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WEB.BUILDER SAN FRANCISCO SPEAKER AND SESSION INFORMATION NOW AVAILABLE Don't miss your opportunity to attend this year's best technical conference for Web designers, developers, and managers: Web.Builder San Francisco. The conference takes place April 14 to 16--check out the Web.Builder site for complete details: http://web.builder.com/sf98 -------------------------------------------------- Today's Headlines (details below) WEBMEISTER --JavaScript Libraries Available to Macromedia Dreamweaver Users --Astound 5.0 Hits the Street --Devshed Adds Resources for Interactive Site Building DEVELOPER'S TOOLBOX --Equilibrium Ships DeBabelizer 3 for Macintosh IN THE INFOGROOVE --Global Development Center Announces Project to "Wire" Guatemala --MSNBC #1 News Web Site --Porn Merchant Proposes ".adult" Web Section GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING --Superscape VRT 3D Software to Bundle with Logitech 3D Controller --Diamond Multimedia Announces 12MB Monster 3D II WEBSIGHTINGS --Sherry Miller Stakes Claim as Oldest Woman on the Web --Site Launched as Online Complement to Internet PR Book --The Sync Offers Modern Feature Film THE DIALS & LEVERS OF POWER --Sumo Launches Web Designer Directory DEALS --RealNetworks to Acquire Vivo GAMES PEOPLE PLAY --Outwars Consumer Beta-Test Program Announced --Konami Releases NBA in the Zone '98 for PSX, N64 --ORIGIN Ships Ultima Collection --Interplay Announces Descent: Freespace - The Great War --Westwood Announces Lands of Lore III --Retailers Censor Interplay Title --Activision Launches Pitfall 3D Contest HAPPENINGS --Austin to Host IGDN GameDev, SXSW Conferences F.Y.I. --About Spectrum --------------------------------------------------


JavaScript Libraries Available to Macromedia Dreamweaver Users Ten of Icon Medialab's Alapi JavaScript libraries can now be used in Macromedia's Dreamweaver HTML visual Web authoring application. In addition, Icon Medialab announces that Macromedia will resell the libraries with Dreamweaver. Alapi libraries is a collection of pre-made JavaScript objects, said to make it unnecessary to customize code for either Netscape or Internet Explorer. Web designers can access the Alapi objects from the Dreamweaver menu and tailor their properties. Macromedia has set up an Alapi sample and information Web site at http://www.getdreamweaver.com/alapi. -------------------------------------------------- Astound 5.0 Hits the Street Next week, Astound Inc. of Sunnyvale, Calif. expects to ship Astound 5.0, an updated version of its Web and multimedia presentation software. New features include: · the ability to automatically send the correct DHTML file for new versions of Netscape and Microsoft browsers, as well as static files for older browsers · moderating presentations over the Web using Java, JavaScript or ActiveX · timeline precision enhanced to 1/100 second · 3D effects for headlines with textures, lighting effects and animation · add effects to images such as bevel, oil paint, frosted windows · create image maps · see presentation overview · see overview of presentation flow by viewing links between objects and slides · hide and show layers Anticipated street price is $149. Check it out at http://www.astound.com. -------------------------------------------------- Devshed Adds Resources for Interactive Site Building InfoWest has added new tools, scripts, and tutorials for creating interactive Web sites at DEVSHED.COM. The two new two major resources for interactive site builders are: · ClipScripts is a searchable database of hundreds of cut-and-paste Javascript, Perl and PHP/FI scripts. · PHP/FI is a free server-side scripting language. Documentation, tutorials, and script examples for PHP/FI are available in the Advanced Resources section of the DEVSHED. PHP/FI code embedded in HTML documents performs tasks usually accomplished by CGI applications written in Perl or C++. For more information, visit http://www.devshed.com. --------------------------------------------------


Equilibrium Ships DeBabelizer 3 for Macintosh Sausalito, Calif.-based Equilibrium last week shipped DeBabelizer 3 for Macintosh, an upgrade to its software for automated graphics processing, optimization, and conversion. The program lets users automatically process multiple graphics files for delivery in any medium, including print, multimedia, digital video, interactive television, and the Web. New features include a drag-and-drop interface, support for more than 100 file converters (including all CMYK formats), and conditional scripting. The new drag-and-drop interface has been redesigned to increase flexibility and ease of use. DeBabelizer 3's ActionArrows let users apply the properties of one window to another automatically. Many batch functions (e.g., Batch Save, Batch Catalog, Batch Thumbnail, Batch SuperPalette) have been streamlined into one-button functions to save user's time. Users can optimize Web images by entering a URL or dragging an HTML file onto a BatchList window to automatically download, process, and optimize the Web page's graphics with Equilibrium's proprietary SuperPalette technology, or save out the images for use in another medium. For scripting, users can select operations from a menu and preview the results before applying. Scripting capabilities have been expanded to include conditional statements such as If, Then, Else, and Loop.. Eight new file converters have been included in DeBabelizer 3: · QuickTime 3.0 · Windows BMP 16 and 24 bit · Scitex CT · DCS · Sony PlayStation TIM · Live Picture IVUE · Animated GIF · Progressive JPEG · Photoshop palette files/CLUT (8BCT) Find more at http://www.equilibrium.com. --------------------------------------------------


