components in addition to the Jet radio, and a floating "remote" controller operates most functions. The components include: * Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with spectrum analyzer, reverb and 3D sound effects. * mixer with six-band graphic equalizer * CD Player for playing normal music CDs or reading audio information from Internet databases. * Digital Audio component. With built-in MPEG and Real Audio engines, the Digital Audio Component can play standard file formats and record to RealAudio or WAV formats. The Digital Audio Component also supports RAM (RealAudio Meta) files for Internet streaming and MP3. * Video Player lets users watch video files full-screen, and capture and convert individual frames to BMP format. * MIDI Component supports MIDI, Protracker (MOD), Scream Tracker (SM3), Fast Tracker (XM), and Multitracker (MTM) files. For more information, contact SAMSUNG America at (562) 483-7255. ___________________________________


Snowbound Software Releases Java Imaging Applet Snowbound Software has released a Java imaging applet for cross-platform image viewing and manipulation, created from their RasterMaster for Java toolkits. Sample applications can be seen at http://www.snowbnd.com/Java/Applet.htm. The RasterMaster for Java component library lets Java developer create a Java applet that download and views, from the Internet or intranet, imaging formats such as TIFF, BMP, JPEG, MO:DCA, CALS, and GIF through Netscape and Internet Explorer. Additionally, with the DICOM and JEDMICS support option, the medical imaging and military engineering imaging market segments are now served with Java technology. Snowbound's applet allows the browser client to offer functions such as zoom, rotate, pan, scroll, save, and next page without any installation. Additionally, because Snowbound provides an actual toolkit, customers can modify the applet. Information and evaluation software is available directly from Snowbound Software at telephone 617-630-9495, fax 617-630-0210, mailto:salesp@snowbnd.com or http://www.snowbnd.com. ___________________________________ Strata Ships VideoShop 4.5 Strata Inc.'s VideoShop 4.5 is now shipping for Apple Macintosh. The QuickTime-based application offers non-linear, multi-layer video editing, with 3D tracks that let users import 3D models into VideoShop from Strata StudioPro or as a 3DMF file, then map video directly onto that object effects. And the incorporation of TuneBuilder by AirWorks Media provides for the integration of musical scores into video productions. Other new features include: * FireWire support * QuickTime 3.0 is fully supported * New DV project settings for both regular and wide-screen television formats * improved sound compression with 11 codecs available * improved memory management * improved motion control editing * support for Apple's new navigation services in MacOS 8.5 * interface enhancements such as one-step moving of media clips from the desktop into the Bin VideoShop 4.5 has an SRP of $495, while registered users of VideoShop 4.0 can upgrade to 4.5 for only $89. Strata also offers upgrades from version 3.0 or earlier for $189. Call 1-800-STRATA3D (1-800-787-2823), contact local VARs, distributors, and educational resellers, or visit http://www.strata3d.com. ___________________________________ Real 3D Upgrades RealScan Laser Scanner MetaCreations-owned Real 3D of Orlando, Fla. announces the new version of its RealScan 3D capture system with an introductory list price of $14,500. New features in the scanner software include an ActiveX control enabling developers to build customized applications. For example, using ActiveX, users can capture and export raw "point cloud" data to point cloud-processing CAD applications. The scanner also features resolution and accuracy capabilities supporting manufacturing, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping applications. RealScan lets users capture texture and geometric data of real-world objects in less than a second. Objects can be edited and manipulated on any PC with Windows NT 4.0 using RealScan's model editing software. The software provides basic editing capabilities such as cutting, scaling and smoothing, as well as advanced editing techniques enabling object merging to create 360-degree surface models. The resulting 3D digital model can be imported into popular software for 3D modeling, animation and CAD. For a list of RealScan distributors, visit http://www.real3d.com. ___________________________________ Guillemot Offers $90 16MB Banshee Card in AGP, PCI Guillemot's Maxi Gamer Phoenix is just out in both an AGP and PCI version. The card uses 3Dfx Interactive's new Voodoo Banshee chip for 2D and 3D acceleration in a 16MB SGRAM configuration with 250 MHz RAMDAC,. Features include refresh rates up to 85Hz at 1600 x 1200 resolution plus such 3D image effects as Z-buffering, alpha-blending, fogging, tri-linear filtering and anti-aliasing. Both the Maxi Gamer Phoenix PCI and AGP 16MB list for $89.99 (after $20 mail-in rebate). For more information contact Guillemot toll-free at 1-877-484-5536 or visit http://www.guillemot.com ___________________________________ NewTek Slashes Prices for L.A. Show If you plan to be in the Los Angeles area anytime between December 2 and 4, head on over to the NewTek/DCC Expo at the L.A. Convention Center for some good deals on NewTek software. For example: LightWave 3D at $1,495 (list $2,000), Aura 1.0 at $495 ($200 off) and HyperVoxels 2.0 at $149 ($120 off). For more info, check out http://www.dccexpo.com and


