Spectrum: Interactive Media & Online Developer News 9 February 1998

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Today's Headlines (details below) WEBMEISTER --GEO Ships Emblaze WebCharger, HotSpots --Quote.com Offers Financial Market Info for Web Developers --HexMac announces DHTML XTension for QuarkXPress --Live Picture Launches Line of Image Servers IN THE INFOGROOVE --A Better Way to Search the Net? --Software Builders Releases NetZIP 6.0 GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING --Viewpoint Launches LiveArt --Diamond Announces Monster 3D II --MetaCreations Announces Project Code "SHOW" --Corbis Broadens Visual Content Offerings --Koutech Ships Fast, Low-cost 3D VGA Card --Canyon Software Announces Release of Drag and View Version 4.0 WEBSIGHTINGS --GameDev Site Offers Cool Stuff --Congressional Environmental Ratings for Congress Released --DHTML Site Plugs Replacement Killers CONSUMER CHANNEL --PX Technologies Introduces Wintility THE DIALS & LEVERS OF POWER --Charles River Ships JavaScript CD Cookbook --Call for Entries for Online Film Festival GAMES PEOPLE PLAY --Acclaim Offers Forsaken Playable Demo --Activision Ships Interstate '76 Arsenal Demo --Interplay Releases Ultimate RPG Archives --Italian Firm Offers Hands-free Headset Controller NUMBEROLOGY --CNET Reports Financial Results DIGERATI ILLUMINATI --AIAS Names Charne President, Executive Director HAPPENINGS --San Francisco to Host Multimedia Summit --VRML Visionary to Speak at VRML98 Symposium --Silicon Alley 98 Set for NYC --JavaOne Turns Three in SF --VRML SIG Goes ITV F.Y.I. --About Spectrum


GEO Ships Emblaze WebCharger, HotSpots Now available for Mac and Windows is Emblaze WebCharger ($99.95), GEO Publishing's new Internet image compression software. The product is said to let Web developers compress high-quality 16- or 24-bit full-color graphic images up to 400 percent more than with JPEG. Features include: · control over the compression ratios to optimize image quality, browser loading time and post-compression file size · selective compression so users can select parts of an image for quality preservation while achieving maximum compression on remaining image areas · a bandwidth simulation monitor to optimize the image for specific modem speeds and minimize Web visitor loading times GEO is also shipping Emblaze HotSpots ($99.95 for Mac and Windows), an Internet Web page enhancement tool that lets Web professionals create image maps with sounds, links to other sites, roll-ins, roll-outs, mouse events and more. HotSpots users can define up to 50 specific "hot" areas of a Web page graphic. The resulting event can be a link to another URL, the playing of a sound or video clip, the displaying of an image, etc. With Emblaze HotSpots, it is also possible to assign a number of events to a particular area, and play these events in pre-defined sequence. Image maps can be placed into Web pages using all popular Web publishing programs including Adobe PageMill and Microsoft FrontPage. The program includes a Time Monitor to preview, analyze, and test the time it takes to view a specific image map at different modem speeds (28.8, 33.6 and 56 Kbps) before posting it to a Web site. Contact GEO Publishing at http://www.emblaze.com
Quote.com Offers Financial Market Info for Web Developers Quote.com, Inc., a provider of financial market information, announces its Developers Network a new initiative to provide Web developers access to financial market information assets for integration and deployment on clients' Internet and intranet sites. The service will utilize template objects and sample applications, enabling integration of Quote.com's quotes and financial news into clients' Web sites. A base set of broadly applicable objects is initially available providing deployment of quotes, charts, portfolios, headlines and full-text news. Over the coming months, Quote.com will introduce additional objects for research sources, email alerts, and more. And now for some reasons why Quote.com thinks you should be excited about this: · Online brokerage accounts, currently in excess of 3 million, will rise to 14.4 million by 2002 (Forrester Group). · 11 percent of adult Internet users in the U.S. are actively trading stocks online -- more people trade securities than purchase books, computers, travel, CDs or any other products online (Cyber Dialogue, Jan. 98). · Online traders are a diverse and well-heeled group, with average income of over $78,000. 46 percent are females under the age of 30 (Cyber Dialogue). · 75 percent of Quote.com's current client list consists of non-financial firms, including general-interest publishers, consumer companies, and corporate intranets serving employees with information about their industry and company performance against its competitors. For examples of Internet applications the Developer Network enables developers to create, visit http://products.quote.com. Learn more at http://developer.quote.com or by mailto:developer@quote.com.