Global Development Center Announces Project to "Wire" Guatemala Non-profit The Global Development Center (GDC) (http://globaldevelopment.org), dedicated to promoting economic development and strengthening human rights globally, announces the launch of a new initiative. The project is designed to support democratization in Guatemala on a national scale by bringing together hundreds of non-profit citizen's groups via email and the Internet, and providing them with technical assistance. Torn by 36 years of bloody civil war, the government of Guatemala and the rebel forces signed Peace Accords in December of 1996. Many of today's citizen's groups were formed during the struggle to protect the rights of the poorest people in the country. Others have since been formed to take advantage of the sudden arrival of increased freedom and to provide necessary services to their communities. The national government, understaffed, under-financed, and still under suspicion in many areas, is unable to bring sufficient services to all those who need them. In response to this situation, these non-profit groups have risen to play a significant role in sectors ranging from health to agriculture to education to income generation and beyond. Most are small, extremely limited in resources, and isolated from each other. If they fail, the whole experiment in freedom and democracy could fail with them. "Let's face it," said Bob Adams, the Center's executive director, "without active citizen participation, there can be no real democracy and, instead of being a tool, freedom is just another word. These groups face a number of challenges. There is potential support available, nationally and internationally, that could make the difference. But most of these groups can't access this support. "Why? They don't know it's there or how to access it. They lack effective representation beyond their communities. They don't have adequate internal financial controls. They don't have the technical expertise available to be sufficiently effective in their work to attract attention. There are many reasons, one or more of which apply to nearly every one of these citizen's groups. Key to all of this is a lack of communication. The Web offers an ideal opportunity to address this lack." The project has two goals. First, it will help each citizen's group to gain access to e-mail and the Internet. A number of groups already have computers, but lack access. Brought together as a large group of potential accounts, GDC and its Guatemalan partner will negotiate with local service providers to provide access at the lowest possible rate. If a modem is lacking, it will be provided at cost, or donated if money is an obstacle. Many groups have no computer and arrangements will be made to provide inexpensive, suitable equipment or a refurbished, used computer. If there is no electricity, a generator will be provided. In every case, recipients will be asked to contribute all or a part of the cost of equipment, to the extent financially feasible. The second goal is to provide the participating groups with the technical assistance they need to increase their effectiveness and to foster self-sufficiency, not dependency on foreign aid. Each group will "graduate" from the program with as many of the tools necessary for self-sufficiency as possible. A description of the project can be found at: -------------------------------------------------- MSNBC #1 News Web Site According to January 1998 data from PC Meter company Media Metrix, MSNBC on the Internet ( http://www.msnbc.com ) has again been rated the No.1 general news Web site for audience reach and gross audience on the World Wide Web. "January was an important month for MSNBC.com, as well as for the entire Internet news business," said James Kinsella, general manager, MSNBC on the Internet. "Not only were major stories broken and followed on the Internet, causing audience numbers to reach all-time highs, but the number of online news organizations grew." MSNBC.com held the No. 1 position with a Reach rating (the percentage of the Internet population that visits a Web site during a given month) of 4.8 during January. In comparison, CNN.com's reach was 3.9 and USAToday.com held down third place with a reach of 3.5. In terms of Gross Audience (the number of individual users multiplied by the number of times they visit a site), MSNBC.com held the No. 1 position with a rating of 10.6, while CNN.com's gross audience was 9.8 and USAToday came in number three with a rating of 