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Today's Headlines (details below)

--Photoshop Plug-in Extends Web-Safe Color Palette

--Motion Works Releases Windows CameraMan

--MacSourcery Releases Macintosh Audio Batch Processor

--DPAS Releases Online Registration Product

--CodeNIC Registry Offers .usa Domain Names

--Web Site Database Tool Includes Shopping Cart Facilities

--PointCast to Incorporate Shockwave Flash Format

--ichat Releases Pager App

--MetaCreations Ships Infini-D 4.0 for Power Mac

--Symmetric Ships High-Performance 2D/3D Graphics Board

--Criterion ships RenderWare V2.1

--IRSC Uses Web to Help Children with Disabilities

--O'Reilly Releases Digital Java Reference Library

--Report Says Web Serial Sites Charge Highest Ad Rate

--Site Helps Writers Get Published on the Internet

--Live Picture Acquires OLiVR

--Game of the Week: Twinsen's Odyssey

--Access Updates Golf Classic

--Valve Acquires Level Editor, Adds Morris, Laidlaw to Development Team

--Interplay Restructures Development

--Radnet Hires Lotus' May to Lead Partner Program

--NBMA Internet SIG to Present JDK

--About Spectrum



Photoshop Plug-in Extends Web-Safe Color Palette

San Mateo, Calif.-based RDG Tools announces DitherBox 1.0, a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop designed to let Web site designers to increase the number of cross-platform colors that will display on the Web without dithering.

The Macintosh version of DitherBox 1.0 is available immediately and can be purchased via a secured Internet server at http://www.ditherbox.com

DitherBox uses a proprietary system to create "hybrid colors," which are created by blending single pixels of Web-safe colors. For example, a purple hybrid color can be created by alternating single Web-safe red and blue pixels. Even though there are no purple pixels, the viewer's eye sees purple. And, even though the purple is not in the palette, it will not dither unpredictably because it is composed of colors that are in the Web-safe palette. Users can fill and paint with hybrid colors just as they do with solid colors.

In addition to working with the 216-color Web-safe palette, users can load any custom 8-bit palette into DitherBox, making the product suitable for Java developers and CD-ROM publishers who are also restricted by limited color choices.

The three main features of DitherBox are:

· Automatic Color Translation - A way to convert RGB colors, including Pantone color equivalents, into Web-safe hybrid colors.

· Real-time Experimentation - Enables users to create and manually adjust hybrid colors. The results are displayed immediately in a preview window.

Users can combine up to 64 colors in an 8x8 grid to significantly expand their color options.

· Color Collections - Hybrid colors can be saved in reusable libraries called Collections, which can be named, edited and shared among users. For example, one member of a Web site design team could create a Collection called "Our Site's Colors" and distribute the Collection to other members of the team.

A free trial version of the product is also available from the DitherBox site.




Motion Works Releases Windows CameraMan

Vancouver, B.C.-based Motion Works Group Limited, a digital technology and interactive multimedia company, announced the release of CameraMan Version 3.0 for Windows 95 & Windows NT 4.0.

Designed for software developers, educators and trainers who produce tutorials, customized training demos, presentations, Internet movies and online support files, CameraMan makes simultaneous recordings of screen activity, system sounds and voice-overs. It captures all action that takes place on the user's screen including pull-down menus, dialogue boxes, still screens and animations, video, and game sequences. Recordings can be saved as AVI movies or bitmaps and can be played back by any Video for Windows applications, including Internet Explorer, Macromedia Director, Adobe Premiere, and Microsoft PowerPoint. CameraMan's editor imports graphics, movie files, sound and music clips, and can cut, copy and paste graphics, movies, and sound segments, record sound tracks, and synchronize them all to precise points within a movie.

Rewritten for 32-bit architecture, CameraMan's performance has been optimized for Windows multi-threaded capabilities. Enhancements include: support for 8, 16 and 24-bit color depth; compatibility with Win 95 & Win NT 4.0; an improved user interface; faster and more efficient screen recording capabilities; dynamic multi-frame video display capabilities; audio wave form display capabilities; and improved compatibility with a variety of Windows hardware and software products.

