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Today's Headlines (details below)

--Infospace Ships Java Web-OLAP Solution

--Skunk Launches Entao Visual Chat

--Extensis Updates Media-Management App

--iREZ Offers Full-Motion Video Capture for Apple Laptops

--Service Offers Editing of Web Site Content, Style

--Arial Releases Spamware

--Internet Start-Up Announces New Advertising Model

--Digimation to Show New 3DS MAX Plug-ins at SIGGRAPH

--Xaos Brings Photoshop Plug-ins to Windows Users

--i/us Offers Online Resource for Visual Professionals

--Web Security Focus of Summer WWW Journal

--Activision to Continue Avalon Hill Strategy Game Series

--Viewpoint Acquires Syndesis, ThinkFish Intel to Acquire Chips and Technologies

--O'Reilly, ActiveState to Offer Perl Resource Kit

--Nationwide Advertising Service Acquires E.span

--Game of the Week: Carmageddon

--H+a Launches Web Site for VRML Action Adventure Game

--SFSU Multimedia Studies Program to Offer Open House

--Jupiter to Offer Online Advertising Forum in NYC

--Java Internet Business Expo this Month in NYC

--SF Forum to Features New Media Pundits

--Electronic Commerce '97 Conference in Boston

--About Spectrum



Infospace Ships Java Web-OLAP Solution

Infospace, Inc. announces the shipment of SpaceOLAP 1.0, a Java online analytical processing (OLAP) application designed for the Web and corporate intranet. It provides native access to the industry's leading OLAP sources, Arbor Essbase and Oracle Express, as well as to Gentia Software's Gentia through the first implementation of the OLAP Council's MD-API.

SpaceOLAP enables companies to design and publish multidimensional data to users through a Web browser. End users view presentations of interactive, two- and three- dimensional Java charts (SpaceCharts) and pivot tables (Space Table), with drill-down and rotational capabilities. Driven by a central, multi-threaded Java server, SpaceOLAP is a scalable, network computing solution that offers companies a platform-independent alternative to client/server decision support solutions.

SpaceOLAP executes from a centralized Java server that is housed on, or addressable by, a Web server. Since it is written in Java, the Infospace Java server can be loaded onto most hardware platforms that support Sun Microsystems' Java Virtual Machine 1.0.2. Client-side functionality is achieved by downloading Java applets to any Web browser that supports Java.

SpaceOLAP supports native connectivity to Oracle Express and Arbor Essbase, as well as access to Gentia Software's Gentia through the OLAP Council's MD-API.

For more information, visit http://www.infospace-inc.com



Skunk Launches Entao Visual Chat

Skunk Technologies will launch their new Java visual chat application at the Los Angeles New Media Roundtable (LAwNMoweR) "Chat Off" to be held at Paramount Studios on August 6th.

Entao (pronounced en-DOW) Visual Chat is cross-platform, operates inside all major Web browsers and downloads onto a Web site guest's computer in less than a minute at 28.8 speeds.

"Engaging" visuals and ease of use allow an unlimited number of individuals to interact in real time, and even enable guests to express themselves using recorded sounds.

Entao Visual Chat is an interactive chat environment that allows visitors to explore virtual worlds online while in the guise of a customizable graphical representation known as an avatar. An avatar is a visual representation of a guest in the chat environment, like a mask at a costume ball.

According to Skunk, all computation-intensive software resides on the server while information is streamed to users in real time. A record feature can be enabled to record all dialog and interaction within the chat environment. The log can be used to profile guests and tailor pushed entertainment and advertising content directly to them. The system also contains an advertising banner component that allows hosts to sell advertising space within the chat environment. Advertisers' messages appear in a banner above the chat window that has video streaming capabilities and hotlinks to the advertisers' own Web site.

Administrators can create their own chat environments and avatars using proprietary artwork. Entao Visual Chat permits system administrators an open palette to create unique and branded visual environments for guests to explore and customized avatars to represent both users and hosts/moderators.

