Spectrum: Interactive Media & Online Developer News 11 May 1998

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Today's Headlines (details below) WEBMEISTER --NetObjects Announces Scripting Technologies Website --FrontPage Bug Can Delete HD --Rearden Ships SiteCam 2.0 with Dial-up Support --StarNine Ships StarNine Mail Version 4.2 DEVELOPER’S TOOLBOX --Microsoft Ships Beta Release of DirectX 6.0 --Intel, MetaCreations Launch Open 3D File Format --MultiGen to Support N64, PlayStation, Project X --Prince of Persia to Feature Tech from Numerical Design, Motion Factory --Softimage Releases Games-Oriented Development Kit IN THE INFOGROOVE --WebTools Company Publishes Internet Search Tutorial --Chinese Site Offers Free Chinese/English Web Email --Snap! Teams Up with Inktomi for Web Searching --ActionTec Announces Family of V.90 56K Modems GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING --MetaCreations Announces Poser 3 --Live Picture Image Servers to Support On-the-Fly Digital Watermarking --Digimation Announces Blaze! Non-linear Editor --Appian Graphics to Ship AGP/PCI Dual-Monitor Boards --Diamond Ships Under-$100 Intel740 Card, 12MB Monster 3D II WEBSIGHTINGS --Site Offers Self-Diagnosis --Internet Users Invited to Help Write Doonesbury THE DIALS & LEVERS OF POWER --Report: Online Game Sector to Improve on Meager '97 Ad Revenues DEALS --Microsoft Licenses Katrix Interactive Character Animation Tech GAMES PEOPLE PLAY --NovaLogic Ships Comanche Gold --Activision Announces DVD Zork, Other E3 News --Sega Announces Strategy PC Title --Descent: Freespace IRC Chat Set for Thursday NUMBEROLOGY --Interplay to Go Public DIGERATI ILLUMINATI --H+a CEO to Participate in E3 Panel Discussion on Financing New Media F.Y.I. --About Spectrum --------------------------------------------------


NetObjects Announces Scripting Technologies Website NetObjects, Inc. last week launched ScriptBuilder.com, an online resource dedicated to developers creating both client- and server-side scripts to add animation effects and interactivity, advanced transaction capabilities, and other application functionality to Internet and intranet sites. Scripting languages supported include JavaScript, VBScript, JScript, XML and LotusScript as well as Netscape server-side JavaScript (LiveWire) and Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP). The site features: More information can be found at http://www.scriptbuilder.com. -------------------------------------------------- FrontPage Bug Can Delete HD BugNet has issued an Alert concerning a bug in FrontPage 98 which can delete a user's entire hard drive. For more information, see http://www.bugnet.com/bugalert.html -------------------------------------------------- Rearden Ships SiteCam 2.0 with Dial-up Support Just out from Rearden Technology is SiteCam 2.0 ($129) for Mac OS, with integrated FTP support allowing dial-up users to take advantage of this full-featured WebCam software, along with anti-hijacking support and support for multiple video digitizers. Features include image-capture, streaming video and QuickTime time-lapse movie for bringing live video images and time-lapse movies to a Web site. Go live at http://www.rearden.com/. -------------------------------------------------- StarNine Ships StarNine Mail Version 4.2 StarNine Technologies has just released StarNine Mail 4.2, a free upgrade to StarNine Mail 4.0 and 4.1. Version 4.2 provides compatibility with Mac OS 8.1 and includes a new Repair utility in the Mail Tools suite that allows administrators to perform maintenance and repair on individual user accounts. Formerly known as Quarterdeck Mail, StarNine Mail is a Mac OS messaging system for AppleTalk networks. Used in conjunction with StarNine's Mail*Link SMTP gateway, the system provides a complete Internet email solution for Macintosh LANs. For cross-platform environments, StarNine's Mail*Link Connection Gateway provides server-to-server transfer of messages and address lists between StarNine Mail and Microsoft Exchange. The upgrade is free for current users of StarNine Mail 4.0 and 4.1 at http://www.starnine.com/. --------------------------------------------------


Microsoft Ships Beta Release of DirectX 6.0 At last week's Computer Game Developers Conference, Microsoft announced the release of the beta version of its DirectX 6.0 Software Development Kit. The set of multimedia application programming interfaces (APIs) reportedly provides enhancements to existing APIs, optimizes hardware performance and enhances multimedia functionality on Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 5.0 operating systems. Microsoft expects to release the final version of DirectX 6.0 in July. New features in DirectX 6.0 are said to deliver greater stability, reliability and consistency across all APIs, plus DVD playback, better audio capabilities, multi-monitor support, and Universal Serial Bus (USB), which brings Plug and Play to the desktop for multimedia peripherals such as joysticks, speakers, keyboards, mouse products and scanners. For developers, Microsoft claims improved consistency among the APIs, and says that, because of the new Win32 API Driver Model (WDM), the DirectX APIs are now the same for both Windows 98 and Windows NT 5.0, as well as Windows 95. In addition, DirectX 6.0 is said to be backward-compatible, so applications developed for DirectX 5.0 or even version 3.0 will run without hardware compatibility issues. Direct3D enhancements include: