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WEBMEISTER --Adobe Upgrades PageMill for Macintosh --Challenger XT 2.0 Adds XML support to QuarkXPress --PRICE Updates ForeSight Forecaster for Software, Web Developers DEVELOPER'S TOOLBOX --Ashley Updates Writer's Blocks Story Development Software --DataViz Updates Mac-PC Compatibility Software IN THE INFOGROOVE --Free Email Address Directory Passes 400 Listings --Northern Light Adds 1,100 Sources to Research Site --CyberGold Patents Online Rewards Programs --RealNetworks, CBT Systems Team for Online Training GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING --Vasilyev Releases Free MAX Bones Plug-in --VRML Universal Media Element Library Call for Textures --Viewpoint Updates LiveArt --Macromedia Updates FreeHand --Diamond Announces 3Dfx Banshee Board --Number Nine Announces $219 32MB Graphics Card THE DIALS & LEVERS OF POWER --Alexa Says 1.5 Million Web Pages Born Daily GAMES PEOPLE PLAY --Sony Lowers PlayStation Price to $129 --Creatures 2 Life Sim Hits Stores --Activision Publish CD-ROM Game Based on Teen Magazine --Microsoft Zone No. 1 Internet Gaming Site, Adds Titles --Black Isle Announces Planescape RPG --Gabriel Knight III Gets New Producer --ASC Games Gets Animaniacs License DIGERATI ILLUMINATI --Game Developers Conference Announces '99 Advisory Board HAPPENINGS --Silicon Valley WebGuild Meeting to Address Web Standards Project F.Y.I. --About Spectrum --------------------------------------------------


Adobe Upgrades PageMill for Macintosh Adobe Systems last week announced its $99 PageMill 3.0 software for Macintosh, which integrates Web-page authoring, site management and Web graphics editing, including a limited edition of Adobe PhotoShop. New capabilities include: * integrated and enhanced site management features, including error checking for broken links and spelling errors, and a site-wide search-and-replace function * drag-and-drop support for multimedia and Java * more design and layout features, including enhanced support for frames, fonts and color * improved support for HTML editing, including more control over tables and source code editing * a Java console palette to debug Java applets. A free, preview release is available at http://www.adobe.com. -------------------------------------------------- Challenger XT 2.0 Adds XML support to QuarkXPress Challenger XT 2.0, the new version of the Web design XTension for QuarkXPress, makes it now possible to export QuarkXPress pages to XML format (Extended Markup Language), the new W3C standard format for structured data. Newspapers, for example, have backlogs of stories which can be exported from the pages as structured XML data and reused in databases, archive systems and on the Web. Individual Document Type Definitions (DTD) can be created to match the structures of each publication. Challenger XT 2.0 allows Web designers to use QuarkXPress to create interactive, DHTML-powered Web pages. Features include: * QuarkXPress styles and layout converted to CSS-based HTML * multi-page documents can be exported with one click * any QuarkXPress page element can be animated using a timeline-based editor * any element can be made "drag & droppable" in a browser window * any page element can be converted to a clickable "popout" window * dynamic JavaScript actions are pre-defined and can be used without coding. * direct export of articles in XML format * automatic creation of individual DTDs (Document Type Definition) for XML pages The CSS output of Challenger XT 2.0 is compatible with both Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0. Challenger XT 2.0 can be purchased in the beginning of September 1998 from HexMac Online Shop (http://sales.hexmac.com) and from The World-Wide Power Company (http://www.thepowerco.com) for $299. -------------------------------------------------- PRICE Updates ForeSight Forecaster for Software, Web Developers PRICE Systems L. L. C., announces the availability of ForeSight 2.0, the newest version of its software solution for forecasting time, effort and costs for commercial and non-military government software projects. ForeSight 2.0's Project Wizard has been expanded to include a Quick Estimate Feature which enables users to develop a first-glance forecast by answering questions concerning the project. The new version also provides the ability to do Web development cost estimations with a new interface that includes forecasting knowledge of Internet and Web based applications, whether client-based, server-based or both. IS managers can obtain both a quick estimate for the cost of a Web site development project as well as a detailed estimate