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Today's Headlines (details below)

--mBED Interactor 1.1 Supports Dynamic HTML

--Steinberg Reincarnates Classic Analog Synths in Software

--ro design Debuts Showboat for BeOS

--Net Perceptions Offers Open Profiling Standard-Ready Product

--NetMetrics Launches Web Previewer

--QUALCOMM Introduces Eudora Productivity Toolkit

--Excite Offers Free Email

--Lincoln Beach Download Butler Tracks Software Downloads

--MetaCreations Ships Ray Dream Studio 5

--Ulead Systems Ships MediaStudio Pro 5.0

--LinoColor Reduces Price on JADE Scanner

--Video-Based Site Showcases Independent Films

--Good Vs. Evil - The Great Experiment

--Classifieds2000, REALTOR.COM to Deliver Real Estate Info

--GII Awards Announces Call for Entries

--Charles River Issues Java Graphics, Mac 3D Books

--McGraw-Hill Offers MMX Book by Intel

--Peachpit Publishes Graphics, Web Books

--Interplay OEM Links with Engage Games Online

--TEN Announces Australian Licensing Agreement

--Psygnosis Releases Racing Games

--The Virtual Voice: Expressing Your Vision Online

--CNET Web Developer Conference Set for Big Easy

--About Spectrum



mBED Interactor 1.1 Supports Dynamic HTML

mBED Software last week announced mBED Interactor 1.1, a new version of the company's Web-centric multimedia authoring tool that provides support for Dynamic HTML, an open standards-based technology for transforming static Web pages into graphical, interactive content. Beta software of mBED Interactor 1.1 for Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT and Apple Macintosh is now available from mBED Software's Web site (http://www.mbed.com). The final version, which will support Dynamic HTML implementations in both Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, is expected to begin shipping this fall.

mBED Interactor 1.1 for Windows and Macintosh will list for $249. mBED Interactor 1.0 users will receive a free upgrade to mBED Interactor 1.1.

mBED plans to begin shipping the product later this fall for Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 and Macintosh.




Steinberg Reincarnates Classic Analog Synths in Software

Steinberg announces the release of the $199 ReBirth RB-338 Techno Micro Composer, a software application for both the Apple Macintosh and Windows computers that uses physical modeling to emulate two 303's and one 808. No MIDI, external synthesizers, samplers or special cards are required.

Rebirth's demo version is said to have become that hottest music creation tool in the techno and dance music scenes both in Europe and the States.

Rebirth is now available at Steinberg dealers worldwide.

Rebirth was developed by a group of Swedish developers called Propellerheads. Instead of samples, which play back static sounds, Rebirth employs physical modeling to emulate the sound of the oscillators, filters, resonance envelope mod, decay and accent. The feel of the onboard sequencer via step recording and patterns is also modeled, reportedly giving a timing and feel not possible with MIDI. The user interface replicates the original hardware.

The user has automation of all computer movements and real-time effects such as distortion and delay.

Rebirth allows the user to create up to 32 patterns (1-bar phrases) per song, record parameter changes into the song, and save the results to disk.

ReBirth outputs 16-bit, 44.1 kHz stereo audio that can be saved as AIFF or .WAV files. Patterns and songs synchronize with other applications via MIDIclock. ReBirth supports OMS and future versions will feature a direct link to Cubase VST. Currently in sync mode, the output signal of ReBirth can be assigned to appear on two channels of the VST mixer for automated mixing.



ro design Debuts Showboat for BeOS

ro design announces its first product - Showboat - a new media presentation package for BeOS, Silicon Graphics Irix and Windows 95/NT 4.0. Showboat combines special effects, said to be normally found only in high-end 3D drawing and animation programs, with Baroque, ro design's new user interface technology. The application allows users to create shows and presentations, both on-screen and online, by combining text, graphics, multimedia, animations, and special effects.