. ___________________________________


Guillemot's ISIS Soundcard Features Eight-Input, Four-Output Recording Guillemot's new Maxi Sound ISIS PCI soundcard uses an internal audio-processing engine to allow for eight simultaneous inputs and four independent outputs in full duplex. An external audio rack gathers 1/4" jack connectors for analog recording and playback, a 32, 44.1 or 48 KHz S/PDIF input and output in both gold-plated RCA and optical format for digital transfers with a DAT, 20-bit converters for audio fidelity, and a DIN in/out/through connector for flexibility of the MIDI sessions. For gamers, the card's RISC-based Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provides an effects-processing engine, plus predefined environment settings for games that don't have built-in 3D audio support. Other features include hardware acceleration of DirectSound and DirectSound 3D applications and compatibility with A3D and legacy DOS titles. The Maxi Studio ISIS will be available in Q1 '99. Price to be determined. For more information contact Guillemot at 1-877-484-5536 or visit http://www.guillemot.com. ___________________________________


Aftermath Media Lowers Price on "Tender Loving Care" One of the most interesting titles we've seen on DVD-ROM is Aftermath Media's "Tender Loving Care," (TLC), an intriguing, full-length interactive movie designed to capitalize on the strengths of that medium. Unfortunately, due perhaps to the relatively small installed base of compatible platforms, the title hasn't done that well since its release July 31. To try to boost sales, Aftermath has dropped the prices for both the DVD-ROM and CD-ROM versions from $45 to $29.95. Find more info at http://www.aftermathmedia.com. ___________________________________ AIMS Lab Ships TV Tuner Card AIMS Lab's new $149 Video Highway Xtreme 98 Deluxe TV tuner card for Windows 95/98 comes with a remote control for changing TV channels, adjusting volume, brightness and color, tuning into FM radio channels and controlling the card's AVI video and radio recording functions from across the room. The card also offers the ability to record both AVI and MPEG-1 video clips, provides dbx stereo sound when available, and offers video conferencing, video e-mail and support for Intercast, WebTV for Windows and WaveTop. For more information, phone (510) 661-2525, send