Entao currently supports Sun Microsystems' Sparc and Ultra-Sparc based workstations and servers, Intel x86 Personal Computers and Servers, Apple Macintosh and Macintosh Compatibles, Hewlett-Packard Workstations & Servers, Silicon Graphics Workstations and Servers, Linux-based Systems, BeOS Systems, and Network Computers & Net PCs.

Entao Visual Chat will be available August 7. Sales information is available by calling 1-888-88SKUNK or mailto:sales@skunktech.com or at the Web site: http://www.skunktech.com/





Extensis Updates Media-Management App

Extensis Corporation, a developer of productivity enhancement software for graphics applications, has just shipped Extensis Portfolio 3.0, an upgrade to its media-management application, Fetch 1.5. The newly rebranded Portfolio 3.0 has been re-engineered and redesigned with a more powerful database engine. Portfolio 3.0 features a cross-platform solution, multi-user capabilities and a host of catalog administration enhancements.

Extensis Portfolio organizes volumes of digital media (from local drives, over networks and from removable storage devices), including images, sounds, movies, and documents into a single, visual catalog. It builds visual catalogs by automatically creating entries that include detailed reference information and thumbnail images, and lets individual and multiple users working on Macintosh and Windows systems to simultaneously work with digital media.

Portfolio 3.0 is available for users working on Macintosh and Windows systems for an estimated street price of $99.95. For more information, visit http://www.extensis.com



iREZ Offers Full-Motion Video Capture for Apple Laptops

iREZ Research Corp. announced CapSure, a full-motion analog capture card said to offer Apple PowerBook 2400 and 3400 laptop owners full-screen, 30fps video preview from composite and S-video sources.

a technology called ZoomedVideo allows the add-in card to take analog video signals from a VCR or camcorder and direct it into the screen's video buffer. This bypasses the PC's system bus, delivering data at rates up to 27 Megabytes (MB) per second. This process does not tax the processor, leaving it available for other tasks.

The CapSure card comes complete as its own ZoomedVideo based PC-card, ZV software drivers and bundled with Apple Video Player.

Incorporating an on-board Digital Signal Processor (DSP), it gives the user control over a full set of video features like Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation. The CapSure card will also auto switch to any video standard in the world.

Find iREZ at http://www.irez.com/




Service Offers Editing of Web Site Content, Style

Internet Web Advertising Services (IWAS), a newly founded Internet services company, last week introduced a Web site (http://www.iwas.com/siteediting) detailing the company's new Web site editorial services.

IWAS will review a Web site for problems with copy (grammar, spelling, punctuation) and style (graphics, ease of navigation, color choices) and provide a site editing report via email listing site problems and suggested remedies. Updating of HTML to incorporate the recommended changes is available as an optional service.

Web publishing projects in large organizations typically pass through several levels of in-house review, including professional editing of text and graphics. In contrast, many small businesses and not-for-profit organizations rely on one or two people for all Web site development and review.

"This service levels the playing field for smaller organizations and do-it-yourself marketers on the Web," said Ted Gausmann, founder of IWAS.

IWAS also expects the Web site editing service to be useful to international companies targeting the U.S. market and to ESL (English as a Second Language) Web site developers.



Arial Releases Spamware

Arial Software has released Campaign 2.5 for Windows 95. Priced at $39 (personal edition), $79 (standard edition) and $99 (PRO edition), Campaign 2.5 generates and delivers mass-"personalized" email messages to customers, prospects and members by reading information out of a user's existing database. Supporting popular database formats (like MS Access, dBase, FoxPro, ASCII, Paradox and more), Campaign also generates and sends follow-up emails, said to boost customer loyalty, decrease customer service loads and increase repeat sales.