8.8. Media Metrix records PC activity by individual users within sample households. All figures are reported monthly. -------------------------------------------------- Porn Merchant Proposes ".adult" Web Section Seth Warshavsky, a supplier of erotic material on the Internet, proposed recently that Congress mandate the creation of a new ".adult" segment of the World Wide Web to help cordon off sexually explicit material and keep it away from juveniles (and, one presumes, funnel new business to folks like him). Warshavsky, 24, is president and chief executive of Internet Entertainment Group, Inc. of Seattle. He made his proposal during testimony prepared for a hearing of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, having been invited to testify before the committee by its chairman, Senator John McCain (R-AZ). Under the proposal from Warshavsky, all current Federal and State regulations governing sexually oriented content on the Internet and other interactive computer expression would be pre-empted by a new ".adult Act." Anyone wishing to transmit erotic content would be required to do two things: utilize a URL (Iinternet address) that would end in ".adult," and bar entry to adult sites by minors with barriers such as mandatory credit card usage, a pre-arranged Personal Identification Number issued only to adults, a pre-subscription agreement signed by an electronic signature, and other existing or to be developed verifying mechanisms, Warshavsky said. In addition, his proposal would mandate that every new computer sold in the U.S. would require a V-chip capable of screening out any ".adult" material. Parents would have control over whether the V-chip was enabled or not through a password or other security device. The act, drafted with the assistance of Los Angeles attorney John H. Weston, said to be an expert on Constitutional and legal issues surrounding erotic material, would provide a legal "safe harbor" exempting individuals and companies who abided by the ".adult" provisions from prosecution. --------------------------------------------------


Superscape VRT 3D Software to Bundle with Logitech 3D Controller The new version of Superscape's 3D authoring software, VRT5.50, will come bundled, as standard, with a Logitech Space Mouse 3D Controller The Logitech Space Mouse 3D Controller is an input device for designing real-time 3D Web pages in up to 6 degrees of freedom. The product senses the amount of pressure or twist applied to its 'cap' in each of the six axes, enabling objects and viewpoints to be moved forward, backward and rotated in any direction. Users translate their sense of touch into dynamic movement of objects within 3D space, supporting X, Y, Z, pitch, roll and yaw movements. Programmable buttons allow the user to customize motion control and sensitivity. VRT5.50 includes Superscape's new renderer (for Gouraud shading, advanced transparency and lit texturing). Sorting is easier with selective z-buffering, while a Drag'n'Drop Warehouse contains over 800 Virtual Clip Art objects for fast, easy world building. VRT5.50 supports VRML 97 import and export, as well as the SVR format. Superscape VRT5.50, with the Space Mouse 3D Controller starts shipping on February 18th, 1998. For more information about Logitech, visit http://www.logitech.com. For more information about Superscape, visit http://www.superscape.com and the Virtual World Wide Web (http://vwww.com). -------------------------------------------------- Diamond Multimedia Announces 12MB Monster 3D II Hot on the heels of similar announcements from Creative Labs and Jazz Multimedia, Diamond Multimedia Systems last week announced plans to launch a 12MB version of its Monster 3D II graphics accelerator. Powered by the Voodoo2 graphics chipset from 3Dfx Interactive, the new 12MB Monster 3D II will ship early in the second quarter of 1998 for an estimated retail price of $299.95. The 12MB Monster 3D II will feature 4MB of fast EDO DRAM for the Voodoo2's pixel engine and 4MB EDO DRAM for each of the two texture engines. In addition, the retail version of the 12MB Monster 3D II will ship with a software bundle featuring a number of new 3D games. The new 12MB Monster 3D II will also support the "MEGAMonster" option allowing two Monster 3D II accelerators to run cooperatively in one system, providing twice the 3D performance and support for game play at 1024x768 resolution with Z- buffering. Diamond's Web site address is http://www.diamondmm.com. --------------------------------------------------