of the costs, facilitating both a smoother implementation and a better understanding of the costs, time and personnel levels necessary to complete the project. The new Microsoft Project 98 interface uses the Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) architecture, which lets two or more applications function together by exposing both applications object properties and methods. Using the COM interface, a script has been constructed in the new version that enables users to interface any ForeSight 2.0 project created with Project 98. COM further enables ForeSight 2.0 to operate within an integrated enterprise environment. Other new features include: * more implementation tools including complexity profiles for: Visual J++, Delphi, Power Builder, JavaScript, VB Scrip, HTML and Front Page * more application types in the Project Wizard selection screen including: Internet, text processing, database, human resources, logistics, management, office productivity, * operating systems and telecommunications applications * auto-lock ability to protect entered or changed values and ability to unlock these values ForeSight 2.0 runs on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT. It is available for $975 per single-user license; bulk rate and site license pricing is also available. For more information, contact PRICE Systems, 700 East Gate Drive, Suite 200, Laurel, NJ 08054, tel. 800-43-PRICE or 609-866-6856; fax 609-866-6789; or via the Internet at either marketing@pricesystems.com or http://www.pricesystems.com. --------------------------------------------------


Ashley Updates Writer's Blocks Story Development Software Trying to create a story line for your new game? Ashley Software has just released version 2.0 of Writer's Blocks, its story development tool for Windows-based writers. Writer's Blocks provides writers with a way to capture, edit, arrange, and organize their ideas. Additional information and a free 30-day trial version can be found on the Writer's Blocks Web site at http://www.writersblocks.com. -------------------------------------------------- DataViz Updates Mac-PC Compatibility Software DataViz has released new versions of its Windows products, MacOpener 4.0 and Conversions Plus 4.5 ($59 and $99 respectively). Added is support for the Windows 98 platform, as well as the new Mac OS disk format for large volume media, "Mac OS Extended Format" or "HFS+". Users can read, write and format this media on their PC with Conversions Plus or MacOpener. Conversions Plus also added new translators for Microsoft Office 98 for the Macintosh. MacOpener 4.0 for Windows allows users to read, write and format all Macintosh media (HD floppy, removable cartridges and CD-ROMs) on Windows (3.1, 95, 98, NT) just like PC disks. With MacOpener users can copy files back and forth between Macintosh formatted disks and their PC. Conversions Plus 4.5 is a Windows utility that includes all the functionality of MacOpener plus the ability to convert word processing, database, spreadsheet and graphic files, and a new tool called Name Doctor to help with file naming issues, such as illegal characters and incorrect file extensions. Contact DataViz at 203-268-0030 x3066 or 800-733-0030. --------------------------------------------------


Free Email Address Directory Passes 400 Listings The Free Email Address Directory listed its 400th free email service last weekend, double the number of companies offering free email just three months ago. Free email is said to be fast becoming the Internet's next "killer app," with most major sites scrambling to provide free email services to their visitors. Free email is catching on rapidly overseas as well, with companies offering services in Chinese, Hebrew, French, Slovakian and over twenty other languages. New services coming online go beyond the basics, offering interactive address books, spell checkers, automatic junk mail filtering and in one case even the option to have email messages read out over a conventional phone. Other services provide free email to fax gateways, email to pager messaging services, and even email to paper-based mail delivery services in over 30 countries worldwide. Find the Free Email Address Directory at http://www.emailaddresses.com/ -------------------------------------------------- Northern Light Adds 1,100 Sources to Research Site Northern Light Technology last week added 1,100 business, health and consumer publication titles to its online Special Collection research library, for a total of over 4,500 premium information sources. Northern Light's research engine combines a Web search engine with access to sources previously unavailable except to users of expensive online services like LEXIS-NEXIS, Dow Jones Interactive, and Dialog. Among the 1,100 new business titles are ENR: Engineering News Record, China Business Review, Health Letter on the CDC, Automotive News and Canadian Banker. Northern Light's Special Collection covers detailed segments of business, contemporary life, health, education, and more. Contact Northern Light at http://www.nlsearch.com. -------------------------------------------------- CyberGold Patents Online Rewards Programs Berkeley, Calif.