The Baroque library is written to take advantage of the low-level technologies and OS services that are unique to each platform. This includes, but is not limited to, utilizing hardware acceleration that may be present at run-time. It was inspired by and designed on the BeOS from Be, Inc.

Showboat will be available by the end of August for BeOS. Silicon Graphics IRIX and Windows 95/NT4.0 versions will follow in a couple of months.

Showboat and Baroque will be on display in the Be, Inc. booth at the upcoming MACWORLD Expo/Boston 1997 being held at the Bayside Expo and World Trade Center, August 6-8, 1997.

Screenshots of Showboat can be seen at http://www.rodesign.com




Net Perceptions Offers Open Profiling Standard-Ready Product

Net Perceptions has launched what it claims is the first Open Profiling Standard (OPS)-ready product: the GroupLens Recommendation Engine 2.1.

Under OPS, the user's profile is stored on his or her personal computer or on a local or global directory. When the user visits Web sites that support OPS, that Web site may request access to the information in the user's profile. The user will then specify what the Web site is allowed to do with the information, who is allowed to have their profile information and how much information they are allowed to have, as well as what can be done with the information.

The GroupLens Recommendation Engine 2.1 reportedly allows online businesses to deliver relevant content to each user based on both explicit and implicit customer feedback. GroupLens learns more and more about each customer over time, enabling Web sites to build brand awareness, increase sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

Net Perceptions has also formed a strategic partnership with VeriSign, Inc.

that allows authenticated Digital IDs to be recognized by the GroupLens Recommendation Engine. OPS, a W3C proposal designed to be the framework of personalization and privacy on the Web, is supported by more than 100 companies.

GroupLens Recommendation Engine 2.1, available immediately, will be provided free to current Net Perceptions customers. The GroupLens Recommendation Engine supports a variety of databases and runs on the following platforms--Sun Solaris 2.5 and SGI Irix 6.4. A Windows NT beta version is currently available.

Net Perceptions can be reached by calling 1-800-466-0711 or at http://www.netperceptions.com



NetMetrics Launches Web Previewer

NetMetrics Corporation has released WebTurbo, a "Web previewer" that works within Netscape and Microsoft browsers, responding to users' queries by returning surf-able summaries, or "previews," of Web pages in an intuitive outline format. Users can then scan the previews to find and organize information from the Web. Previews appear beside Web pages, allowing users to browse at the preview level and the page level at the same time.

WebTurbo is available free at www.Webturbo.com.

"Search engines are great at returning every document that contains your string of text, but you've still got to go slowly through each one and determine what's relevant to you. Agents are a great idea but they're not ready yet. What's needed is tool that lets people quickly determine what's useful to them ... " said Yaser Rehem, CEO and co-founder of NetMetrics Corp.

Developed in partnership with Cambridge-based Sapient Corporation, WebTurbo gets its speed from NetMetrics' proprietary hypersketch technology, said to automatically generate and rapidly deliver meaningful previews of all pages on the Web.

Features include:

· preview Web content

· query multiple search engines simultaneously

· search and browse at the same time

· search multiple topics simultaneously

· organize and save search results and previews by topic

The Windows-based WebTurbo is available free at http://www.Webturbo.com .

NetMetrics generates revenue by selling targeted ads that appear in a small window in WebTurbo.



QUALCOMM Introduces Eudora Productivity Toolkit

QUALCOMM Incorporated last week introduced the Eudora Productivity Toolkit software, touted as an integrated package of solutions for email's four key challenges:

· Security -PGP for Personal Privacy, Version 5.0 (DSS/Diffie Hellman) lets users encrypt, decrypt and digitally sign messages and attachments, including text, spreadsheets, word processing documents, voice and video files. It can also be used for encrypting and digitally signing documents or files on a desktop.

· Viruses -McAfee VirusScan 3.0 - OEM Internet Version continuously monitors Eudora email attachments and all other systems files, alerts users when viruses are found and automatically removes viruses from infected files.