Chat/Web Conferencing Software Upgraded To Enterprise Version O'Reilly & Associates has announced WebBoard 3.0, their enterprise/professional version of live chat and forums software, with new and upgraded features. The beta version of WebBoard 3.0 is now available from the company's Web site (http://Webboard.oreilly.com/wb3/) at no charge. The complete boxed version of WebBoard 3.0 is projected to ship in April, 1998, for a suggested list price of $699. WebBoard 3.0 lets up to 1,000 simultaneous users chat interactively in real-time, communicating instantly on large corporate intranets or the Internet. This IRC-compliant feature is available through ConferenceRoom Professional, which is bundled with WebBoard 3.0. ConferenceRoom Professional is a product of WebMaster, Inc., and sells as a stand-alone product for $495. WebBoard 3.0 further serves the corporate market by supporting Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, a relational database that can process millions of transactions per day, and manage databases in excess of 200 GB. WebBoard 3.0 will continue its support of the Microsoft Access JET database for its data storage and operation. End-users often want to participate in conferences off-line, which is now possible with WebBoard 3.0, using either email or a browser. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server included with WebBoard 3.0 can post mail to a specific conference and topic. Messages posted to forums can be sent in digest, non-digest, or zipped file formats. Those who want to analyze their traffic using statistics products (such as WebTrends) can rely on WebBoard's HTTP logging support. WebBoard 3.0 writes HTTP requests to a log file on a per-board basis in the Combined (NCSA/CERN) format. It also allows managers and administrators to conveniently download a ZIPped copy of the log through their browser, and lets them cycle these log files at any time. Another requested feature is the ability to host public boards without log-in requirements. WebBoard 3.0 lets administrators specify the kind of authentication they want for each "virtual board": basic, none, or cookies. Other benefits of WebBoard 3.0 include easy customization of boards with a new graphical user interface, and flexibility in running forums using browser-based remote administration.
HexMac announces DHTML XTension for QuarkXPress HexMac's new product, code-named "The Challenger," allows Web designers to use layout program QuarkXPress to create interactive DHTML-powered Web pages. The product will be shipped for Macintosh and Windows 95/NT in mid-February and is QuarkXPress 4.0 compatible. Challenger uses Cascading StyleSheets, absolute positioning and 3D layering for the layout generation. The CSS output of Challenger is compatible with both Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. DHTML functions include: · Any QuarkXPress page element can be animated using a timeline editor · Any element can be made "drag-and-dropable" in a browser window · Any page element can be made to a clickable popout window · other effects, such as Swipe, Slide, Nervous, Fade and OnMouseOver are included, and can be used for any text or image element. text features include: · text alignment, including justified text · line height · word spacing · letter spacing · font family, size, colour, style · text decoration · text transform · QuarkXPress multi-column text features. · text transparency · search & replace of QuarkXPress hyperlinks "The Challenger" is available from The World-Wide Power Company, 800 940 8737 (http://www.ThePowerCo.com) and XChange, 800 788 7557 (http://www.XChangeUS.com).
Live Picture Launches Line of Image Servers John Sculley's Live Picture unveiled a new line of Live Picture Image Servers said to let Web surfers view high-resolution images without the need for plug-ins or special client software. A range of Live Picture Image Servers is available, each version with an image server at its core with administration tools and file conversion utilities. Enhanced versions permit controlled access to images and levels of resolution, and track which image assets are examined. For greater extensibility or integration with database applications, advanced server versions provide a fully documented software developer kit (SDK). Live Picture Image Servers are based on the FlashPix image file format and Internet Imaging Protocol (IIP). Developed by Live Picture in collaboration with Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, and Microsoft, FlashPix and IIP enable the Live Picture Image Server to transmit only the image details requested, rather than sending the entire high-resolution image. As a result, users can click to zoom in on a photo, and after a delay examine the detailed area of the photo they requested. A pre-release version of the Live Picture Image Server - Standard Edition, which expires March 15, is available from the Live Picture Web site at http://www.livepicture.com. A version of the Live Picture Image Server - Enterprise Edition will be available for downloading in March.