-based CyberGold received earlier this month United States Patent 5,794,210 for "Attention Brokerage and Orthogonal Sponsorship." The patent gives CyberGold the sole right to pay consumers online incentives - including cash, points, frequent flyer miles or other forms of compensation - whenever consumers demonstrate that they have paid attention to an ad or marketing message or participated in an online loyalty program. The patent covers systems and methods for attention brokerage in an electronic information delivery network using incentives or compensation. The patent also covers another CyberGold invention called "Orthogonal Sponsorship," which allows advertiser-sponsors to detach their ads from specific program content and explicitly target their audiences. For example, a consumer earns a CyberGold cash incentive for participating in an online focus group, then turns around and buys a CD from a Web site with that cash. More information is available at http://www.cybergold.com -------------------------------------------------- RealNetworks, CBT Systems Team for Online Training CBT Systems, a provider of interactive education software for information technology (IT) training, and streaming media specialist RealNetworks, Inc. last week agreed to collaborate on the development of next-generation interactive training solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, CBT Systems plans to standardize on RealNetworks' RealSystem G2 to create multimedia training courseware for Web-based deployment to its customers. CBT Systems plans to integrate and use RealNetwork's RealSystem G2 technology to deliver desktop titles over the Internet and corporate intranets. CBT Systems titles featuring G2 technology are currently in development and are scheduled to begin shipping in the first quarter of 1999. The beta release of RealSystem G2 and shipping versions of RealSystem 5.0 are available at http://www.real.com. CBT Systems is located on the Web at http://www.cbtsys.com. --------------------------------------------------


Vasilyev Releases Free MAX Bones Plug-in Ace graphics programmer Kostya Vasilyev has just released KvBones, a mesh deformation plug-in for 3D Studio MAX. Says Vasilyev: "It is similar to Digimation's BonesPro or Character Studio, but does not have quite so many features; well, it's still a good deal for the price (it's free)." It is relased under GNU General Public License (GPL), which means, among other things, that full source code is available. You may modify / enhance the code, use it for any purpose you wish, as long as you abide by the GPL. A copy of GPL is included in the download. The download is small (85K), so get it at http://www.ncal.verio.com/~kostik/kvBones/index.html and give it a try! And don't forget to get Jeremy Krinitt's documentation and mini-tutorial, too. -------------------------------------------------- VRML Universal Media Element Library Call for Textures Here's a chance to make your mark on the online real-time 3D world. The Virtual Reality Modeling Language Consortium's (VRMLC) Universal Media Element Library Working Group (VRML-UMEL WG) last week issued an open call to content developers for textures to be included in the forthcoming UMEL public domain library. Designed to increase the quality of VRML worlds while reducing network download times, the UMEL aims to change the face of 3D on the Web by allowing media-rich VRML worlds to be delivered smoothly over the Internet at dial-up modem speeds. An official technical working group of the VRMLC (http://www.vrml.org), the VRML-UMEL WG was established in June of 1997 with a charter to increase the realism of VRML worlds and decrease network downloads by defining a small, cross-platform library of locally resident media elements (textures, sounds and VRML objects) and a uniform mechanism by which VRML content creators can incorporate these media elements into their worlds. The VRML-UMEL WG is now defining, and will soon deploy, a public domain core library of locally resident textures, sounds and VRML objects intended to be used across computing platforms by VRML