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LAST CHANCE TO SAVE $100 ON WEB.BUILDER SF: REGISTER BY FRIDAY FEBRUARY 27! Register today for Web.Builder San Francisco, the conference for Web designers, developers, and managers from CNET's BUILDER.COM! The conference takes place April 14 to 16--check out the Web.Builder site for complete details: http://web.builder.com/sf98 EXHIBITORS: Apply now for the Web.Builder SF Technology Showcase! -------------------------------------------------- Today's Headlines (details below) WEBMEISTER --RealNetworks Introduces Tool Suite for Creating Streaming Media --Aussie Beam Releases Splash! Web Authorer --Parable, WGBH Launch ZOOMthings--Collectible Multimedia Objects --NTT SOFT Introduces InterSpace VR Community Builder DEVELOPER'S TOOLBOX --Intervista Launches VRML-based Development Tool --GreenTree Tech Debuts Active ToolBox --BulletProof Updates JDesignerPro IN THE INFOGROOVE --Sun joins VRML Consortium --Global Storytelling Event Connects Women Worldwide --Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone to Support Netscape GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING --Macromedia Ships FreeHand 8, Design in Motion Suite --Multithreaded OpenGL Driver Goes Beta --Paint Shop Pro 5 Goes Beta, Adds Animation --MetaCreations Ships Ray Dream Training Packs WEBSIGHTINGS --Macromedia Launches ShockRave --UNCLEBEAR.COM Offers Haven for Genre Junkies, Media Geeks CONSUMER CHANNEL --SegaSoft Ships Virtual Makeover Expansion Pack THE DIALS & LEVERS OF POWER --Project Cool Launches WebDev Search Service --Consumers Want Free Internet Service --Intergraph Donates 17 Workstations to SFSU Multimedia Studies Program --Report: CyberPatrol Blocks Deja News DEALS --YOU DON'T KNOW JACK to be Localized for Japanese Market GAMES PEOPLE PLAY --Play Bridge Deluxe II with Omar Sharif --EA Hoops Title to Include Women's Teams --Star Trek Pinball Beams In HAPPENINGS --BAIUG to Present Free DHTML Applications Forum in SF F.Y.I. --About Spectrum


RealNetworks Introduces Tool Suite for Creating Streaming Media RealNetworks announces a new suite of tools to let developers create streaming media on the Internet and corporate Intranets. The new suite of tools, available at http://www.real.com/products/tools.html, consists of: · The RealPresenter Plug-in ($39.99) allows users to stream audio-narrated PowerPoint 97 presentations over the Internet or corporate Intranets that can be viewed on Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX RealPlayer 5.0 clients. It enables users to convert PowerPoint presentations to RealVideo and send them as attachments to email or stream them off a Web server or a RealNetworks RealServer. · RealPublisher ($49.99) provides publishing of streaming RealAudio and RealVideo to any ISP personal page, Web server or RealServer, and attaching media files to email. Advanced functionality includes live broadcasting to RealServers and the ability to provide bandwidth-negotiated files, which can deliver content optimized for users at different connection speeds. · The RealPublisher Premiere Plug-in ($99.99), for use with Adobe Premiere, enables users to create and publish streaming RealAudio and RealVideo content from within Adobe Premiere. New features include advanced authoring capabilities and a preview mode allowing video editors to view Web pages created by the HTML Wizard and listen to or view embedded content. -------------------------------------------------- Aussie Beam Releases Splash! Web Authorer Splash!, a new $49.95 entrant in the Web authoring arena from Australian publisher Beam International, promises these features: · WYSIWYG interface · drag-and-drop images and text · easy styles, colors and layout selection · WYSIWYG "drag-and-define" forms and table creation · preview and compose for different screen resolutions · page and site statistics (including total size of HTML and images, and download speed) · build site maps · automatic upload of a whole site to the host - ensuring no pages are inadvertently omitted · adds Java to page automatically, allowing customization of applet in a step-by-step manner More information, including a free 21-day download trial, and can be accessed directly from http://www.gosplash.com -------------------------------------------------- Parable, WGBH Launch ZOOMthings--Collectible Multimedia Objects Adding a '90s flavor to a '70s classic, ZOOMWeb, the companion site to WGBH's children's program ZOOM, releases ZOOMthings - collectible multimedia creations - for fans of all ages. Available exclusively on ZOOMWeb (http://www.pbs.org/zoom), ZOOMthings are collectibles for any Web publisher. Fans are invited to take ZOOMthings and republish them on their own homepages and share them