A Better Way to Search the Net? WebScout (http://www.Webscout.com) provides a range of integrated services for sifting the cyber-wheat from the cyber-chaff. "The Net can be a difficult place to navigate. WebScout's services are designed to make the path a little clearer," said WebScout publisher Adam Thyer. "WebScout's searchable index includes the Net's coolest Web sites, discussion groups and archives. It's like a mini Yahoo! but we only include the best of the best. Our index contains thousands of reviews in over 300 categories," said Thyer. Reviews of the Net's best are also available via WebScout's free weekly email newsletter. To subscribe, send an empty email to . WebScout's SuperSearch facility is a variation on the all-in-one search engine theme. It enables you to search the Net using 30 of the Web's best search engines displayed in a small floating window. SuperSearch includes all of the majors like Yahoo!, AltaVista, Lycos and HotBot, plus specialized resources like a dictionary, thesaurus, shareware archives, news, sports, books online, mailing lists, biographies and shopping. WebScout is an international effort. It's designed and maintained in Australia, hosted in the United States and its team of talented writers hail from several countries around the World.
Software Builders Releases NetZIP 6.0 Software Builders International announces the release of NetZIP 6.0, which replaces the NetZIP Plug-In 5.0. NetZIP utility enables users to download files, install software and manage ZIP files. New features: · automatically install self-extracting and self-installing zip files at the click of a button. · ZIP and UnZIP files without leaving your Web browser. · Redesigned user interface · Desktop Integration - Start NetZIP from the desktop or by downloading a ZIP file. NetZIP 6.0 is priced at $19.99 from http://www.netzip.com/new
GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING Viewpoint Launches LiveArt Viewpoint DataLabs, in an ambitious attempt to broaden the market for its vast library of 3D mesh objects, as well as leverage its recently acquired ThinkFish technology, last week launched LiveArt, new desktop illustration software. Available beginning April 1, LiveArt is designed to let mainstream PC users to add original rendered graphics to their documents. LiveArt is powered by two assets: a library of thousands of 3D digital objects, ranging from humans, animals and nature to automobiles, landmarks and other icons; and ThinkFish's 3D rendering technology that emulates hand-drawn artistic styles, ranging from pencil sketch, charcoal, inkwash and cartoon to silverleaf and pointillist. With LiveArt's streamlined controls--a keyword-searchable database, pull-down menu of artistic style options, and toolbar--users can find an object, choose a style, control rotation and positioning, and adjust details such as color, line width, lighting, and background. Because the object is "alive" during the entire process, the user can interact with it in real time for immediate feedback, within the document being created. LiveArt works directly within Office 97 applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. In addition, standard Office imaging tools can be applied to LiveArt images, such as Word wrap, Transparency and Watermark. LiveArt 98, with 4,000 digital 3D objects and 35 artistic styles, will be available for $149.95 list price. In addition, a LiveArt 98 Basic package, with 2,000 objects and 12 styles, will be bundled with select 3D graphics boards. Find more info at http://www.viewpoint.com/liveart.
Diamond Announces Monster 3D II Diamond Multimedia, producer of Monster 3D, the current top-selling 3Dfx Voodoo-based 3D game accelerator, announces its next-generation 3D game accelerator - the Diamond Monster 3D II. Featuring 3Dfx's Voodoo2 graphics engine and Diamond's own 8MB design, Monster 3D II reportedly delivers more than three times the performance of the original Monster 3D. The retail version of the Monster 3D II, including a 3D game bundle, will begin shipping in the U.S. in March for an estimated retail price of $249.95. Monster 3D II includes a dedicated hardware triangle setup engine, said to enable faster 3D rendering; rapid processing of multiple textures per pixel for added realism and color images; and single-pass trilinear filtering to provide smoother, more defined visuals. Other key functions include edge anti-aliasing, Gouraud shading, alpha blending, texture mapping and more. Diamond's Web site address is http://www.diamondmm.com.