Available for download and purchase from http://www.mwg.com , CameraMan Windows version 3.0 retails for US $69.95, with registered user upgrades available for US $25.00.




MacSourcery Releases Macintosh Audio Batch Processor

MacSourcery has released BarbaBatch, a batch audio processor designed to automate digital audio processing functions. Developed by Netherlands-based Audio Ease, the product is used for the batch conversion of audio files between different sample rates, word lengths and file formats. Hand tuned for the PowerPC, BarbaBatch can also utilize any ProTools II and Audio Media II cards on 68K Macs.

Features include:

· Conversion to and from 8 and 16 bit linear PCM, 4 bits ADPCM and 8 bit µ-law data.

· Optional dithering whenever appropriate

· User definable file types and creator IDs

· Normalizing to a user-editable ceiling in dBs.

· Look Ahead Peak Limiter, with adjustable amplification and limit level.

· Noise Gating with adjustable time, threshold and attenuation.

· Adjustable fade-in and fade-out with variable fade time.

Convenient utility programs assist organization of large-scale projects.

BarbaBatch also includes four utility programs for processing a large number of files:

· NameIt, a batch file renamer, automates tasks such as adding suffixes (e.g ".WAV") or shortening file names to the Windows 8.3 format.

· MoveIt moves files that are listed in a textfile from one folder to another.

· For one-step application of a filter to groups of files using Sound Designer, JoinIt merges a set of files into a single file with region definitions matching the input files

· After processing. BarbaBatch can then "extract" them into their original separate files. A related utility, AffixIt, automatically renames Sound Designer ll file regions.

BarbaBatch 2.0 carries a retail list price of $495 and is available directly from MacSourcery at <http://www.macsourcery.com>, mailto:sales@macsourcery.com or at 800-622-7723. (760) 747-5995 (outside the U.S)



DPAS Releases Online Registration Product

CyberReg is a Windows 95 and NT software product that sits on top of InstallShield to integrate with software installation. During the software installation process, CyberReg brings end users to the software publisher's Web site for product registration, automatic software updates and communications with customers.

The CyberReg package is priced at $299.00. For each additional product line that's being registered, additional licenses are $199.00.

For more information, visit <http://www.cyberreg.com/> or call 1-800-350-3727.





CodeNIC Registry Offers .usa Domain Names

Colorado Springs-based Code:NET, Inc. has launched its new CodeNIC Internet Domain Name Registry as an alternative to the InterNIC, which currently assigns all .com, .net, and .org Internet domain names. CodeNIC has acquired the exclusive right to register domain names under the .usa.to domain.

The cost to register an Internet domain name is $36.00 a year with CodeNIC, compared to InterNIC's $100.00 fee for the first two years for one of their domain names.

Many alternative domain name registries require users to use a special modified DNS server, limiting the ability of most users to access those Web sites. Web sites using CodeNIC domain names can be accessed from anywhere in the world using existing DNS servers.

For more information, contact Aaron Brewster at (719) 477-1700; mailto:webmaster@codenet.net



Web Site Database Tool Includes Shopping Cart Facilities

iNETstore is a system for the development, deployment and maintenance of database driven Web sites for the Internet and intranets. It is designed to let the non-programmer to have an online shop or catalog up and running on the Internet within the hour with full search, filter, sort, shopping basket, ordering, and optional SSL security.

Support is available for multiple views, including Java view, VRML view, and it is compatible with MS Explore 3.0 and Netscape 2.0+.

The server is useable on both Windows 95 and NT 4.0 or above, hence providing a scalable solution and is freely available for ISPs.

Pricing is set at under $400 US. See the Web Site for further details http://www.globalhope.com/inetstore or send mailto:inetstore@globalhope.com




PointCast to Incorporate Shockwave Flash Format

Macromedia's Shockwave Flash will be supported in the PointCast 2.0 client.

PointCast will begin accepting Flash-enabled commercials in the fourth quarter.

PointCast advertisers will have the choice between using Director for more in-depth, interactive and scriptable advertisements or using Flash to deploy compact ads that rely on vector-based graphics. Because Flash is vector-based, PointCast advertisers will be able to convert current print creative pieces like logos and illustrations to PointCast commercials.