· Attachment viewing -Verity KeyView 5.1 Plug-in for Eudora lets users view and print attachments created with popular software applications, with support for more than 25 file formats (available on the Windows platform only).

· Compression -Aladdin Systems StuffIt 4.0 Plug-in for Eudora compresses attachment files for shorter transmission time and the StuffIt Expander Plug-in for Eudora allows you to decompress a compressed archive files.

Users can interchange files among Macintosh, PC and UNIX systems.

The Eudora Productivity Toolkit package is included with the latest version of Eudora Pro, v3.0.3 ($89) for Windows and v 3.1.1 for Macintosh.

For more information, visit < http://www.eudora.com/ >.




Excite Offers Free Email

Excite, Inc. recently introduced MailExcite, a free Web-based email service now available at http://www.excite.com

Accessible through any computer connected to the Internet, MailExcite allows users to:

* check email from any computer using any Web browser * have one email address for life (even if a user changes locations, ISPs or browsers)

* incorporate animated messages, URLs, HTML and GIFs directly into email messages

MailExcite is an HTML-based technology licensed from WhoWhere, an online global communications guide of people and businesses. The service is supported by advertising banners at the top of each MailExcite page, and by a one-sentence tag line attached to the end of all MailExcite messages.



Lincoln Beach Download Butler Tracks Software Downloads

Now available from Lincoln Beach Software is the $29 Download Butler, a new Windows utility that provides a means of collecting and categorizing downloaded files as they are received.

The software works with IE, Netscape and all other browsers. Downloads are captured in a tabbed notebook that organize files by name, file description, Web Site URL and other pertinent information.

Download Butler's built-in decompression utility allows the user to open and extract archived files to specified locations, as well as automatically starting installation programs. It can also store any file and automatically recognize associated programs (e.g., it can launch Notepad whenever the user wishes to view a TXT file).

For more information, phone (314) 861-1500, visit http://www.lincolnbeach.com or send mailto:info@lincolnbeach.com





MetaCreations Ships Ray Dream Studio 5

Now shipping from Carpinteria, Calif.-based MetaCreations Corporation is Ray Dream Studio 5 for Power Macintosh and Windows 95/NT.

New to version 5 is the Mesh Form Modeler, a vertex-level modeler designed to provide precise control over the contour and appearance of models. The "sphere of attraction" tool deforms model surfaces through pushing and pulling actions. Boolean operations let artists add or subtract geometric pieces. New volumetric and particle-based primitives like fire, fog, clouds and fountains create visual special effects.

Ray Dream Studio 5 integrates ThinkFish's LiveStyles rendering technology as the "Natural-Media" renderer, giving 3D artwork traditional 2D looks, substituting hand-drawn styles for photorealism. Images and animations rendered thusly can resemble cartoons, paintings or sketches, depending on the style chosen. Also shipping in Ray Dream Studio 5 are visible lights, depth-of-field, lens flare and star filters. The new adaptive renderer allows users to specify render settings and effects on an object-by-object basis. Interoperability with other MetaCreations products has been enhanced with support for Painter's native RIFF format. Ray Dream Studio 5 also supports VRML 2 export.

Physically based behaviors allow users to generate realistic animation based on physics, incorporating factors like gravity, velocity, friction and accurate collision detection.

Ray Dream Studio supports hardware acceleration through Direct3D (Windows) and QuickDraw 3D (Macintosh), and symmetric multi-processing (SMP) on both Macintosh and Windows.

Call (800) 846-0111 for more information, or visit http://www.metacreations.com



Ulead Systems Ships MediaStudio Pro 5.0

Torrance, Calif.-based Ulead Systems is shipping MediaStudio Pro 5.0, the fifth generation of its non-linear video editing solution for Windows NT and Windows 95.

New Smart Render technology for "changes only" rendering, and support for Intel MMX, Microsoft ActiveMovie, Direct3D and hardware acceleration have reportedly improved rendering and previewing speeds. Output quality is said to have been improved with the inclusion of a vectorscope and waveform monitor that ensure optimum color fidelity for video capture, and complete keyframe controls for customizing compression, effects and transitions.