developers. To this end, the group is now accepting texture submissions from content vendors and individuals who wish to contribute to the texture portion of the library. Texture submissions from the following six categories are requested: * backgrounds (sky, space, country, urban, suburban, waters, etc.) * creatures (carapaces, furs, shells, skins, scales, hides, etc.) * finishes (paint, stucco, wallpaper, tiles, flooring, carpet, etc.) * materials (bricks, metals, plastics, stones, woods, liquids, etc. ) * nature (grounds, grass, plants, trees, water, rocks, shrubs, etc.) * urban (lights, pavements, roads, streets, signs, etc.) Submissions will be reviewed for suitability by members of the VRML-UMEL WG. Submit your textures at http://www.vrml.org/WorkingGroups/vrml-umel/ -------------------------------------------------- Viewpoint Updates LiveArt Viewpoint's LiveArt is a nifty $49.95 program that creates customized clip art from 3D data (see Spectrum 26 May 1998). The 1.2 update will be released on the Web at http://www.viewpoint.com/liveart in about two weeks. Said to be faster and more compatible, it also now lets users drag and drop 3D Studio (.3DS) and Microsoft DirectX (.X) format models directly into the SketchPad and into the OLE control (for use in Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Also, at the end of September, the company will give away a standalone version of LiveArt98 with 77 custom models created for Halloween. This is a fully functional version of the software (will not import external models). -------------------------------------------------- Macromedia Updates FreeHand Coming tomorrow from Macromedia is FreeHand 8.0.1, a free update to the company's FreeHand design software. Available September 1 as a free download for registered users from Macromedia's Web site FreeHand 8.0.1 helps designers "multipublish" their content to both the Web and print by supporting the open Flash 3 file format standard and providing compatibility with Photoshop 5. The new Flash 3 support in FreeHand means that FreeHand effects such as editable vector transparency and clipping paths are preserved when files are transferred to Flash. Additionally, the new Flash exporter in FreeHand 8.0.1 reduces the size of Flash (.swf) images and animations exported from FreeHand. Updated compatibility with Photoshop 5 includes seamless export and import, along with drag-and-drop support for Photoshop 5 (.psd) files. This drag-and-drop support extends also to Fireworks, Macromedia's new Web graphics production tool. The FreeHand 8.0.1 updater also supports linked JPEG images for reducing file sizes when transferring files over corporate intranets. For more information, visit http://www.macromedia.com/software/freehand. -------------------------------------------------- Diamond Announces 3Dfx Banshee Board Diamond Multimedia Systems last week announced its Monster-brand 2D and 3D graphics accelerator -- Monster Fusion. Powered by 3Dfx Interactive's Voodoo Banshee processor and 16MB of synchronous RAM, Diamond's new Monster Fusion combines 3D gaming acceleration and a 2D display speed on a single card with support for PC gaming APIs including Glide, Open GL and Direct3D under DirectX 6.0. Available in PCI (SDRAM) and AGP (SGRAM) versions, Diamond's Monster Fusion comes bundled with 3D games including a full version of Motocross Madness by Microsoft for U.S. estimated retail prices (ERP) of $149.95 for the PCI version and $159.95 for the AGP version. Find more info at http://www.diamondmm.com/underground. -------------------------------------------------- Number Nine Announces $219 32MB Graphics Card Beatles diehards Number Nine Visual Technology last week introduced a 32MB (megabyte) version of its Revolution IV graphics accelerator, described as a "mainstream" 32MB graphics card, scheduled to available in September at $219. The 32MB Revolution IV is based on Number Nine's recently announced, fourth-generation, 128-bit graphics chip, Ticket To Ride IV, which integrates various components into a single chip with the following capabilities: * multiple 128-bit 2D and 3D drawing engines * a 430 MFLOPS 3D setup engine * multiple 128-bit wide internal high-speed data pipelines * support for high-bandwidth, 128-bit wide graphics memory * a 128-bit wide memory bus * support for up to 32 MB of high-speed, yet low-cost graphics memory * a 250 Mhz., 128-bit wide Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) Number Nine justifies the larger-than-normal memory size in two ways: * Many 3D-accelerators designed to support AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) equipped computers require 3D