MetaCreations Announces Project Code "SHOW" MetaCreations Corporation announced last week that Project Code "SHOW," a new home photo and business presentation software player, will soon be available. "SHOW" will give creative home consumers, small office/home office and corporate professionals the ability to create multimedia photo shows and enhance existing presentations. It's scheduled for release this spring on a hybrid CD-ROM for both Windows 95/NT and Apple Power Mac systems at SRP $49.95. "SHOW" will let the user create a photo show or enhance a business presentation by importing and organizing digital media such as digital photos, artwork and video clips; sequencing these elements; adding real-time TV-like transitions and animated placement of digital photos, text, artwork and video clips to a slide; and then sharing the completed show via computer display, projector, stand-alone player, printer or videotape. Get the scoop at http://www.metacreations.com.
Corbis Broadens Visual Content Offerings Bill Gates' Corbis Corporation last week acquired Digital Stock Corp., a provider of royalty-free digital images. Digital Stock adds commercial content categorized by backgrounds, business and technology, concepts and effects, history and culture, nature, people and lifestyles, and places, reportedly at an affordable price. Digital Stock becomes an operating division of Corbis' image-licensing business and will maintain its current operations in Encinitas, Calif. In a separate announcement, Corbis introduced an online print and poster store, http://www.corbistore.com/, which allows online consumers to purchase framed or unframed images directly from the Corbis Collection. Find Corbis at http://www.corbis.com/ .
Koutech Ships Fast, Low-cost 3D VGA Card Koutech Systems announces the production availability of its $129 KW-700 KeyVision 3D Plus VGA Card. It provides 2D acceleration with a 600 Megabyte/sec bandwidth, a 175 MHz 24-bit true color RAMDAC and 3D Labs PERMEDIA 3D chip set. According to Koutech, in tests the KW-700 compiled a 3D-WinMark total score of 58.4 compared to 55.7 for the Matrox Millennium II, 51. 9 for the Matrox Mystique 220, and 43.5 for the ATI 3D Xpression +. The unit includes Heidi acceleration for 3D Studio MAX performance, and a Direct3D- and openGL-compliant rendering pipeline. For more information, phone 310-699-5340, fax 310-699-0795, or visit http://www.koutech.com.
Canyon Software Announces Release of Drag and View Version 4.0 Canyon Software announces the release of Drag and View Version 4.0, the latest edition of the $35 Windows 95/NT utility that displays file contents in a variety of formats without running the programs that created them. New features include: · The Multiple Document Interface (MDI) lets the user view multiple images and/or documents at the same time, with conversion between 17 different bitmapped graphics formats, as well as the modification of color depth and the appearance and colors of the graphic itself. · Screen Capture allows the user to capture a full screen for viewing later. Drag and View allows the user to capture full windows, child windows, rectangles or the entire screen and save it in up to 17 different formats, including Photo CD, Kodak Flash Pix, Portable Network Graphics (PNG), .GIF (both animated and interlaced), .JPEG, .BMP, .WPG and Photo Shop. Drag and View 4.0 can be purchased directly from http://www.canyonsw.com.


GameDev Site Offers Cool Stuff Comradery is a new site for game developers, and here're a couple of the latest additions: · The E3 Heebie Jeebies (http://www.comradery.com/e3) Web site provides insider coverage of the game industry and the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). · An article on a Nintendo 64 game under development that is based on Comedy Central's popular South Park cartoon: http://www.comradery.com/e3/static/southpark1.html
Congressional Environmental Ratings for Congress Released The League of Conservation Voters has released the 1997 National Environmental Scorecard, which rates each member of Congress on the most important environmental votes cast during the First Session of the 105th Congress. In addition to the print version of the Scorecard, LCV launched a redesigned homepage and online Scorecard for accessing and analyzing the environmental scores. The Scorecard is available at http://scorecard.lcv.org.
Council Launches Online Medicine Use And Safety Resource The non-profit Council on Family Health announces the launch of its Web site, located at http://www.cfhinfo.org. The new site includes information on Council's services, educational campaigns and materials, and addresses the safe and proper use of medicines including topics such as reading the medicine label, children's medicine dosing, drug interactions and several others.