Sherry Miller Stakes Claim as Oldest Woman on the Web The Oldest Woman on the Web, Sherry Miller, speaks out for the fast-growing older demographic on the Internet at her new site, launched last week. The site, at http://www.sherryart.com/oldestwoman, provides a vehicle for Miller's personality, insight, looks and writing voice, plus a recipe for Lobster Prozac. Miller has been a columnist and feature writer for 15 years, but she began her online career after the age of 50. "Publishing online was like a dream come true for a writer and artist like me. No one could edit out your jokes anymore." The Oldest Woman on the Web writes about creativity and technology, education and the Web, innovation and dog years on the Internet. From her unique vantage point as an Internet strategist with technology skills, age, and creative experience, Miller is poised to give a running commentary on the next few years of Internet development. -------------------------------------------------- Site Launched as Online Complement to Internet PR Book The authors of the newly released Internet public relations book Connecting Online: Creating a Successful Business on the Internet have announced the launch of a companion Web site at http://www.connectingonline.com. The site serves as an extension of the book as well as an online resource for business owners and communicators to access Internet public relations resources and information. Before a business can expect to be successful at commerce on the Internet, it must build a positive image with its online audience through Internet public relations strategies and tactics. That's the conclusion authors Gregory Sherwin and Emily N. Avila have made in their new book. To help businesses achieve these ends, the companion Web site provides a news feed updated four times per day, a searchable collection of over 900 reviewed bookmarks, how-tos, book excerpts, articles by the authors, and pointers to other recommended online reading - from finding a Web hosting service to the future of one-to-one communication to e-commerce pitfalls and tips. -------------------------------------------------- The Sync Offers Modern Feature Film Internet audio/video broadcasting company The Sync claims to have made Internet history with the first modern feature film to be made available for viewing on the World Wide Web: Erica Jordan's 1994 American independent film "Walls of Sand." Net surfers can watch Walls of Sand for free at The Sync's Web site at http://thesync.com/ondemand. "Walls of Sand" is a moody drama about an Iranian student (played by Shirin Etessam, who also co-produced and co-wrote the film with Erica Jordan) in the United States who is desperate for a green card. She takes a job as an au pair for a despondent mother suffering from agoraphobia, but soon finds herself in the middle of a bitter child custody battle between her employer and the woman's husband. --------------------------------------------------


Sumo Launches Web Designer Directory Sumo, Inc., a developer of Internet business models, last week launched its Ultimate Web Design List (http://www.Webdesignlist.com). The list is a central resource for Web design information, providing a directory of Web design firms, samplings of Web designs from leading firms, monthly awards and reviews, and news articles dealing with the latest design technologies. In addition, individual designers from around the world can attract new design clients and let design firms know that they are available for hire by posting a resume in Ultimate Web Design List's Resume Bank. The site offers five informational services: · The Showcase features 10 Web design firms with a three-page sampling of designs from each company. · The Spotlight is a special section awarded on a monthly basis to Web design firms for outstanding graphical design and programming skills. · The Yellow Pages provides a directory of Web design companies on the Internet that can be searched alphabetically, by geographical location, or by a list of skill-sets. · The Resume Bank lets Web designers post their resume and Web design credentials. In addition, companies or individuals seeking a designer can browse a searchable database or customize a search to match job criteria. Users can browse the Resume Bank by geographical location, certifications, software experience, server technologies, programming and scripting languages, specialized solutions, and more. · The News Stand includes articles and news stories about designing, hosting, operating, and promoting a Web site. --------------------------------------------------


RealNetworks to Acquire Vivo RealNetworks last week acquired Vivo Software, Inc., a developer of streaming media creation tools. With this move, RealNetworks will acquire Vivo technology, intellectual property and customer base. In addition, key Vivo personnel will be joining RealNetworks. --------------------------------------------------


Outwars Consumer Beta-Test Program Announced On Friday, March 6, gamers will be able to go to http://www.microsoft.com/games/outwars/ to sign up for the chance to be beta testers for Outwars. In total, 200 beta testers will be signed up from the Microsoft site, the Internet Gaming Zone, and several other gaming sites. Fifty beta testers will be signed up from the Microsoft site. To complete the beta sign-up, each person will be asked to explain why they should be accepted into the Outwars Dreadnaut Military Training Program, and based upon their response, those selected will receive the following: · access to a private Outwars newsgroup where the game's creators will answer questions and provide tips and tricks · access to the Outwars Internet Gaming Zone beta lobby for multiplayer gaming. Developers