Campaign 2.5 is available now at http://www.arialsoftware.com and comes in a trial version that unlocks with a serial number. Arial claims that because Campaign does not offer email stripping capabilities ("hijacking"), it is not a "spamming" tool, but rather a professional customer communications system that dramatically leverages the ability of one individual to effectively reach thousands of people with timely information.

Campaign 2.5 requires Windows 95 and either a LAN-based email system or a dial-up email account with an Internet ISP. It works with all SMTP mail accounts and sends an average of 1,000 emails / hour. Other features include the ability to automatically retry failed emails and to clean up and re-start failed SMTP connections. Campaign 2.5 also supports an unlimited number of email messages, criteria definitions, database sources, or calendar events.

For more information, call (503) 646-4515.



Internet Start-Up Announces New Advertising Model

Big Bang Media, LLC, a Manhattan Beach, California-based start-up, announces "Big Bang"--an approach to advertising on the Internet said to address the nagging concerns of Web surfers (namely, "relevance" and "more control" over the ads they see, the information the ads link them to and the special offers they hope to find at the advertisers' Web sites) and the nagging concerns of advertisers (namely, lack of precise targeting by individual).

"When you look at the alternatives out there now and at what's been proposed," said Paul D. Angles, Chairman and CEO, "they generally involve no privacy for Web surfers, not enough income for Web sites after discounting, selling expenses and commissions, and they don't deliver enough value in terms of click-through rates and targeting efficiency for the advertisers. These are critical issues and, for the Internet to continue its phenomenal growth, they need to be addressed."

Big Bang, located at [ http://www.bigbang.com ] starts by asking Web surfers to fill out a short questionnaire.

Signees are promised:

  1. absolute privacy protection (Big Bang is a charter member of e-Trust)
  2. (2) more relevant advertising on "stuff" (products and services) they're really interested in

(3) payment for seeing and responding to the "more-relevant" advertising.

When registered, surfers go back to "surfing as usual" or, if they so chose, can go directly to sites affiliated with Big Bang (they're all listed on Big Bang's site).

When they visit a site or a page on a site that's part of the Big Bang system, they automatically receive a banner ad based on the preferences stated on their Big Bang sign-up questionnaire. Then, Big Bang pays the surfer one cent for every ad shown and an additional five cents if he or she clicks-through to the advertiser's Web site for information and, oftentimes, at money-saving "deal" from the advertiser.

Websurfers can receive up to $20 per month, either in the form of a credit to their monthly Internet bills, frequent flyer miles, or donations to non-profits.





Digimation to Show New 3DS MAX Plug-ins at SIGGRAPH

Digimation, Inc. announces 15 new plug-in routines for 3D Studio MAX to be shown at this year's SIGGRAPH '97 Convention, taking place this week in Los Angeles. The products being shown include: Bones Pro MAX 2.0, LenZFX MAX, Fractal Flow MAX, Clay Studio Pro, Splash! MAX, Illustrate! 2.0, Pandora, Shag: Fur, MultiPlane MAX, Chameleon, Ultrashock, and The Incredible Comicshop.

Visit Digimation on the Web at http://www.digimation.com , or contact the company directly at 504-468-7898.



Xaos Brings Photoshop Plug-ins to Windows Users

Ending years of "Mac-envy" among design professionals familiar with its plug-in products for Adobe Photoshop, San Francisco-based Xaos Tools (pronounced "chaos") last week announced Windows 95/NT versions of its Paint Alchemy 2, TypeCaster, and Terrazzo 2 plug-ins.

Xaos also announced Total Xaos, a software bundle that includes Paint Alchemy 2, TypeCaster, and Terrazzo 2 for a retail price of $169. The regular retail price of these products is $199 each. In addition to the three plug-ins, Total Xaos also includes Fresco, a CD-ROM collection of royalty-free images created by artist George Lawson.

The plug-ins offer predefined, customizable paint, type, and background effects.