textures to be stored in the computer's main memory (AGP Texturing). AGP Texturing is considered a key feature of the AGP bus architecture. However, many industry experts now believe it is far more efficient (and cost effective) to store textures locally on the board itself. While providing some flexibility, certain operating systems such as Windows NT do not support the use of AGP Texturing. Without sufficient memory some 3D AGP cards actually disable 3D acceleration at resolutions beyond 640 x 480 (gaming), making them useless in a real-world working environment. * The large memory model allows the card to support resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 in both 2D and 3D. The extra memory also enables support of 3D triple- and quad-buffering where individual 3D scenes can be generated in the background, queued up, cached and then displayed smoothly and at a consistent frame rate. Find Number Nine online at http://www.nine.com. --------------------------------------------------


Alexa Says 1.5 Million Web Pages Born Daily How many new Web pages are created every day? How large is the Internet? Alexa Internet, provider of the free Web navigation service Alexa, last week released statistics on current Web size, growth and usage determined from data collected through its two-year archiving efforts. To date, the company has archived 12 terabytes of data (equivalent to more than half of all the contents stored by the Library of Congress) and continually analyzes this data to provide "site statistics" and "related links" for users of the Alexa service, available for free from http://www.alexa.com. Some of Alexa's additional recent findings: * a current snapshot of the Web is 3 terabytes, or 3 million megabytes * the Web doubles in size every 8 months * There are approximately 20 million Web content areas (i.e., top-level pages of sites, individual home pages, and significant subsections of corporate Web sites) * 90 percent of all Web traffic is spread over 100,000 different host machines * 50 percent of all traffic goes to the top 900 Web sites --------------------------------------------------


Sony Lowers PlayStation Price to $129 Last year about this time, we predicted Sony would drop the Playstation SRP to $99 for the '98 holiday buying season. We were wrong. But last week, Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that effective August 30, the three-year-old game console will be available to consumers for $129. The company also announced lower prices on some peripherals, including memory cards and controllers, and the addition of more than a dozen titles to the "Greatest Hits" collection, a series of the PlayStation games available for as low as $19.99. Current North American installed base is said to be more than 11.5 million consoles, with life-to-date software sales exceeding 85 million units. The new "Greatest Hits" inductees include: Cool Boarders 2; Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back; 1Extreme, formerly known as ESPN Extreme Games; Jet Moto 2; and Twisted Metal 2. Visit http://www.playstation.com. -------------------------------------------------- Creatures 2 Life Sim Hits Stores The Mindscape division of The Learning Company has released the sequel to Creatures, a virtual life simulation that has sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide. The title, now available for Windows, will be released in a Mac version early next year Norns (virtual pets) still learn, talk and reproduce, but according to Mindscape, they are smarter now. An expanded vocabulary and 120 new facial expressions let them tell their owners when they are happy, sad, hungry, depressed or frightened. A new interface also makes it easier to play with them. Creatures 2's new world is twice the size of the original Creatures environment. A virtual ecosystem includes plants, cacti, insects, sea creatures, butterflies, fish, caterpillars, bees and ants, plus wind, temperature, clouds and seasonal weather patterns that affect the Norns' health and behavior. New toys and objects include a volcano, a fishing rod, a dog to chase balls and be tickled, and a fully functioning water wheel. Also new in Creatures 2 is a scavenger hunt that activates five new features as the Norns pick up a variety of items. These features are: * a neuroscience kit * ability to scroll all around the map of the Creatures 2 world * chemicals to inject into the creatures * ability to select Grendels (bad guys) and a brand new species called Ettins and run applets with them * a genetics slicer to cross-breed Norns, Grendels and Ettins The internal systems of Creatures 2 Norns are more complex