with other ZOOMers. ZOOMthings reflect the show's program and online segments in arts and crafts, cooking, games, jokes, stories, and poems. Things are created or modified using ThingMaker, a drag-and-drop multimedia authoring tool that requires no coding. A free plug-in, ThingViewer, is required to see and share Things. ThingMaker and other supporting tools can be found at ThingWorld (http://www.thingworld.com). -------------------------------------------------- NTT SOFT Introduces InterSpace VR Community Builder NTT SOFT, a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, has just released InterSpace Virtual Reality Community Builder, designed to let developers create, customize, and host dynamic 3D InterSpace Web sites. The product includes technology to let multiple users interact within a 3D environment, using text chat, real-time audio, and facial image video-capture communication; over a 28.8 kbps (or faster) Internet connection. Use of the product enables developers to reform static 3D models created with 3D Studio MAX (or any tool that exports .3DS files) into improved, dynamic, 3D Internet sites. InterSpace VR Community Builder includes: InterSpace VR Browser, Sample Worlds, InterSpace VR Community Server Software, InterSpace Creator, Developers Manual and InterSpace Script Reference Manual. InterSpace VR Community Builder beta version 2.0 can be downloaded for free at: http://www.ntts.com/interspace, or the CD-ROM can be requested by sending mailto:3d4free@ntts.com. Interested developers can contact the sales and marketing staff of NTT SOFT by phone at (650) 688-1100, or by faxing a request to (650) 688-1121. The components: · The free InterSpace VR Browser is a stand-alone Windows 95/NT application used to 'browse' virtual environments hosted by the InterSpace VR Community Server. It facilitates real-time interaction between end users worldwide, within 3D environments. People are able to communicate via text chat, live audio, and live video-capture (from a camera device connected to the user's PC)- over a 28.8kbps (or faster) Internet connection. · InterSpace Community Server is a scaleable server software package used to host InterSpace Communities. Multiple worlds can be hosted by the server software. It is available for Sun SPARC stations running Solariso 2.4 (or later). Versions for Windows NT and Linux will be available soon. · InterSpace Creator for Windows is a visual authoring tool for developing multi-user 3D environments, including objects definitions and behaviors. · InterSpace Script for Windows is a high-level programming language designed to rapidly prototype multi-user virtual worlds. It is also used to define motions, behaviors, and links to other virtual spaces within InterSpace worlds, such as: animating 3D objects, triggering sound effects, and enabling streaming media playback. --------------------------------------------------


Intervista Launches VRML-based Development Tool San Francisco-based Intervista Software last week announced WorldView for Developers, an ActiveX control that enables developers to embed interactive 3D into their applications. The product is reportedly designed to let developers concentrate on using content defined with VRML, the ISO standard for interactive 3D, rather than building a graphics system from low-level libraries such as OpenGL or Direct 3D. Potential markets range from product development to electronic commerce to corporate training. Based on Intervista's WorldView browser, WorldView for Developers exposes a variety of VRML features so that developers can create custom applications. The product can be used in application containers developed in any Windows development environment, including Microsoft's Visual Basic and Visual C++ as well as COM-enabled Java development tools. The product is freely available for development and evaluation purposes. Support and run-time distribution requires a license. Visit http://www.intervista.com/ for more information. -------------------------------------------------- GreenTree Tech Debuts Active ToolBox VB programmers take note: Now shipping from GreenTree Technologies is Active ToolBox, a collection of eight 32-bit ActiveX controls. The Grouplist control enables the creation of MS Office 97-style grouplists. Listbox features include multi-column and expanded highlighting. The InTray control offers customizable animated system tray icons. The Progress Bar supplies horizontal and vertical segmented progress indicators. The Toolbar control features toggle-style buttons, grouping and the ability to host other ActiveX controls. The Splitters control creates multi-panes with automatic resizing plus horizontal and vertical positioning. CheckFrame is a frame with a checkbox and