Additional information on Macromedia is available at http://www.macromedia.com

The PointCast Network can be downloaded at http://www.pointcast.com




ichat Releases Pager App

ichat, Inc., a supplier of 'Net-based communications software, has released its ichat Pager application. The ichat Pager allows people to locate and communicate with others instantly and initiate personal chat sessions.

Similar to conventional wireless paging devices, the ichat pager allows people to instantly contact each other and offers users sending and receiving options for customizing. The ichat Pager alerts users of an incoming page by displaying a dialogue box on their monitor. It can reportedly locate and notify any online user of an incoming page, irrespective of whether a browser or any other application is in use. In addition to providing the same features as conventional pagers, the ichat Pager can be used to initiate live chats, send audio and video files links and launch URLs.

The ichat Pager is available free at http://www.ichat.com. Once installed, the Pager operates in the background, displaying an ichat logo (the Winky) on the Windows95/NT and Macintosh OS toolbars.




MetaCreations Ships Infini-D 4.0 for Power Mac

MetaCreations Corporation has just released Infini-D 4.0 for Power Macintosh, reportedly designed for video professionals with "broadcast-quality" video integration and fast feedback. The new real-time preview over video shows how the animation will composite over background video and the audio track in the sequencer enables synchronizing animation events to audio a breeze. Updated rendering features include field rendering, non-square pixels and full NTSC/PAL color correction.

New special effects features include particle systems with real-time rendering and control over particle life span, color, emit rate, gravity and collision detection; volumetric lighting effects for visible light beams and customizable soft shadows; and deformation tools for 3D morphing effects such as Bulge, Bend, Twist, Taper, Shear and Wave.

Controls are now displayed in a new context-sensitive Command Floater.

Camera and spotlight positioning has been enhanced with visible field-of-view, targets and real-time manipulation. Overall wireframe rendering performance has been optimized, allowing real-time scene manipulation and animation previews.

The re-written scanline renderer is said to deliver enhanced image quality with MIP mapping and summation tables, enhanced anti-aliasing, true reflections in Phong shading and support for Adobe After Effects filters directly in the 3D environment.

Suggested retail price is US $899; the upgrade Price is US $199. The Windows 95/NT version is expected to become available before the end of 1997.

Find MetaCreations online at http://www.metacreations.com




Symmetric Ships High-Performance 2D/3D Graphics Board

Now available from Dallas-based Symmetric, Inc. (a subsidiary of STB Systems, Inc.) is the new GLyder/MX 2D/3D accelerator, based on the combination of the new GLINT MX graphics processor and the Delta geometry processor from 3Dlabs. The GLyder/MX comes with 16 or 32MB of VRAM/DRAM; it is capable of displaying up to 2048x2048 resolution and 1920x1080 HDTV resolution.

The GLyder family-- including the GLyder/MX

-- supports such 3D APIs as Silicon Graphics' OpenGL, Microsoft's Direct3D, Autodesk's HEIDI, and Apple's QuickDraw 3D. A Delta-enabled GLyder/MX reportedly offers an effective doubling of system performance in 3D-specific applications such as Softimage 3D, 3D Studio MAX, MicroStation, Pro/ENGINEER and the WorldToolkit and World Up VR development tools by Sense8.

The GLyder/MX is available immediately to OEMs, resellers and system integrators and the MSRP starts at $2,195 (8MB of 2D graphics memory and 8MB of Z-buffer memory). Interested vendors and customers should contact Symmetric directly at (972) 931-5999 for volume price information or visit the company's Web site at < http://www.symmetric.com >.

3D performance:

· 1M triangles/sec, 25 pixel, Gouraud, Z

· 33M pixels/sec, Gouraud, Z

· 2M vectors/sec, 10 pixel, Z

· 33M bilinear filtered, per-pixel MIP-mapped texture mapped pixels/sec

· 16.5 M trilinear filtered, per pixel MIP-mapped texture mapped pixels/sec

These are maximum figures for a single GLINT MX configuration and are based on OpenGL with the following settings; 24 bit RGB color pixels, 24 bit Z, 24 bit RGB texels, Window-clipped, stencilled, dithered, per-pixel perspective correction.