DHTML Site Plugs Replacement Killers We don't usually run items on crassly commercial sites, but this one demonstrates a fairly effective use of dynamic HTML. Columbia TriStar Interactive (CTI) attempts to bring the action and intensity of Asian-style filmmaking to life with the launch of The Replacement Killers Web site, http://www.sony.com/replacementkillers. The Replacement Killers is said to be the first film Web site developed using Dynamic HTML, and can be cruised with both Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape 4.0. The technology reportedly allows for animation and sound with a smaller download than other methods of animation currently being used on the Internet. Special effects, including roll-overs, wipes, timeline based animation, and showing and hiding layers, rely on the combination of layers and JavaScript. The site also features a Shockwave Flash soundtrack, which enables overlapping sound play synchronized to the animation.


PX Technologies Introduces Wintility PX Technologies introduces Wintility, a $70 utility suite for Windows 95 said to simplify file management functions through the use of a graphical interface. The suite combines a find file application, a backup and archiving application, an uninstaller, a compress and uncompress utility, and a group of diagnostic tools to keep Windows 95 systems operating at peak performance. Once installed, the program reads all files and automatically organizes the data visually into groups. Users are able to view files with descriptions, see where a given file is located, and also view file properties. Wintility can search by file name, by description, and by text within files. In addition, Wintility lets users find duplicate and orphan files and delete them. For more information, visit http://www.wintility.com.


Charles River Ships JavaScript CD Cookbook Charles River Media Announces The JavaScript CD Cookbook Second Edition by Erica Sadun and J. Brook Monroe .(ISBN: 1-886801-65-7, $44.95 U.S.) Key features: · "Recipes" include JavaScript 3D adventure and poker games, mouse-overs, drop-down menus, audio, video, status bar "tricks," and language extensions · "Cut and paste" templates or modify the source code to fit your needs. · Add interest to your Web site with blinking frames, digital clocks, and pop-up windows · Separate section on JavaScript Data Structures, including a discussion of the object model, creating and using arrays, strings, pointers and trees Phone: 1-800-382-8505; Fax: 1-703-661-1501; Internet: http://www.charlesriver.com; mailto:chrivmedia@aol.com Order through Amazon.com
Call for Entries for Online Film Festival The Sync, an Internet audio/video broadcasting company, announces a call for entries in The Sync Online Film Festival, a new ongoing Internet-based presentation of new film and video productions. The Sync Online Film Festival is open to both feature films and short subjects in four categories: animation, documentary, experimental and narrative. Each month, viewers will vote on their favorite film in each category, with the top vote-getters receiving a special award at year's end. For more information, set your browser to http://thesync.com/festival.


Acclaim Offers Forsaken Playable Demo Acclaim Entertainment announced that a 15-megabyte playable demo of the company's PC game Forsaken is available on the company's Web site, http://www.acclaim.net. Though the demo requires a 3D accelerator card, the final version will run with or without 3D acceleration. Forsaken is a 3D first-person-perspective vehicle shooter that takes place in 360 degrees on a forlorn future earth. In the game, players take on the role of scavengers who rummage among abandoned settlements for weapons, ordnance and loot, battling machine droids or other human mercenaries for the booty. The final version of the game will incorporate environment-based puzzles in 15 single-player and 10 multiplayer levels and will immerse gamers in real-time lighting, interactive backgrounds and battles.
Activision Ships Interstate '76 Arsenal Demo Check out Activision's Web site (http://www.activision.com/games/action/arsenal/ ) to play the 3D hardware-only demo with two auto-combat missions from the new Interstate '76 Arsenal -- an all-new mission from the Nitro Pack for I'76 and a newly-enhanced mission from the Interstate '76 Gold Edition. The I'76 Arsenal will be available in late February for the SRP of $29.99 and will contain the following products: · The Interstate '76 Gold Edition, now optimized with 16-bit 3D hardware acceleration, enhanced graphics, difficulty levels and an optimized engine. · Nitro Pack for Interstate '76, a stand-alone expansion pack featuring 20 new single-player missions, all-new multi-player missions and game options, new cars and weapons, and other enhancements.