customizable check pictures. And Msg Hook offers subclassing to trap and retrieve Windows messages to customize controls and windows in your applications. Pricing is $139 for the standard edition, or $199 for the Pro version with source code. Contact GreenTree at 800-257-7708 or 516-271-6995; visit http://www.green-tree.com. -------------------------------------------------- BulletProof Updates JDesignerPro BulletProof Corporation has released JDesignerPro 2.32, a Java RAD tool, with a new visual system for building intranet business applications. JDesignerPro 2.32 introduces the Instance Manager and Interaction Manager, which let developers import and develop with advanced JavaBeans components and develop applications by pointing and clicking. Thus, Web-based business applications can reportedly be deployed in a much shorter time than traditionally required. JDesignerPro 2.32 is available for free download at http://www.bulletproof.com/. --------------------------------------------------


Sun joins VRML Consortium Sun Microsystems has joined the VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) Consortium as a voting member to promote the compatibility and interoperability of Sun's Java 3D API (Java 3D) technology and the VRML 97 standard. The two entities intend to establish a Consortium working group to explore closer integration of Java 3D and VRML. Any proposed changes to the VRML specification will be subject to the VRML Consortium's proven open review, approval and voting process. Sun is also contemplating future adaptations of the Java 3D specification to enable closer integration with VRML. -------------------------------------------------- Global Storytelling Event Connects Women Worldwide A wonderful way to build connections among people is by storytelling. To that end, Abbe Don Interactive and Bubbe's Back Porch (http://www.bubbe.com) announce the Digital Story Bee, a three-hour workshop for women to learn the joys of personal storytelling and to demystify the technology behind the World Wide Web. The first free workshop was held on Sunday, February 22 in conjunction with Jewish Web Week. "Digital Story Bees are the perfect use of the Internet to connect people on a global level," explained producer Abbe Don. "Having a DSB in Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg is especially poignant for me, since my great-grandmother was forced to leave Russia in 1896 because of pogroms (violent attacks) against the Jews. After more than 100 years of oppression, Jews in the former Soviet Union can now openly practice their religion and celebrate their Jewish identity." At the Digital Story Bee, participants started in a circle and told their story to the group. After a short introduction to the technology, each woman had the opportunity to scan her family photos, type in her story, compose the images and text into Web pages using templates designed in Visual Page, and upload her material to her own Web page hosted on Bubbe's Back Porch. Each participant then received a URL (unique Web address) so friends and family can easily find her story. Don's vision is to hold monthly Digital Story Bees nationally and internationally for other communities and cultures. She also plans to create Digital Story Bee instructional do-it-yourself kits for those who cannot attend the story bees in person. "In my experience with autobiographical work, it is incredibly empowering to tell your story," Abbe Don said. "This is not just about pictures, it's about telling stories that help define people's identities. It's about sharing experiences, connecting people and opening a dialogue." -------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone to Support Netscape According to Microsoft, its Internet Gaming Zone (http://www.zone.com/), with 27 games, has registered more than 1.1 million members since its inception in October 1995. The Zone is seeing greater than 6,500 simultaneous users at peak times, and is matching users for multiplayer games at the rate of more than 1.5 million games per month. Also, Microsoft will add support for the Netscape Communicator 4.0 World Wide Web browser when the Zone's next update goes live this spring. The Zone plans to launch its second and third premium games, the Asheron's Call online multiplayer game from Turbine Entertainment and UltraCorps from VR-1 Inc. Future retail games scheduled for free matchmaking include the Microsoft Urban Assault game, Outwars, Monster Truck Madness 2 racing simulation and Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition, as well as Star Wars Rebellion from LucasArts (connect-time charges may apply). --------------------------------------------------