Criterion ships RenderWare V2.1

Guildford, UK-based Criterion Software recently announced the release of the RenderWare V2.1 API, which has been under development for the past 12 months.

New features include:

· 50 percent faster perspective-correct texture renderers

· optimizations for the Pentium Pro, MMX technology and the Pentium II processor

· support for Direct Draw is now built in.

· true RGB surface properties

· API access to Z buffer

· all devices now support two texture sizes.

· custom hardware drivers for maximum performance.

· generic Direct3D driver.

RenderWare V2.1 is priced at $995 for a personal license and $10,000 for a commercial license. Upgrades from version 2.0 are available from $120. For additional information, visit http://www.csl.com/RenderWare or send mailto:order@csl.com





IRSC Uses Web to Help Children with Disabilities

Estimates put the number of children with disabilities (physical, mental, or sensory impairment) in developed countries at over at 100 million.

Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC) uses the Web <http://www.irsc.org> to provide parents, educators, medical professionals, and caregivers with information regarding children with disabilities.

"I'm a father of a special child named Robert," said Julio Ciamarra, founder of IRSC. "I developed and maintain the IRSC to promote awareness and support of children with disabilities. Every disabled child has the right to receive special care and training--to help them achieve the greatest possible self-reliance, and to lead a full and active life in society."

The IRSC is dedicated to communicating information relating to the needs of children with disabilities on a global basis in order to:

-- Improve the environment for children with disabilities.

-- Create positive changes and enhance public awareness and knowledge of children with disabilities.

-- Act as a central starting point for information and resources.

The IRSC site includes a set of disability links, ranging from Adaptive Hardware & Software Computer Aids, Amputees, and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder to Seizure Disorders, Special Education, and Tourette Syndrome.





O'Reilly Releases Digital Java Reference Library

With the release of "Java in a Nutshell, Deluxe Edition," (650 pages, ISBN: 1-56592-304-9, $69.95) an integrated digital version of their Java 1.1 reference books, publisher O'Reilly & Associates offers Java programmers a new incarnation of the "online book."

The heart of the product is the Java Reference Library, a cross-platform CD-ROM that includes five volumes for Java 1.1 programmers:

· Exploring Java, 2nd Edition

· Java Language Reference, 2nd Edition

· Java Fundamental Classes Reference

· Java AWT Reference

· Java in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition

The "Deluxe Edition" also includes a printed copy of the recently released 2nd edition of "Java in a Nutshell."

The Java Reference Library, which was built with an HTML interface, is available on the Web as well as on CD-ROM. On both the Web and CD, the text is searchable and indexed across all five volumes.



Report Says Web Serial Sites Charge Highest Ad Rate

Focalink Communications, Inc., a provider of independent Web advertising management solutions, disclosed new statistics that show that Web serial sites, including mysteries, soap operas, "reality" shows and dramas, charge an average CPM of $250; more than six times the average Web gross ad rate for July 1997 of $39.53 CPM. The "what's new" category of sites, which provide subject-oriented listings of new and recommended sites, showed the largest increase in ad rates of 12 percent to an average CPM of $30.27, while the average ad rates of audio sites fell by 10 percent to $63.93 CPM.

Additionally, the number of "what's new" sites jumped by 20 percent, and the number of "site recommendation" sites, which recommend other sites according to subject orientation, increased 17 percent.

The July Online Advertising Report also found that average ad rates increased in five site categories, decreased in 19, and were unchanged in six site categories. The number of weather sites registered a 15 percent increase, and the number of entertainment sites experienced a 10 percent increase. No category recorded a decrease in number of sites.

For more information, call 1 (800) 286-6778 or visit http://www.marketmatch.com




Site Helps Writers Get Published on the Internet

Writers Write has created a free Web site to be a resource for getting published online.