Interplay Releases Ultimate RPG Archives Say bye-bye to the family and prepare to spend the rest of your life exploring dungeons full of treasure and terror. Interplay Productions announces the release of The Ultimate RPG Archives, a $39.95 five-CD set of 12 best-selling role playing games for Windows 95 and MS-DOS based PCs. The set consists of: · Bard's Tale Trilogy and Construction Set (Electronic Arts / Interplay) The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown, The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight, Bard's Tale III: The Thief of Fate, and The Bard's Tale Construction Set · Might & Magic: World of Xeen (New World Computing) Clouds of Xeen, Darkside of Xeen · Stonekeep (Interplay) · Ultima Underworld I & II (Origin) · Dragon Wars (Interplay) · Wasteland (Electronic Arts / Interplay) · Wizardry Gold: Crusaders of the Dark Savant (Sir Tech) More information is available at http://www.interplay.com.
Italian Firm Offers Hands-free Headset Controller Video Computer S.p.A. of Italy has announced UR Gear, a multi-function headset comprised of a head-activated 3D joystick and PC controller, and a stereo headphone with integrated microphone. Speech recognition software from Dragon Systems Inc. is incorporated in the product, allowing it to be used as a hands-free mouse. Developed originally for the handicapped, the product is designed by Pininfarina, the company that designs Ferrari cars, to appeal to young, style-conscious PC games enthusiasts. The headset is said to be compatible with all PC games and as straightforward as a joystick. There is full compatibility with Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and DOS, as well as Microsoft Direct-x. Play features include: · 3D position sense and movement with a progressive slider for additional fourth axis movement or other control · a hand-held device with four programmable buttons to shoot, accelerate, etc · precision with accuracy to within 1/10th of a pixel.


CNET Reports Financial Results CNET last week reported net revenues totaling $10.3 million for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 1997, a 71 percent increase over net revenues of $6.0 million for the fourth quarter of 1996. Net loss for the quarter was $8.7 million, or $0.62 per share, before $2.0 million ($0.14 per share) of unusual items, compared to a net loss of $4.3 million, or $0.32 per share for the fourth quarter of 1996. The company reported net revenues of $33.6 million for the year ended December 31, 1997, an increase of 127 percent over net revenues of $14.8 million for the year ended December 31, 1996. Net loss for the year was $24.7 million or $1.82 per share, compared to a net loss of $16.9 million or $1.51 per share for the year ended December 31, 1996.


AIAS Names Charne President, Executive Director Jim Charne was named president and executive director of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS). Charne, who will report directly to the Academy's board, will oversee all aspects of the Academy including overall strategic direction, expansion of membership base, its 1998 Awards show. Prior to joining AIAS, Charne maintained an entertainment law practice in the interactive technology entertainment and music arenas. From 1988 to 1994, he was Vice President Legal and Business Affairs and general counsel of Absolute Entertainment, Inc., a Nintendo, Sega, and 3DO licensee, and developer of Nintendo and Sega compatible console and hand-held software. Charne has also served as a producer of entertainment and personal productivity software for Activision, as a national marketing department head for CBS Records (predecessor of Sony Music), and on the corporate staff of the Technology Acquisitions Group of Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. A not-for-profit organization, the Academy's mission is to promote and advance common interests in the worldwide interactive community; to recognize outstanding achievements in the interactive arts and sciences; and to conduct an annual awards show to enhance awareness of the interactive art form. For additional information, call (310) 441-2280 or send mailto:academy@interactive.org. Membership applications are available on the Academy's Web site at http://www.interactive.org/.


San Francisco to Host Multimedia Summit On Friday, February 27, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, Supervisor Leslie Katz and the San Francisco Partnership will co-present San Francisco Multimedia Summit -- a public/private initiative to promote one of the City's fastest-growing industries. The Summit will be held at the Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens, 700 Howard Street, 1998. Brown referred to multimedia as "the gold rush of the 21st century." The summit's alliterative theme is Talent, Technology Evolution and Tangible Action - How the Multimedia Industry Can Thrive in San Francisco. Topics for discussion include: Opportunities and Barriers for Multimedia Companies in San Francisco; Talent: How to Attract, Develop, and Keep an Excellent Workforce; The Future of Information Technology: Where is Interactivity Going?; and Action Plans for San Francisco: Policies and Practices that Support the Multimedia Industry. Approximately 250 seats have been allocated for the general public for Friday's Summit. Individuals can register to attend on a first-come, first-serve basis by calling 415/554-6220. For additional information, visit http://www.gulch.com. The Summit also will be Webcast at http://www.gulch.com.