Macromedia Ships FreeHand 8, Design in Motion Suite Just out from Macromedia--ahead of schedule!--is FreeHand 8, the newest version of its design software, and the Design in Motion Suite, a complete vector graphics and animation solution for Web designers, for Windows 95/NT and Macintosh PPC. New features in FreeHand 8 include Lens Fills for dynamic transparency, and integrated support for Macromedia Flash to assist creative professionals in moving their work from print to the Web. A customizable user interface and keyboard shortcuts, as well as platform-specific performance enhancements, are designed to help designers work faster. The Suite features FreeHand 8, Macromedia Flash, the standard for vector graphics and animation on the Web, and Insta.html 2 for exporting WYSIWYG HTML files directly from FreeHand. Other new creation tools in FreeHand 8 include lenses for applying imaging-type effects such as lighten, darken, invert, and monochrome to either vector or bitmap objects, a Magnify lens for creating dynamic zoom views, and a Graphics Hose and one-button shadow, mirror and emboss effects. Watch for a review, coming soon in Spectrum Reviews. Meanwhile, for more info call (800) 326-2128 or visit http://www.macromedia.com. -------------------------------------------------- Multithreaded OpenGL Driver Goes Beta Dynamic Pictures announces the release of the Oxygen 3.0 beta software driver (code-named Babylon 2.0) with PowerThreads technology, said to increase 3D acceleration performance by as much as 50% by distributing geometry processing among available CPUs and communicating in parallel with multiple Oxygen chips. The Oxygen 3.0 beta release includes the following new features: · PowerThreads technology for multi-threaded OpenGL · OpenGL 1.1 Features Supported · Stereo 3D Implementation · Dynamic Resolution Changes · Updated Control Panel For more info, go to http://www.dynamicpictures.com/drivers.cgi. -------------------------------------------------- Paint Shop Pro 5 Goes Beta, Adds Animation Jasc Software announces availability of the public beta for Paint Shop Pro 5.0 with Animation Shop, which can be downloaded from http://www.jasc.com. One new feature is Animation Shop, an image animator that uses wizards to create animations including image and text transitions. An optimization wizard ensures consistent colors and efficient Web downloads. New layer functionality includes blend mode controls, layer grouping, naming, visibility, transparency locking, user masking, and variable opacity. A layer palette permits users to control layer actions and other characteristics. Users can add, duplicate, delete, arrange, view, merge and perform other layer operations. Direct support for Kodak DC40, DC50 and DC120 digital cameras has been added. The new Picture Tubes brushes insert a sequence of graphic elements such as letter blocks, pointing hands, rocks, old cars, candy, etc. as the user drags the mouse across an image. The program is scheduled for production release in April at $99. -------------------------------------------------- MetaCreations Ships Ray Dream Training Packs MetaCreations Corp. is shipping Ray Dream Studio 5 and Ray Dream 3D Training Packs ($39 each), two digital CD-based tutorials developed by RAYflect of Paris. Chapter lessons take artists step by step through each program. A direct link button lets students "jump" from the training pack CD directly into Ray Dream Studio 5 or Ray Dream 3D. A glossary and tips and techniques are included in the Training Packs, which will run inside Ray Dream Studio 5 or Ray Dream 3D. Practical examples can be loaded directly from the CD into an open Ray Dream production window. For more information, call 800/846-0111. --------------------------------------------------


Macromedia Launches ShockRave Making a strong move to establish itself as a premiere source of online multimedia fun, Macromedia last week debuted ShockRave, (http://www.shockrave.com), an advertising-supported online entertainment service featuring exclusive Shockwave content created by entertainment companies and developers such as United Media, Columbia TriStar Interactive, Comedy Central, SegaSoft Networks, Inc., Circumstance Design, Zeek Interactive, Ezone and TheDJ.com. From Dilbert and South Park to King Putt and Lenny Loosejocks, ShockRavers can choose from over 45 games, puzzles, cartoons and more. After battling Zombies or killer surf, 'Ravers can relax and interact with others in the text-based "Talk" area, listen to 12 music channels from TheDJ.com, which, interestingly enough, uses RealAudio rather than ShockWave streaming audio, or kick back by watching streaming animated cartoons. Featured cartoons include Dilbert and Peanuts as well as Comedy Central's South Park. -------------------------------------------------- UNCLEBEAR.COM