, or visit


. ___________________________________ Diamond Ships MP3 Music Player, Rio PMP300 After a brief legal tussle with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Diamond Multimedia Systems has commenced shipment of its Rio PMP300 portable digital music player. The $200 portable player, with 32 MB of onboard flash memory, can mix and store up to 60 minutes of music and up to eight hours of voice downloaded from the Internet to a PC. The device currently supports MP3 and features an interface for transferring files to Rio from the PC. Diamond Multimedia has incorporated Serial Copyright Management System (SCMS) into the Rio PMP300 to address RIAA concerns over copyright protection. "Even though the Rio offers the functional equivalent of SCMS because it has no digital output, we incorporated a more formal implementation of SCMS copyright protection that prevents a second-generation copy of a digital audio recording from being made," said Ken Wirt, Diamond vp of corporate marketing. Find more at http://www.diamondmm.com. ___________________________________ Voyager Launches Hybrid Version of Laurie Anderson's Puppet Motel Over three years after the release of the original, Mac-only version, Voyager, a division of Learn Technologies Interactive, Inc., has released a hybrid edition of Laurie Anderson's Puppet Motel. Utilizing the designs of artist Hsin-Chien Huang, the classic non-game multimedia title invites exploration of the dark spaces of Anderson's imagination, where shadows race, nebulae swirl, words turn to smoke, electrical outlets whisper for attention, and time travels both ways. The hybrid CD-ROM (Macintosh/Windows 95) carries an estimated street price of $29.95. Features include: * thirty-three labyrinthine rooms to explore * over an hour of original and previously unavailable music * clips from Anderson's animations and videography * a virtual and interactive set of the Nerve Bible tour * familiar Anderson images and tools telephones, fax machines, TVs, typewriters, electrical outlets providing side trips For further information, visit http://www.voyagerco.com ___________________________________


Correction: X-Files/InVision Awards Due to errors on NewMedia's Web site, last week's Spectrum omitted an important InVision award received by Hyperbole's X-Files game. Here is the correct information: The X-Files Game won: * Best of Show (tied with Ceremonies of Innocence) * Award of Excellence - for Creative and Technical Excellence * Best Game - Gold * Best Digital Storytelling - Gold * Best Video - Silver ___________________________________


Kinetix Names Digimation Preferred Plug-In Publisher Kinetix today announced a new strategic partnership with Digimation, Inc., a publisher and distributor of 3D animation software, that will provide Kinetix third-party developers with software publishing services, including packaging, documentation, quality assurance, marketing and support. Under terms of a long-term publishing agreement, Kinetix will make an equity investment in Digimation, which will serve as a publisher and distributor for commercial plug-ins for Kinetix's 3D Studio MAX and 3D Studio VIZ solutions. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The move is intended to ease the task of bringing third-party plug-ins to market while maximizing profits to third-party developers. The result will provide Kinetix customers with a simple process for locating and purchasing third-party plug-ins for Kinetix software. In addition to being a publisher, Digimation will offer worldwide distribution services to the Kinetix plug-in publishers. Kinetix customers currently purchase more than 100 commercial plug-ins from individual developers located throughout the world. Developers who choose to publish their plug-ins through Digimation will receive cooperative worldwide marketing and sales efforts with Kinetix, including product promotions in Kinetix software packaging, organized sales efforts at trade shows, and solution selling through the Kinetix authorized worldwide reseller channel. Kinetix and Digimation will jointly publish plug-in catalogs in print and on CD-ROM for distribution to the worldwide Kinetix customer database. Information on plug-ins will also be available via coordinated Web sites. Under terms of the strategic partnership, Digimation will publish only Kinetix software plug-ins and, effective February 1, 1999, will discontinue its resale of Kinetix software - including MAX, VIZ, and Character Studio - to focus on publishing third-party products. Digimation already publishes a wide variety of Kinetix software plug-ins, including the award-winning Bones Pro, Sand Blaster and Shag Fur. Digimation will also provide information on public domain plug-ins that are available free of charge to all users. Kinetix customers can order plug-ins from Digimation at 800-854-4496 or 504-468-7898 or through the Kinetix worldwide authorized reseller channel. ___________________________________ Excite, BT Combine Forces in UK London-based BT will buy a 50 percent share in Excite, Inc.'s subsidiary, Excite UK. This $10 million investment in the $20 million subsidiary is said to be the first time such a close and active relationship between a UK company and a US Internet portal has been forged. Excite UK will benefit through better access to one of Europe's biggest markets and BT's expertise in further localizing its product to the UK market. Excite UK's portal includes 12 content areas covering subjects such as news, music and sport, plus search technology, free Web-based e-mail, communities and online shopping. In addition, Excite UK is marketing Excite Click, powered by BTClick, a combined pay-as-you-surf UK Internet access service and Web guide. This service requires no registration or monthly subscription and is featured at http://www.Excite.co.uk. ___________________________________