than those of their predecessors. The new Norns have improved digestive and immune systems, as well as actual organs. New brain lobes and neurotransmitters increase their intelligence and learning ability. An import tool will safely upgrade original Creatures Norns into the Creatures 2 environment. The official Creatures 2 Web site is at http://creatures.mindscape.com. Developer CyberLife's Creatures 2 Web site is at http://www.creatures2.com. -------------------------------------------------- Activision Publish CD-ROM Game Based on Teen Magazine In an attempt to create a new entertainment software market targeted toward teenage girls, Activision will publish Teen Digital Diva, a CD-ROM game based Teen magazine. Developed by Girl Games, Inc., Teen Digital Diva is entertainment software aimed at girls ages 12 - 17. The title will be available for the PC this fall. Teen Digital Diva lets girls create their own Teen magazine and gives them access to makeup styles and fashion ideas to design their own magazine issues. Comprised of a variety of customizable sections, Teen Digital Diva allows players to create virtual makeovers, try out fashions, write their own articles, generate personalized horoscopes, customize and take personality quizzes, as well as produce printouts and emails of their creations. Features include animations, "hip" music and over-the-top characters. Girl Games is also the creator of the online community for girls, http://www.planetgirl.com. Contact Activision at http://www.activision.com. -------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Zone No. 1 Internet Gaming Site, Adds Titles Gamers love to knock Microsoft, but when the Bellevue Behemoth offers a free lunch, they eagerly bite. Microsoft announced last week that its Internet Gaming Zone (http://www.zone.com/) held the No. 1 place to play games on the Internet, according to the monthly ratings by "PC Meter" company Media Metrix, posting a higher reach than any of its core competitors. Home to more than two million registered members and supporting more than 16,000 gamers simultaneously at peak times, the Zone provides free classic card, board and puzzle games and matchmaking services for today's most popular game titles. Also, the Zone will provide free multiplayer gaming support for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, RedStorm Entertainment's action/strategy game based on Tom Clancy's novel of the same name, and Total Annihilation, Cavedog Entertainment's real-time strategy game. The latter deal also encompasses Cavedog's two recent expansion packs, Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency and Total Annihilation: Battle Tactics. -------------------------------------------------- Black Isle Announces Planescape RPG Black Isle Studios, the role-playing game (RPG) division of Interplay Productions, last week announced their latest endeavor, Planescape Torment. The title will be the first computer RPG set in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons world of Planescape, and is being developed using the real-time game system powered by the Bioware Infinity Engine from Baldur's Gate. The engine houses an expansive, detailed game environment with rendered, non-tiled backgrounds and real-time lighting and weather effects. It will also feature large background animations and spell effects. Torment will be available for on CD-ROM for Windows 95-based computers in spring 1999. The producer of the title is 15-year computer gaming industry veteran, German-born Guido Henkel, known for his work on Sirtech's Realms of Arkania series. Other members of the Planescape Torment team include lead designer Chris Avellone, lead artist Tim Donley and Colin McComb. McComb worked at TSR for several years creating the original Planescape universe for their tabletop RPG series, and will contribute design on Planescape Torment. Torment is an epic story of an immortal character who suffers from amnesia and must search for his own past, identity and destiny. At its core, Torment is a mystery with the player's character as the central enigma. The player dies, only to find himself miraculously resurrected in a strange place with his memory completely erased. Someone or something is stalking the player's character and the main plot element is the player to figure out who, and more importantly what, keeps killing him. Throughout the game, curiosity, fear, greed, survival, self-defense and revenge will all take turns driving the character toward an unforgettable end. More information is available at http://www.interplay.com. -------------------------------------------------- Gabriel Knight III