Offers Haven for Genre Junkies, Media Geeks If you like science fiction, fantasy, action movies, genre television, comic books, roleplaying games, hero pulps, and news of the strange and unusual (and who doesn't?), UNCLEBEAR.COM has something to offer. Sci-fi fans will find pages dedicated to classic authors like Isaac Asimov, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick, and J.R.R. Tolkien, with more planned in the near future. An Award Winners and Nominees area covers the Hugos, the Nebulas, the Bram Stoker Awards, and other popular genre fiction honors. The GEEKMEDIA section offers latest news, reviews, and commentary on genre material in the media. You can read the latest issue online, scan the archives for back issues, or subscribe to have new issues delivers by email. The site also has free roleplaying game material, and links to roleplaying resources. Explore Bad Attitudes, the roleplaying game of action movie cliches; read about new totems for Shadowrun; and learn the fate of Knights of Torque & Recoil. Find it all at http://www.unclebear.com. --------------------------------------------------


SegaSoft Ships Virtual Makeover Expansion Pack If you've just virtually met the potential significant other of your dreams in your favorite chat room and want to send him or her a piccy of yourself, but you're having a bad hair day, you should know about Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover. The title, said to have become the top-selling women's title since its release last year, lets users virtually try on over 150 hairstyles and 20 hair colors, as well as use a hair highlighting tool and makeup choices that reference top consumer brands. If you've exhausted its capabilities, you'll be glad to know about the new Virtual Makeover Style Pack I ($19.99), which provides 50 new hair styles; makeup options such as lipstick, blush and eye shadow; eyeglasses and sunglasses; and 15 "fun-to-wear" hats. Find out more at http://www.virtualmakeover.com or http://www.segasoft.com. --------------------------------------------------


Project Cool Launches WebDev Search Service Project Cool announces the launch of devSEARCH http://www.devsearch.com, a search service for Web builders that provides access to Web page development sites. devSEARCH enables users to search a single specific site, all indexed sites or, with devSEARCH's Mega-Search feature, a selected group of sites. Reference sites are grouped by categories: · HTML+: sites that focus on HTML and related technology · Design: sites that explore Web design issues · Scripting: sites that focus on scripting · Zines: sites that carry columns, tutorials and ongoing coverage of the Web industry · Other: miscellaneous Web-related topics and technologies -------------------------------------------------- Consumers Want Free Internet Service New research reportedly shows that "sophisticated Internet users" are tired of paying monthly fees for internet access and are willing to exchange screen space with limited on-screen advertising if a valued Internet service, including chat, email and access, is provided. The three-part study, commissioned by the Tritium Network and conducted by market research group Beyond Data, was comprised of an online survey of nearly 1,500 Internet users, in-depth follow up with a sample of those users, and a series of in-person focus groups. The quantitative and qualitative study was done to determine usage levels, knowledge of online services and reactions to trends in advertising on the Web. Key findings included: Among the respondents who consider themselves "intermediate" or "advanced" users, 89 percent said they "definitely" feel getting the Internet for free is worth giving up 12 percent of the screen for advertising; When asked the same question based on usage, 100 percent of those who are online more than five hours per week felt the same. The Tritium study was completed in anticipation of a nationwide roll-out of free internet access that will be provided by the Tritium Network. Chicago launches today, Monday, February 23 with Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco following in the next four weeks. The company's service takes advantage of a proprietary online advertising application ("AdPath") and Tritium's push technology. This custom application interfaces with all standard Web browsers and online services. Advertisers appear through the AdPath interface in narrow strip on the lower portion of the viewer's screen. The AdPath interface occupies less than 12 percent of viewer's total screen. Ads will persist for 30 seconds at a time, rotating through a predetermined cycle. Regardless of how many sites or page views the online user browses during an online