Nintendo Promises More 'Zelda' On the Way Even though demand has exceeded supply in many parts of the country, Nintendo of America last week announced hundreds of thousands of additional copies of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will be on their way to retail stores beginning today. More than half a million Americans placed advance cash deposits to guarantee delivery of the Nintendo 64 game cartridge at its official launch last Monday (Nov. 23). That figure reportedly more than triples the previous record for 'pre-sell' for any video game in history. Says Peter Main, Nintendo of America executive vp sales and marketing, "We remain on track to ship two and a half million copies of Zelda to stores by Christmas Eve, and the game remains on track to become the fastest-seller in U.S. history." For more information, visit


. ___________________________________ Disney/Pixar Ship A Bug's Life for PlayStation Sony Computer Entertainment America last week released Disney and Pixar's A Bug's Life, a 3D character adventure game for the PlayStation game console. Gamers navigate Flik, a klutzy but inventive ant, through 15 3D game environments in search of a band of warrior bugs. Flik must maneuver across challenging mazes, explore nooks and crannies, discover hidden levels, and unlock secret areas on his journey. In the game's "living world," players can use seeds to grow plants in the environment, letting them control how they move through the world. Get bugged at


. ___________________________________ CRL Software Releases $10 Action Game Super Circuitry CRL Software has developed Super Circuitry, a $9.95 tile-based action puzzle game for Windows said to combine elements from classic games such as Concentration and Tetris. The game features 64 levels and 6 difficulty settings as the player passes through several worlds, each with its own twist: gravity, flipped tiles, teleporting tiles and more. Both the full version and a free evaluation version are available via direct download at