VRML Visionary to Speak at VRML98 Symposium Believe it or don't, it's not MP! The VRML98 Symposium announces that Len Bullard will be the plenary speaker at the third annual conference. Mr. Bullard, a Senior Staff Consultant for Intergraph Public Safety in Huntsville, Alabama, has long been a visible leader in the development of VRML. Bullard has been involved with music performance and recording supported by "day gigs" in area high-tech companies. Len worked on pioneering projects for the US Government in the field of hypermedia systems based on SGML. He was the chairman of the Metafile for Interactive Documents team formed by the US Navy to create a portable technical information documentation language based on SGML and HyTime. During this project, Len became aware of the VRML project and joined the VRML discussion list to examine its potential for the technical documentation applications of the US Navy. In 1997, with a group of volunteers, Len and Paul Hoffman led the successful effort to create a space adventure based on the real life adventure of an Irish famine ship captain of the mid 19th century. Known as the IrishSpace project, the result was a complete interactive VRML movie created for the Kerry County Museum in Tralee, SW Ireland. VRML98 is the third annual technical symposium focusing on research, technology and applications of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language and takes place February 16-19 at the Doubletree Hotel in Monterey California USA. VRML98 is designed to bring together developers, experimenters, content creators and anyone interested in using or enhancing VRML. For further info, visit http://ece.uwaterloo.ca:80/vrml98/.
Silicon Alley 98 Set for NYC The Silicon Alley 98 conference is scheduled for 23-24 February at 26 Broadway in New York City. Silicon Alley 98 focuses on the convergence of new and traditional media, media-focused online business models, advertising, content production, and the elements of successful Internet entrepreneurship. Panels include Cross-Media Marketing, E-Merchandising, Content and Interactive Programming, and Creative Entrepreneurship. Featured speakers include Esther Dyson, author of Release 2.0; Nancy Evans, Co-Founder of iVillage; Jon Diamond, Vice-Chairman of N2K; Kevin O'Connor, CEO of DoubleClick; Scott Kurnit, CEO of The Mining Company; and Douglas Rushkoff, author of Media Virus and The Ecstasy Club. For registration and information, see http://www.siliconalley98.com.
JavaOne Turns Three in SF The third annual JavaOne, Sun's $1,200 1998 Worldwide Java Developer Conference, is back in San Francisco March 24-27. Highlights include: · 4 technical tracks · 3 additional industry tracks focused on business and real-world applications · keynote sessions · pavilion floor with over 275 demonstration stations To register or for more info, visit http://java.sun.com/javaone/
VRML SIG Goes ITV On Tuesday, February 24, the Software Forum (http://www.softwareforum.org) presents the VRML SIG at Silicon Graphics. Title: VRML - Coming to a television near you Time: 7:00-7:15 PM - SIG Business, Job Announcements, etc. 7:15-8:30 PM - Presentations February's VRML SIG is about VRML as a interaction metaphor for interactive television and video systems. The three-dimensional nature of the VRML representation allows a user the ability to view a scene from virtually any one of an infinite number of viewpoints. The ability to mark up arbitrary three dimensional objects allows the user to interact with the real world and query about parts of it. So when interaction is the goal, discover how VRML can add real value to your content designed for television or video? Presenters: Philips Semiconductor http://www.trimedia.philips.com Mohanmmad Ayub Khan, director of software engineering in the Philips Semiconductors Tridmedia Product Group, will speak on their stand-alone system, the approach and direction they will be taking. out of the blue.design http://www.outoftheblue.com Linda Hahner, president of out of the blue design, will be talking about human television interaction and demonstrating the E-Machine-a two-dimensional interface with access to actual lifelike three-dimensional products. To be added to the mailing list or be a presenter, contact Katherine P Bretz: kbretz@fsc.fujitsu.com


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