session, advertisers are assured that their ad messages will be seen by a captive audience. For further information, contact: Michael Lee, Tritium Network, 10050 Montgomery Road, Suite 340, Cincinnati, OH 45242. Phone: 513-791-9134. Email: mwl@tritium.net. Web site: http://www.tritium.net. -------------------------------------------------- Intergraph Donates 17 Workstations to SFSU Multimedia Studies Program Intergraph Computer Systems has donated 17 TDZ Graphics 3D Graphics Workstations with Intense 3D Pro 2200S graphics to the Multimedia Studies program at San Francisco State University (SFSU). The Intel/Windows NT-based TDZ workstations will be used in new media classes, and will serve as a hardware platform for training students in 2D and 3D graphics software, including Kinetix 3D Studio MAX, Softimage SOFTIMAGE 3D, Macromedia Director, MetaCreations Painter, and Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, and Premiere. The Multimedia Studies program is designed to provide students with skills to launch careers in the field of graphics and new media. Graduates have gone on to work at companies such as Industrial Light and Magic, Lucas Arts, Electronic Arts, Xaos Inc., Mondo Media, Macromedia, Kensington and Pixar. For more information, phone Intergraph at 800-763-0242 or visit http://www.intergraph.com/ics -------------------------------------------------- Report: CyberPatrol Blocks Deja News The Censorware Project, an Internet activist group opposing the use of blocking software on First Amendment grounds, today released its new report, "CYBERPATROL AND DEJA NEWS: Censorware Product Blocks an Important Research Resource", available at http://www.spectacle.org/cwp/. In the report, the group examines blocking of the Deja News Usenet archive (http://www.dejanews.com) by CyberPatrol from Microsystems Corp. (http://www.microsys.com). Susan Getgood, the company's director of marketing for CyberPatrol, recently announced that the product would continue to blacklist Deja News due to the occurrence of sexual speech on Usenet. (Deja News does not permit the downloading of Usenet graphics.) In the report, The Censorware Project presents the comments of numerous Deja News users--lawyers, authors, law professors, public relations consultants, editors and programmers--who use the service to research disparate topics such as email scams, software bugs, censorship and competitive business information. "Deja News is a quick way to get information on many important topics," said Jamie McCarthy, a Michigan software developer who is the spokesperson for The Censorware Project. "For example, we found that developers use Deja News to get fixes for bugs and solutions to programming problems. Many of them told us that Deja News is a better place to find information than the software vendors' own support pages." McCarthy noted that CyberPatrol is installed in a number of public libraries, including those in Austin, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts. "Libraries are in the business of distributing the kind of business, technical and current affairs information people use Deja News for, not withholding it from their patrons," McCarthy said. "In blocking Deja News, CyberPatrol is again throwing out the baby with the bathwater, just as it did when it blocked 1.4 million user pages at members.tripod.com because of a few explicit pages." "CyberPatrol does not belong in public libraries," McCarthy concluded. --------------------------------------------------


YOU DON'T KNOW JACK to be Localized for Japanese Market Need to expand the market for your software? Take a tip from Berkeley Systems and Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. Ltd., which plan to develop a Japanese version of the CD-ROM game YOU DON'T KNOW JACK, invented and directed by Jellyvision, Inc. of Chicago. With nearly one million units shipped in the United States, the irreverent quiz show party game has already been localized for markets in the United Kingdom and Germany. Shipping this spring, the Japanese version will be available for Windows 95 and Macintosh. This new version of YOU DON'T KNOW JACK features the voice talent of the popular comedian Masatoshi Hamada as the host of the game. Widely hailed as one of the funniest men in Japan, Hamada is directly involved in the creative process, contributing to the content and witty dialogue of the game. Hamada is best known for his work with "Downtown," a comedy duo he started with collaborator Hitoshi Matsumoto in 1982. For more information on Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., contact Hidenori Nakai at +81 6 634 5150 or send mailto:nakai@yoshimoto.co.jp. --------------------------------------------------