from SingleTrac will be stalking the beta lobby looking for games. · participation in multi-player tournaments against other beta testers and the development team · participation in real-time chats directly with developers and other beta testers · a free final copy of Outwars signed by the game's creators In Outwars, players lead a team of space troopers against an alien insect force in a planet by planet battle to save the universe. Over each successive mission, the player must jet pack, run and pilot a glider -- while executing a sound combat strategy to survive against dozens of merciless exo-skeleton creatures. Outwars, published by Microsoft, is developed by SingleTrac, known for their work on console games Jet Moto and Twisted Metal. -------------------------------------------------- Konami Releases NBA in the Zone '98 for PSX, N64 Now shipping from Konami of America is NBA In The Zone '98 for Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64. The game features official NBA players and teams, and uses motion capture technology with 3D-mapped, polygon graphics. Offensive and defensive moves featured include: behind-the-back dribbling, no-look passing, pivoting, fake shots, stealing, blocking and many more. Also, full rosters (12 players per team), full-season play and the ability to trade and substitute players. Users assume the identity of real NBA players as they engage in a competitive full-season schedule, including the NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals. Gamers can make unlimited trades from all 29 NBA teams and can also create custom players. -------------------------------------------------- ORIGIN Ships Ultima Collection Computer role players who came late to the party are in hog heaven--first Interplay's Ultimate RPG Archives, and now this! Just out from ORIGIN Systems is the Ultima Collection, a compilation of every lineage Ultima game from computer game designer Richard Garriott. The collection is a history of the role-playing genre from Ultima I (1980) to Ultima VIII (1994) and includes the Ultima VII add-ons Forge of Virtue and The Silver Seed. As an added bonus, ORIGIN has included Akalabeth (1979), Garriott's first game, which inspired the Ultima series. In all, the Ultima Collection includes 10 complete games. Added value takes the form of a special section of multimedia interviews in which Garriott describes the challenges and innovations that went into creating each Ultima. Garriott also gives fans a brief preview of what to expect in the next title in the Ultima series, Ultima: Ascension. In addition, the Ultima Collection includes the Ultima Atlas, a collection of all the signature Ultima cloth maps reproduced on paper in a 16-page booklet. Included in the Ultima Collection are these titles (release dates): · Akalabeth (1979) · Ultima I (1980) · Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress (1982) · Ultima III: Exodus (1983) · Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (1985) · Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny (1988) · Ultima VI: The False Prophet (1990) · Ultima VII Part 1: The Black Gate (1992)/includes Forge of Virtue · Ultima VII Part 2: Serpent Isle (1993)/includes The Silver Seed · Ultima VIII: Pagan (1994) Only Ultima I-VI & Akalabeth run through Windows 95; Ultima VII and Ultima VIII do not run through Windows 95. More information can be found on the Internet at http://www.origin.ea.com. -------------------------------------------------- Interplay Announces Descent: Freespace - The Great War The team that brought vertigo to computer games with the hit title Descent is now turning its talents to outer space with a new space combat simulation, Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War. The title is being designed by Volition, an affiliate of the Descent and Descent II developer Parallax Software, and will be available this April for Windows 95-based computers from Interplay Productions. The title is being promoted as having advanced artificial intelligence (AI). The AI programming team is led by the co-creator of Descent and Descent II, Mike Kulas. During missions, AI ships on three different teams act as squadrons in order to pursue their goals, dealing with multiple objectives and enemy assaults on every front. Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War will feature squadrons of bombers and fighters equipped with an array of advanced weaponry for players to use in dogfights with opposing forces, or engage in combat with massive ships and destroyers. An intuitive in-game messaging system allows players to command intelligent squad-mates, redirect wingmen and request reinforcements. Gamers will be able to design their own custom missions with the FreeSpace Mission Editor (FRED), which will be included with the retail version of the game. Multi-player support for Descent: FreeSpace is planned for up to 16 players via IPX or TCP/IP network. -------------------------------------------------- Westwood Announces Lands of Lore III Las Vegas-based Westwood Studies plans the fall release of Lands of Lore III, the latest installment in its