___________________________________ Sierra Releases King's Quest: Mask of Eternity Roberta Williams' first all-3D adventure title King's Quest: Mask Of Eternity has just been published by Sierra Studios. Playing in either a first- or third-person perspective, explorers travel through seven different lands experiencing over 70 characters, some good, many evil. Mask of Eternity includes new RPG and action-like qualities, such as health monitors and combat, but stays true to the adventure genre. While the player must be involved in some level of combat, it is more important for the player to interact with characters and solve the various intriguing puzzles in order to get through the game. The player is able to choose at which level of combat they would like play, ranging from easy to difficult. ___________________________________ EA Ships Jane's WWII Fighters Electronic Arts' just-shipped Jane's WWII Fighters, published under the Jane's Combat Simulations brand, takes place during a two-week period in the winter of 1944 in which bad weather limited Allied forces to ground tactics. When the skies cleared, the fighters came in to save the day and locked up an Allied win in the Battle of the Bulge. Players can fly seven WWII fighter planes including the P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt, P-38 Lightning, Messerschmitt Bf109, Focke-Wulf Fw190, Supermarine Spitfire and the Messerschmitt Me262 using real tactics and maneuvers to outsmart the enemy. From the 3D virtual cockpit, players monitor working instruments, target their enemies and witness the piece-by-piece destruction of planes in the dogfight. They fly in and out of transparent 3D clouds to evade their pursuers. The Glide-enhanced game's branching campaign enables players to complete several consecutive missions that vary depending on the player's success. The campaign can be played from either the Axis or Allied side. A mission editor allows players to customize all of the missions provided in the game or create their own. More information can be found at http://www.ea.com. ___________________________________ Speed Busters: American Highways Reaches Ignition Speed Busters: American Highways is a new, optimized for Voodoo2, $45 3D PC racer from Ubi Soft. Every time the player busts the police radar, she's rewarded with "money" to upgrade her car. But every time she hits something, her vehicle suffers visible damage. Windows break. Windshields shatter. She loses a trunk or a fender, or her wheels fall off. As the damage mounts, the car gets harder to drive. The trick is to get to the finish line while she still has some control and a chassis. King Kong, Jaws and a massive T-Rex burst onto the scene at various intervals, intent on eating the player for lunch. The car gets lifted up on a giant trench filled with water, hitches an aerial ride on an airplane, and even drives on and off a moving freight train. Other features include 96 track options, 120 different car configurations, and seven different "all-American" tracks with recognizable landmarks, including Hollywood Boulevard, the bayous of Louisiana, and the slopes of Aspen. Cyberwalk to http://www.speedbusters.com for a preview. ___________________________________ Interplay Releases Carmageddon2: Carpocalypse If holiday-season road rage is getting to you, try Interplay's new action title, Carmageddon2: Carpocalypse Now, for Windows 95 based PC's. Developed by SCi, the new version of the multi-player racing car game offers enhanced 3D graphics to this multi-player racing game. In Carmageddon2 players can do what they like, whether it's pulverizing defenseless pedestrians or hunting down helpless animals for points, or simply annihilating other drivers to win a race. The new version has over 30 different tracks, including a daredevil stunt track and an Olympic ski village, 33 new vehicles, and over 40 new weapons of destruction. More comprehensive information is available at http://www.interplay.com. ___________________________________ Sierra Sports Ships Viper Racing Want to drive a Viper but can't afford it? Neither can we! But for less than 30 bucks you can wail on a new Dodge Viper in Sierra Sports' new Viper Racing, developed by racing specialists MGI. The driving simulation features the Dodge Viper, one of America's fastest production cars. Players earn money to upgrade their car and move up through four classes of league racing. Besides career mode options, Viper Racing also includes a "high fidelity" physics engine that models every aspect of a sports car: the huge 18-inch tires, a race-engineered chassis and the Viper's famous 8 liter V10 engine. Cruise on over to http://www.sierrasports.com for more information. ___________________________________ Abracadata Releases Free 3D Railroad Master Layouts Abracadata, Ltd. has posted two new layouts for its railroad simulation, 3D Railroad Master, on its Website for download. These two layouts, Swarthout and Kulp Creek, add new routes, cargos, sounds and objects. The file can be downloaded at http://www.abracadata.com/3dMNewLayout_text.html and is approximately 1.5 MB zipped. ___________________________________ EA Ships Future Cop: L.A.P.D. for PC, Macintosh Electronic Arts last week began shipping Future Cop: L.A.P.D., a strategic-action computer game set in futuristic Los Angeles for the PC and Macintosh. Similar to the PlayStation version of the game released earlier this year, players must use their wits and massive firepower to destroy the army of criminals who have overrun the city. New features include an additional level, 3D-accelerated graphics and multiplayer support. Players use the X-1Alpha assault vehicle to cruise through eight 3Dfx-supported environments that replicate such real Los Angeles locations as Griffith Park, Venice Beach and the Los Angeles Airport's "Space Port." Along the way players can use over 15 futuristic weapons to blast through heavily fortified enemy strongholds to eliminate them. Future Cop: L.A.P.D. features two distinct game modes: Crime War and Precinct Assault. In Crime War, the single player must reclaim eight sections of crime-infested Los Angeles from the gangs. In the multiplayer version, gamers play cooperatively to team up and annihilate the criminals' reign of the city. More information can be found at http://www.futurecop.com. ___________________________________ Interplay Renames Sports Division Interplay last week unveiled a new name, look, and philosophy for its sports division - Interplay Sports. The division, formerly known as VR Sports, will be responsible for publishing all of Interplay's sports-related games. Interplay Sports has quietly assembled a team of veteran sports developers, led by Happy Keller whose previous credits include Earl Weaver Baseball. More information can soon be found on the new Web site at http://www.interplaysports.com. ___________________________________


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