Play Bridge Deluxe II with Omar Sharif Sharif likes it again as America's foremost actor-turned-Bridge-expert lends his name and skills to Interplay's new Bridge Deluxe II with Omar Sharif. The Win95 title features a multimedia tutorial in which Sharif teaches the beginning player various strategies, while offering intermediate and advanced players practice at championship levels. Gameplay ranges from one player on a single station to up to four players over a network, and offers the Stayman Convention, Take-out Doubles, Jacoby Transfers and over 20 other conventions that let the player customize bidding and playing style. Advanced strategy options include Blackwood, Gerber and forced slam bids. And the save-and-load hand feature lets a player replay a game while reviewing his or her strategy in step-by-step fashion. To cap it all off, the disc provides a glossary, scoring instructions and a bibliography. Find Interplay online at http://www.interplay.com. -------------------------------------------------- EA Hoops Title to Include Women's Teams Electronic Arts announces the shipment of NCAA March Madness 98 for the PlayStation game console. Said to be the first interactive sports video game to include women's athletic teams, the title features realistic player movements created by a "MotionBlending" technique that uses motion-captured data from the actual basketball moves of Tim Duncan, 1997 NCAA Player of the Year and No. 1 NBA draft pick for the San Antonio Spurs, and Kate Starbird, 1997 NCAA Player of the Year and top round pick for the American Basketball League (ABL) Seattle Reign. In addition to 107 men's teams, NCAA March Madness 98 features nine women's teams, including: Connecticut, Georgia, Louisiana Tech, North Carolina, Old Dominion, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas Tech and Virginia. Other players motion-captured for the game include Long Beach Sting Rays' Yolanda Griffith, the No. 1 overall 1997 ABL draft choice and the league's leading rebounder and Brevin Knight, former Stanford University standout and current rookie star for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The title's 3D graphics deliver rendered arenas, multiple camera angles, and instant replay with a 360-degree view. Game players can play an exhibition match between two teams or can set up hundreds of different custom 64-team tournaments. The game includes a Momentum Meter that impacts game play by either boosting a teams' adrenaline or dampening their excitement -- just as momentum works to effect a real college basketball showdown. More information can be found at http://www.ea.com. -------------------------------------------------- Star Trek Pinball Beams In Interplay Productions STAR TREK pinball game has arrived at retail. Compatible with Windows 95 and DOS based PC's, Star Trek Pinball incorporates the look of the original Star Trek television series with all the flipper and tilt action of an arcade pinball table. "Boldly Go," "Qapla'" and "Nemesis," the three rendered 3D tables, were created with artwork and sound effects from the original television series. They include the familiar faces of Spock, Captain Kirk accompanied by many of his numerous love interests, the despised Klingon characters and a look back at the original Federation ships. Each table also includes voices and sound effects, including weapons, ships and explosions, from in the original episodes. Pinball features include "up-tilt," which enables the player to manipulate the ball in the same manner as a centered pinball game. Left, right, and up tilt buttons will cause the ball to react as if the table were being pushed and lifted. The player has an overhead perspective of each of the three tables. Each table has a back glass that tracks individual scores and game play options. "Nemesis," the third table, also features dual-player, head-to-head pinball action. More information is available at http://www.interplay.com. --------------------------------------------------


BAIUG to Present Free DHTML Applications Forum in SF Ask the experts how DHTML can be used to solve real-world problems. A panel of experts will be available to answer your questions, including Glenn Davis, CTO of Project Cool and moderator of one of the largest DHTML mailing lists, and Charity Kahn, CNET's "Superscripter" columnist and technical producer at Builder.com. TOPIC - Dynamic HTML (DHTML) Applications DATE - Wednesday, March 4, 1998 TIME - 7:00-9:00 pm ORGANIZATION - Bay Area Internet Users Group (BAIUG) PLACE - Macromedia Auditorium 600 Townsend St. (& 7th) San Francisco COST - Free MORE INFO -Ted Resnick tedres@baiug.org or http://www.baiug.org/ --------------------------------------------------


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