role-playing game series. The designers promise six distinct worlds with settings that include everything from urban sprawl to frozen wastes to post-apocalyptic villages. "The key to creating a truly immersive experience is in the details," said Westwood veep Louis Castle. "Cities can't be deserted. They need to be populated with characters that feel real. Animals can't always try to eat you and real people don't spend their days hacking and slashing through dank dungeons for no apparent reason. We're looking toward strong narrative and compelling human motivations to really draw you into the Lands of Lore world." The Lore III game engine has been built for 3D acceleration with features such as advanced lighting effects, textures and animation, plus voxel technology to help create characters and creatures said to be amazingly lifelike and fully 3D. The game puts you into the role of a man who suddenly has to deal with being heir to the throne and losing his soul all in the same day. Your quest is to regain your soul, banish the creatures who stole it and restore peace to the kingdom. To do this you must travel from the world of Gladstone through portals to five different worlds, each one with its own challenges and surprises. For news and information, contact Westwood at 702/228-4040 or visit http://www.westwood.com. -------------------------------------------------- Retailers Censor Interplay Title According to Interplay Productions division Tribal Dreams, some retailers are refusing to stock the forthcoming computer adventure title, Of Light and Darkness-The Prophecy, because they feel the box cover art is too provocative and unrelated to the game itself. The box art, an original work of artist Gil Bruvel, portrays Angel Gemini, one of the main characters, huddled in a tucked position, as if she were hiding. "Bruvel's artwork is collected throughout the world. It is unfortunate that in this day and age, someone would try to censor fine art," said Robert Bane, co-owner of Los Angeles-based Tamara Bane Gallery, where Bruvel's artwork is currently on display. The 3D world in Of Light and Darkness was created by Bruvel and stars James Woods as the voice of Gar Hob - Dark Lord of the Seventh Millennium and Lolita Davidovich as Angel Gemini. Of Light and Darkness is a real-time adventure game. Its story takes its inspiration from apocalyptic prophecies concerning the coming Millennium. The objective of the game is to redeem the infamous apparitions, which include Elvis, Ivan the Terrible and Caligula, in order to rescue Angel from the Dark Isle and stop Gar Hob from plunging the world into 1,000 years of darkness. The title will be released this spring. More information on Interplay is available at http://www.interplay.com. -------------------------------------------------- Activision Launches Pitfall 3D Contest Activision is offering gamers the chance to participate in an online promotion where they will have the chance to win prizes such as a Sony PlayStation and an autographed copy of Pitfall 3D:Beyond the Jungle. To participate in the contest, gamers must visit http://www.activision.com/games/action/pitfall3d/contest.html and locate Pitfall Harry, who has been rumored to be wandering throughout Activision's Web pages. Players must find clues that will help them answer four trivia questions specifically related to Pitfall 3D. Those participants who correctly answer the questions will be entered into a random prize drawing for a chance to win a Sony Playstation and a copy of Pitfall 3D signed by members of the Pitfall 3D team. In addition to the grand prize, Activision is also giving away five InterAct Barracuda Control Pads, ten official Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle Strategy Guides from BradyGames, and fifty Pitfall 3D posters. Contest entries will be accepted through March 30, 1998. --------------------------------------------------


Austin to Host IGDN GameDev, SXSW Conferences On Saturday, March 14, IGDN will host a conference on game development at the Joe Thompson Conference Center, University of Texas at Austin. Attendance will be limited to 500 persons Each of seven conference tracks will have four individual sessions by different speakers: · Getting into Game Development · Game Design · Game Programming · Game Artwork · Game Music and Sound · Game Production and Business Issues · Sponsored Commercial Presentations There will also be roundtables on gender neutral gaming, design and online gaming. Get more information and register at http://www.igdn.org. IGDN is cooperating with the South by Southwest Interactive Festival being held in Austin March 14-17. The event is for Web developers, multimedia producers, game designers, and those who follow the business of new technology. After an Open House showcasing Austin businesses involved in new media production, attendees partake of three days of panel discussions and networking, plus a three-day trade show. For more information on the SXSW Interactive Festival, refer to http://www.sxsw.com. --------------------------------------------------


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