Creativity tools include a dedicated rotoscoping program, Video Paint, and a character generator, CG Infinity.

Support for MCI and V-LAN controllable devices allows users to directly control their video decks and perform batch captures. In addition, users can load a Video Editor project file, then recapture the source video at a higher resolution based on their project edits. Users can batch capture and work with low resolution files, then, when ready, recapture at a much higher resolution.

New overlay key types include Blue Screen, keyframe controls, a customizable data rate analysis graph and over 160 transitions and video filters. Several new 3D transitions, such as flying cubes and fold-aways, are designed to work with Microsoft's Direct3D drivers.

The vector-based CG Infinity character generator lets users create text and objects using a variety of text and path-based tools. The

MediaStudio Pro 5.0 is now shipping at SRP US$595.00. For more information, contact Ulead Systems at 1-800-858-5323 or visit http://www.ulead.com



LinoColor Reduces Price on JADE Scanner

LinoColor's JADE scanner is now available at a new reduced price of $499 suggested list, down from $795. Macintosh- and PC-compatible JADE is LinoColor's entry-level desktop scanner and includes Photoshop LE 4.0 as well as the company's LinoColor VisuaLab EZ software. LinoColor. The product features 600 x 1200 dpi resolution (interpolated to 3600 x 3600 dpi) and one-pass scanning

JADE can scan reflective art, transparencies (with the optional transparency attachment), color, black/white, contone, line art, positives and negatives.

For more info, phone 516.434.2000; toll-free 1.888.LINOCOLOR (546-6265); fax 516.434.2706; mailto:info@linocolor.com ; http://www.linocolor.com





Video-Based Site Showcases Independent Films

VDO-Indies, a Web site designed to showcase the work of independent film producers, and to bring them together with potential investors and film distributors, was launched last week by VDOnet Corporation. The new site directs investors and distributors to information about independent movie companies, the films they are planning and those in production. Previews of films can be viewed over the Internet using VDOLive technology.

The VDO-Indies site ( http://www.vdoindies.com ) initially aggregates the content from four VDOLive-enhanced independent film sites. It features a search engine that enables investors and distributors to search for films to invest in or distribute. The sites already participating include WebCinema ( http://www.webcinema.org ), Film Break ( http://www.filmbreak.com ), VideoDome ( http://movies.videodome.com ), and D.FILM ( http://www.dfilm.com ). Additional independent film sites are expected to be included later this summer.



Good Vs. Evil - The Great Experiment

What do people really want? Good news or bad news? Would people rather read about intelligence, generosity and perseverance, or corruption, dishonesty, vice and sheer stupidity? A new Web site, good vs evil ( http://www.goodvsevil.org ), is conducting a unique experiment to find out.

In order to find out, the non-profit Athens Institute has brought together the Positive Press (http://www.PositivePress.com), a site that provides a daily digest of upbeat, inspirational news, and Daily Outrage (http://www.DailyOutrage.com) a site that helps your blood reach a boil by cataloguing daily examples of corruption, greed, and irrationality.

Positive Press is produced by the Athens Institute; Daily Outrage is produced by Struan Communications.

A voting booth is provided so that the Athens Institute can learn what people really want by tabulating and comparing the number of people who chose positive and negative news.



Classifieds2000, REALTOR.COM to Deliver Real Estate Info

Classifieds2000 Inc. ( http://www.classifieds2000.com/ ), a network of classified advertising content and distribution on the Internet, and the REALTOR.COM ( http://www.realtor.com/ ) real estate site have announced a strategic partnership agreement to distribute REALTOR.COM's real estate listings throughout the Classifieds2000 Network.

The agreement provides REALTOR.COM with Web distribution for its database of residential real estate listings through more than 80 Internet-destination, content and entertainment sites affiliated with the Classifieds2000 Network. With more than 839,000 properties for sale, REALTOR.COM is said to be the Web's most comprehensive online resource for consumers looking to purchase a home.