Visitors to the site can:

--Search the database to find listings of online publications from around the world publishing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, journalism and screenplays with full submission guidelines

--Read The Write News, a daily news service highlighting news from the writing and publishing worlds

--Look for a writing-related job or, for employers, post a free job listing in The Write Jobs

--Learn a full system for tracking their writing submissions using Writers Write's Triple Tracking Method

--Explore links to research sites on the extensive Research Resources for Writers page

--Download free graphics for use in making their own Web pages

--Ask questions and join in the writing discussions on the eleven topical message boards

--Place a link to their own writer's homepages to showcase their original work

--Review lists of upcoming writer's conferences and writing contests

--Chat with other writers in chat rooms

--Peruse the listings of writers' groups and newsletters found on the net

Editors, publishers and agents visiting Writers Write can:

--Add their publication to the listing of online publications looking for submissions

--Solve their writing hiring needs by posting a job on the free job listing board

--Reserve the chat room in Virtual Places for forum discussions, or to showcase their own Web sites

The Internet Writing Journal will feature "how to" articles on writing and getting published, interviews with editors, publishers and agents, as well as editorials and columns on current topics in the writing and publishing world. The Internet Writing Journal will be launched on August 1, 1997, and will be available free online at http://writerswrite.com.




Live Picture Acquires OLiVR

The acquisition of OLiVR Corp. of Jerusalem, Israel by Live Picture Corp.

will reportedly provide instantly interactive images via compression and progressive rendering, optimize industry-standard streaming protocols, and bring visually compelling images to electronic commerce.

Live Picture claims it will enable visually realistic content that can be scripted, examined, fully navigated and rotated. The technology is also said to supply feedback on user interaction with specific Web pages and images, providing greater interactivity and valuable user profile and preference information.

FlashPix, an open standard file format developed by Live Picture in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, and Microsoft, lets users pan and zoom in on images without pixelation, and the Internet Imaging Protocol, co-developed by Live Picture, Hewlett-Packard, and Kodak, complements OLiVR's ability to deliver high-resolution images across networks.

The combined technologies will leverage existing streaming standards such as Progressive Network's Real Media Architecture (RMA) and Microsoft's NetShow.

OLiVR's components include:

· Progressive rendering: Enables user control of compression parameters that impact image quality at selected download stages.

· Streaming interactive media: Eliminates wait time by enabling instant interaction with FlashPix-based images during download.

· Compression: Allows higher compression ratios than JPEG without sacrificing the sharp, crisp quality required of high-resolution images.

· Server-side functionality: Provides advanced back-end database functionality, allowing real-time customization based on user preference and behavior.

Live Picture can be found on the Internet at http://www.livepicture.com





Game of the Week: Twinsen's Odyssey

For the second week in a row, a European developer wins Spectrum's coveted Game of the Week award. This time, it's French developer Adeline Software International, whose new title, Twinsen's Odyssey, is distributed in the USA by Activision. In this engaging follow-up to 1995's critically acclaimed Relentless: Little Big Adventure, we're reintroduced to topknotted hero Twinsen of the planet Twinsun. This time out, the little guy's task is to rescue the magicians and children of his homeworld, who are being kidnapped by Esmer aliens from the planet Zeelich in an attempt to destroy the planet.

Relentless' 3D graphics were among its most appealing features, and if anything, they're even more so in Twinsen's Odyssey. The entire multilevel world is three-dimensional, and the player, as Twinsen, can go anywhere.

The view is an overhead oblique one, and changes dynamically as the player manipulates Twinsen with the arrow and other keys. You can rotate the camera view to four different angles if you prefer, or center the camera on Twinsen.

The game is essentially an inventory-based graphics adventure with a substantial action element. What keeps things interesting is that Twinsen has four distinct behavior modes: normal, athletic, aggressive and discreet, each with different types of actions and consequences. For example, in athletic mode, Twinsen can run and jump, while aggressive mode lets him fight by punching and kicking. Usually you talk to other characters and examine/use objects in normal mode, but the other modes allow these actions as well. An example of the effective use of a particular mode presents itself early in the game, where you must retrieve a stolen umbrella from a foxy criminal, as you're warned, "Haste makes waste." Unless you sneak up on the character using discreet mode, he runs away.

Character interaction using animation, digitized voice and text captions is a particularly charming aspect of the game. The animations are clever and the voices are cutely acted. If you have young kids, they'd probably get a kick out of watching you play, although they might have trouble negotiating the various puzzles themselves.