Gets New Producer Sierra Studios announced Steven Hill as the new producer of the real-time 3D adventure game, Gabriel Knight III: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned. Before joining the GKIII team, Hill worked on Rama, being developed by Dynamix, a Sierra company. Due to recent changes and game engine modifications, GKIII is now scheduled to ship Spring 1999. Jane Jensen, the writer and designer of the Gabriel Knight series, said, "Steven has a good understanding of what Gabriel Knight is about and a commitment to quality that will be apparent in the final product." In GKIII, Gabriel and his companion, Grace, are invited to the home of a dethroned royal scion who has asked him to help uncover the answers to recent bizarre, possibly supernatural, events taking place inside the family's close circles. Concerned with the safety of his newborn son, the scion's nightmares become a reality when a kidnapper snatches his son, apparently the key to the century-old enigma surrounding the royal family. Through Gabriel's quest, he follows the kidnappers to Rennes-le-Chateau, where he learns that the mystery surrounding the Prince's family, and this ancient little town, are not only connected, but that they both involve very real political agendas and ancient secrets. Find more at http://www.sierrastudios.com -------------------------------------------------- ASC Games Gets Animaniacs License ASC Games last week signed a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to use the characters from the television series "Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs." ASC Games plans to use the characters in the upcoming sequel to last year's PC and PlayStation bowling game, Ten Pin Alley. The sequel, entitled Animaniacs Ten Pin Alley, will feature nine of the characters in a new storyline, as well as give players the option of bowling as their favorite Animaniac. The PlayStation title is expected to hit store shelves this December. Gamers can select one of three bowling centers: "Ten Pin Alley," "Animaniacs Alley" and "The World Domination Tournament Alley," and various scoring methods. As with the original, the new title will allow gamers to control the aim, spin, power and release point of the ball. Some of the new features include the option of bowling as a righty or a lefty and a bumper bowling simulation. Visit http://www.ascgames.com. --------------------------------------------------


Game Developers Conference Announces '99 Advisory Board The Game Developers Conference (formerly CGDC) last week announced the 1999 GDC Advisory Board, comprised of 15 game development industry experts. The members are: -Hal Barwood, LucasArts Entertainment -Tim Brengle -Louis Castle, Westwood Studios -Elaine Ditton, Incredible Technologies -Alex Dunne, Game Developer magazine -Andrea Futter, Purple Moon -Ron Gilbert, Humongous/Cavedog Entertainment -Chris Hecker, definition six -Roger Holzberg, Walt Disney Imagineering -Robert Huebner, Nihilistic Software -Dale Mauk, Hypnos Entertainment -Mark Miller, Harmonix Music Systems -David Perry, Shiny Entertainment -Robert Tercek, Sony Online -Josh White, Vector Graphics The conference is scheduled for March 15-19, 1999, in San Jose, Calif. The over 300 conference sessions offered at the GDC are solicited from community members, and the Advisory Board works with conference management to craft the final set of sessions that are presented at the GDC. For more information, see http://www.gdconf.com --------------------------------------------------


Silicon Valley WebGuild Meeting to Address Web Standards Project The lack of standards support in Web browsers increases the cost of Web development projects by at least 25 percent and causes fragmentation of the Web as a whole. Three Web development authorities discuss the Web Standards Project, which is working to persuade the top browser makers to improve standards support. When: Wed., Sept. 16, 1998 Where: Cisco Systems, Bldg. J, 255 Tasman Dr., San Jose Topic: The Browser War and Web Standards Schedule: 6pm Networking; 7-9pm Program Panelists (all founding members of the Web Standards Project at http://www.Webstandards.org/ ): * Glenn Davis, CTO, Project Cool (http://www.projectcool.com/) * Dan Shafer, Editorial Director, CNET BUILDER.COM (http://www.builder.com/) * Jeffrey Veen, Executive Interface Director, Wired Digital (http://www.hotwired.com/) Cost: Free Contacts: Ted Resnick, 415-597-1127, tedres@dnai.com, OR Cheryl Downing, 408-257-1049, cdowning@best.com URL: http://www.Webguild.org --------------------------------------------------


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