With REALTOR.COM, potential home buyers can choose not only basics such as location, price or number of bedrooms but may also specify additional criteria such as lot size, square footage, types of view and other features. Once they narrow their search, users can view home photos and comprehensive information about the property.





GII Awards Announces Call for Entries

The Global Information Infrastructure (GII Awards), formerly the National Information Infrastructure Awards, announces the third annual call for entries, which continues through August 15. The awards program, an initiative of SOFTBANK forums, recognizes new models and best practices in the use of the Internet and network technology. New awards categories for this year are Netpreneur; Promise, which honors uses of the infrastructure by volunteers, or in support of volunteerism, to benefit young people; and Commerce. Continuing categories are Arts & Entertainment, Children, Community, Education, Health, Government, Next Generation and Public Access.

For more information, visit http://www.gii.com, or send mailto:info@gii.com



Charles River Issues Java Graphics, Mac 3D Books

Craig Lyn is perhaps the foremost authority on Macintosh 3D graphics, writing-wise, and publisher Charles River Media has just released the second edition of his Macintosh 3D Handbook ($49.95, ISBN 1-886801-63-0).

Section titles include What is 3D?, Choosing the Right Hardware and Software, Storyboarding (a vital, but oft-neglected step), The Modeling Process, Materials and Texture Mapping, and many more. New in this edition are a section on QuickTime VR, tutorials covering multi-pass rendering and special effects, After Effects post-production files and Electric Image project files on the CD-ROM, plus demo versions of both programs, and benchmark results for multi-processing machines.

Also just out from Charles River is Graphics Programming with Java ($44.95, ISBN 1-886801-62-2). Written by Roger T. Stevens, the book's 348 pages include a concise Java overview; explanation of how to install and use JDK 1.1.1; details of the differences between Java applications and applets; tutorials on defining colors, displaying text in windows, and plotting points, lines, rectangles and draw/fill polygons; and detailed chapters on parametric cubic curves and vectors and matrices. The CD-ROM provides Windows users with the JDK, JavaDoc, JavaBook (including programs, color images and text files), GIFconstructor for creating GIF files and the Graphics Workshop shareware programs from Alchemy Mindworks, and a shareware copy of WinEdit.

Contact the publisher at http://www.charlesriver.com



McGraw-Hill Offers MMX Book by Intel

The biggest technical advance in multimedia hardware this year was Intel's MMX architecture, introduced by the silicon behemoth in January and quickly adopted by its rivals. The new instruction set, now being built into every microprocessor, uses SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) processing to accelerate graphics applications and games, running in both two dimensions and three. If you're programming such applications, it behooves you to understand MMX's underlying principles, which you can do conveniently by studying The Complete Guide to MMX Technology ($59.95, McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0-07-006192-0), apparently written by robots at Intel (no author credits are given). In 315 pages, the trade paperback offers:

· a complete overview of MMX technology, including design considerations, architecture guidelines, data types and instructions

· a discussion of such compatibility features as aliasing, OS system invisibility and exception structure

· a description of the new instruction set, with code examples and programming utilities on the accompanying CD-ROM

· coding samples, optimization guidelines, and techniques for writing MMX code in the IA-32 environment

Contact the publisher online at http://www.computing.mcgraw-hill.com



Peachpit Publishes Graphics, Web Books

Berkeley's Peachpit Press is no slouch when it comes to how-to books for the coolest programs around. First, we have the second edition of Kai's Power Tools 3: An Illustrated Guide ($39.95, ISBN 0-201-68809-3) by Nick Clarke, director of the Multi-Media Centre and Network at the UK's Manchester Metro University. New features in the full-color 152-page book include revised step-by-step tutorials on all of MetaCreations' KPT package's great mini-applications; examples of KPT in action within multimedia programs like Macromedia Director; and coverage of all the KPT filters. New on the cross-platform CD-ROM are sample graphics, demo software, links to MetaCreations and KPT Web pages, tutorial resources and more.