Twinsen's Odyssey, at SRP $49.95, runs on DOS (recommended) and Windows 95.

Also just out from Activision is the 3Dfx version of MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries. If you have a Diamond Monster 3D or other 3Dfx card and like giant battle robot games, consider this title a must.

Find more on Activision at http://www.activision.com



Access Updates Golf Classic

Newly released for golf fans by Access Software is the latest version in the classic Links Series. Endorsed by the legendary Arnold Palmer, the four-CD Links LS 1998 Edition, now Win-95 native, offers Arnie's home course, Latrobe, plus 36 holes at Hawaii's Kapalua. Other features include up to eight Internet players, look-ahead rendering for fast screen updates, visual enhancements like water reflections as well as haze and fog, off-line tournaments, other golfers on screen, and smart cameras such as Golfer Cam, Pin Cam, Green Cam and others. And if you can't get enough of that Palmer dude, there are "virtual world" tours of his workshop, office and trophy room, plus an interview with the Arnster himself.

For more info, access http://www.access.software.com



Valve Acquires Level Editor, Adds Morris, Laidlaw to Development Team

Game developer Valve has acquired the Worldcraft 3D action game level development tool. An enhanced version of the editor will be included with Valve's debut release, Half-Life, and will take advantage of technical advancements found in the Half-Life engine. The map editor is said to be popular among gamers developing customized levels for Quake, the action game from id Software. Ben Morris, the developer of Worldcraft, has joined Valve to continue development on the editor, as well as to create additional tools for Half-Life add-on developers. Also joining the team is cyberpunk author Marc Laidlaw. Both Morris and Laidlaw will be working on Half-Life, a 3D first-person action game being published by Sierra On-Line and is scheduled for a November 1997 release on PC CD-ROM.

Additional game details, screen shots, and an AVI demo are available at http://www.sierra.com/halflife

Interplay Restructures Development

Irvine, California-based Interplay Productions has restructured its development department into five smaller, newly created divisions that will focus on genre-specific games. With the naming of the divisions yet to be finalized, Interplay's CEO, Brian Fargo, named former vice-president of marketing, Trish June Wright, to the newly created position of vice-president of development.

Interplay's restructuring will create five different development divisions: Storytelling, RPG, Strategy, Sports and Action/Arcade genres.

Each division will be headed by an industry veteran whose passion for a particular gaming genre will be the focus of his division.

More information is available at http://www.interplay.com





Radnet Hires Lotus' May to Lead Partner Program

Alan May has joined Cambridge, Mass.-based Radnet, Inc. as senior director of business development. The former Lotus director of partner development will be responsible for overseeing R3P, a program designed to enable independent developers, ISVs and systems integrators to work with the WebShare collaborative applications platform for corporate intranets and Internet Web sites.

Additional information about Radnet can be found at http://www.radnet.com



NBMA Internet SIG to Present JDK

This Tuesday, July 22nd at 6:30PM, the North Bay Multimedia Association presents an overview of the Java Development Kit, and latest extensions to the Java Platform at the Autodesk Executive Briefing Center in San Rafael, Calif.

Engineers from Sun's JavaSoft Division and Netscape will provide an overview of the Java Development Kit (JDK), including the Java Foundation Classes, the comprehensive set of graphical user interface class libraries which include many of the key features found in Netscape's Internet Foundations Classes.

The presenters will also discuss the latest extension of the Java Platform, the Media and Communications application programming interfaces, including the Java Media Framework API (JMF) and the Java Sound API. The JMF is a collection of classes that enable the display and capture of multimedia data with in Java applications. JMF specifies a unified architecture, messaging protocol and programming interface for playback, capture and conferencing of compressed streaming and stored timed-media including audio, video, and MIDI across all Java enabled platforms.

Directions to Autodesk, 111 McInnis Pkwy, San Rafael: Hwy. 101 to Freitas Parkway/Terra Linda exit; go east, then turn right/south onto Civic Center Drive. Go a short distance and then turn left onto McInnis Pkwy. Go past the Embassy Suites Hotel and right into the Autodesk parking lot.





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