Next, in the affordable, but CD-less, Visual Quickstart Guide (VQG) series, Peachpit offers books on Macromedia Director 6, Adobe Photoshop 4 and Microsoft FrontPage 97, all three offering a surprisingly large amount of information and tutorials, despite their relatively small sizes. We looked at the Windows versions, but we assume the Mac versions are similar (except for the latter title, which is Windows-only). Andre Persidsky's Director VQG ($18.95, ISBN 0-201-68896-4) covers cast management, sprite animation control panel usage, scene transitions and interactivity through Lingo. The Photoshop VQG ($19.95, ISBN 0-201-68842-5), by Elaine Weimann and Peter Lourekas, takes advantage of version 4's streamlined procedures by adding copious quantities of new tips and suggestions, plus larger illustrations, including a new and expanded color section with professional imagery.

Chapters cover layers, lights and darks, color choosing, masks and layers, filters, actions and Web & multimedia. And for Windows-based Web authors, Phyllis Davis' FrontPage 97 VQG ($17.95, ISBN 0-201-69628-2), covers working with text _and_ fun with text (and graphics), adding sound and videos, tables, using frames, Web site administration, and adding WebBots to your pages.

If you want to know how top Web designers create their catchy pages, look no further than Elements of Web Design ($39.95, ISBN 0-201-88594-8) by Darcy DiNucci with Maria Giudice and Lynn Stiles. Here you'll find tips on team building; plain-English descriptions of HTML, CGI, Java and other buzzwords of Web design; instruction on structuring a successful and flexible Web site; creating multimedia with ActiveX, Shockwave and other tools; and ideas on why and how to incorporate interactivity. There's no CD-ROM, but there are lots of informative charts and great-looking color illustrations in this 205-page wide-format trade paperback.

Finally, for designers using Director to create Web-based applications, Shocking the Web ($44.95, ISBN 0-201-88662-6) by Cathy Clarke, Lee Swearingen and David K. Anderson offers a guide to Macromedia's Shockwave technology. Topics covered include Web and Internet multimedia basics; Shockwave tools, design and application; Shockwave Lingo commands; streaming Shockwave audio and related Lingo; case studies with step-by-step instructions and design techniques; and gallery of developer examples with more real-world techniques. The CD-ROM provides source files for the case studies and developer examples, tutorials, PowerApplets, software demos, freebies, clipmedia and more. And to keep you updated, the book also offers a companion Web site.

Find Peachpit on the Web at, you guessed it, http://www.peachpit.com




Interplay OEM Links with Engage Games Online

In an alliance said to be unique to the online multi-player gaming industry, Interplay OEM, Inc. recently signed an agreement with ENGAGE games online, a games-only online service represented to the computer-hardware manufacturing community. The agreement allows ENGAGE to continue its international expansion while Interplay OEM, Inc. grows the customer base as a value-added software accessory for hardware bundles. The agreement calls for Interplay OEM, Inc. to exclusively represent ENGAGE to hardware manufacturers into the U.S., European, Australian and Asian markets.

Interplay OEM, Inc., which represents entertainment software publisher's wares to computer-hardware manufacturers, will bundle the ENGAGE front-end software which is necessary to access and log-on to the ENGAGE games domain. The front-end software will be enhanced to meet hardware manufacturer's specifications and will include five free hours of ENGAGE games online.

Interplay OEM can be accessed on-line at http://www.ipoem.com



TEN Announces Australian Licensing Agreement

San Francisco's Total Entertainment Network (TEN), a multiplayer online gaming service, has introduced TEN in Australia, via the Multiplay Australian online gaming service. Under the agreement, Multiplay, which debuted in June, 1996 under the name QZone, will be the exclusive provider of the TEN service in Australia. In exchange for rights to offer TEN's online game service and lineup of PC games, Multiplay Online Pty Ltd. will pay TEN an undisclosed sum, as well as ongoing royalties based on usage fees.

With nearly two million PCs connected to the Internet, Australia is said to have the second highest Internet usage outside of North America. TEN will work with Multiplay engineers to facilitate the localization and integration of the TEN service; TEN will receive development fees in return. This is the first of several international partnerships TEN plans to finalize in 1997.

As part of the agreement, Multiplay is purchasing Sun servers to support TEN-based games; these servers will be optimized by TEN engineers and then shipped to Australia. In addition, Multiplay engineers and technicians will travel to TEN's facilities for customer service, quality assurance, and operations training. TEN's proprietary latency-reducing technologies, D.A.R.T. and B.U.L.L.E.T., as well as other in-house development tools, will be made available to Multiplay.




Psygnosis Releases Racing Games

Just out from longtime British/American game publisher Psygnosis are two of the first Direct3D games for aficionados of fast driving. Signifying the company's belief in the impending universality of these cards, both titles _require_ 3D hardware acceleration. Formula 1 offers gamers who have 3Dfx and Rendition Verite boards direct install capability, and we can vouch for the fact that it looks and plays great on the Diamond Monster 3D, a 3Dfx card, even on our molasses-like P90. Wipeout XL, originally released for Sony PlayStation, supports 3Dfx cards through D3D, and NEC/Videologic PowerVR 3D technology through direct install. Audio enhancements include Dolby Surround and Q-Sound support in Wipeout's techno soundtrack and Formula 1's ambient sound and engine noise. The latter title, developed by Liverpool's Bizarre Creations, includes all 13 Constructor teams, 35 drivers and 17 race tracks from the 1995/96 Formula 1 racing season.

Wipeout, created in-house at Psygnosis, offers fast-paced hovercraft racing as gamers vie for a chance to gain the title of Phantom class player.

In an interesting techie side-note, Psygnosis states that it believes OpenGL will soon catch up with D3D for hardware games acceleration, and intends to support both standards in the near future. Contact the company at http://www.psygnosis.com





The Virtual Voice: Expressing Your Vision Online

Writer/editor Jackie Dove invites you to attend her all-day Internet writing/editing/design workshop entitled, The Virtual Voice: Expressing Your Vision Online, at the University of California Extension, Santa Cruz.

There are still some openings left for the August 9th session.

This one-day, hands-on workshop is designed for technical writers, marketing professionals, programmers, Web site managers, and others who want to break out of corporate writing and explore their own editorial aesthetic in cyberspace. It demonstrates research resources, design techniques and writing techniques appropriate for the online environment.

The first half of the day encompasses online-assisted lecture, demonstration, simulation, and group discussion of writing and research methods. The second half of the day is hands on the computer to implement the vision of class participants.

When: Saturday, August 9, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: University of California Extension Santa Cruz, 3120 De La Cruz Boulevard, Santa Clara

Room: The Mac lab

Fee: $225

For more information call: 408/342-0232



CNET Web Developer Conference Set for Big Easy

CNET: The Computer Network will present WEB.BUILDER NEW ORLEANS, a conference dedicated to second-wave Internet technologies, products and applications. The conference will take place October 13-15. Information on the conference and online registration details are available at http://Web.builder.com

The program consists of three major tracks:

· Design Track: Explores Web design, layout and publishing, with a focus on advanced HTML, cross-platform and browser functionality, animation techniques, multimedia options and bandwidth-conservation.

· Develop Track: Covers scripting languages, programming and site management, concentrating on JavaScript, Java, CGI, VRML and Java 3D models, as well as other programming-oriented, database and server management solutions.

· Dream Track: Examines the current social issues affecting the Internet, including privacy, intellectual property and internationalization, and future possibilities in Web development, design and technology. The Dream Track is highlighted by "innovative" session formats, including brainstorming sessions and town meetings.




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