Paint Alchemy 2 is a paint effects engine that allows users to apply painter's brushstrokes to a Photoshop image. It offers more than 100 preset brush styles and painting effects such as impressionist and colored pencil as well as flashier effects like smoke, threads, or bubbles. Control palettes enable adjusting brush size, angle, color, stroke, and transparency.

TypeCaster is a 3D type rendering tool that works directly inside Photoshop, allowing users to create type with adjustable depth, texture, and light source shading.

Terrazzo 2 is a tiling and background tool. Users create a symmetrical tiled background by selecting one of 17 tiling symmetries and then selecting any portion of any image. Tiles are automatically arranged into a seamless background for Web pages, textile designs, and more.

Find Xaos Tools online at http://www.xaostools.com




i/us Offers Online Resource for Visual Professionals

The privately held i/us Corporation launched its namesake i/us ( http://www.i-us.com ) site last week, which is aimed at helping Web- and print-based designers and publishers work more effectively.

The site has been designed to let visitors who use design and publishing tools to exchange technical information in a variety of ways. It hosts threaded discussion software, providing more than 80 software- and hardware-related topics backed up by a moderator team of 42 veteran users.

Visitors can also contact and communicate with one another using the live Graphic Chat server, as well as members of the Graphic Network paging service. Cold Fusion-based directories allow visitors to make entries and search listings within such categories as user groups, service bureaus, training firms and positions available/wanted.




Web Security Focus of Summer WWW Journal

O'Reilly & Associates and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) have released the Summer '97 issue of the World Wide Web Journal, "Web Security: A Matter of Trust." This issue refocuses the debate over securing electronic commerce--it goes beyond cryptography and discusses "Trust Management," a new approach to protecting open, decentralized systems like the Web.

The technical papers in "Web Security: A Matter of Trust" lead off with Rohit Khare and Adam Rifkin's overview, "Weaving a Web of Trust." A gamut of security-related topics are covered: digital signature legality (C.

Bradford Biddle); medical records privacy issues (Lincoln Stein); cryptography and the Web (Simson Garfinkel and Gene Spafford); REFEREE: a trust management system for Web applications (presented at WWW6 by Yang-Hua Chu); as well as articles on government access to encryption, security for the domain name system, and more. The "W3C Reports" section looks at W3C's Digital Signature Initiative (DSI) and Joint Electronic Payment Initiative (JEPI).

Trust Management means answering tough questions: Who is authorized to look at this data? Why? And on whose authority? To warrant the trust of business and consumers, Web security must protect real-world applications such as health care, electronic commerce, and protected "lockboxes" for digital content. This demands more than a purely technological solution-it requires careful administration, the deployment of new cryptographic protocols, and an infrastructure for public key distribution. "Web Security: A Matter of Trust" is the first resource to examine these elements of Web security and, in the context of Trust Management, integrate them into a working model for building a secure Web.




Activision to Continue Avalon Hill Strategy Game Series

Activision, Inc. has acquired worldwide rights to exclusively develop and publish future interactive titles based on Avalon Hill Game Company's Civilization strategy board game.

According to PC Data, Civilization computer games based on the best-selling board game have sold nearly one million copies to date in North America.

Under the terms of the agreement, Activision obtained long-term rights to produce an unlimited number of Civilization interactive games.

In Civilization, players begin with a single, small population which they must strategically cultivate into a mighty civilization. The game challenges players to overcome such catastrophes as volcanoes, famine and civil war as they build the military, political, scientific and artistic strength of their population into the most advanced empire in the world.

Activision's Web site is located at http://www.activision.com



Viewpoint Acquires Syndesis, ThinkFish

Viewpoint DataLabs, a provider of 3D digital content creation and publishing, has acquired Syndesis Corporation. This acquisition brings the 3D data translation technology, InterChange, to Viewpoint's family of products. The integration of InterChange technology with Viewpoint's expansive 3D model libraries enables conversion between multiple 3D file formats.

Viewpoint will include a demo version of InterChange on its DataShop Premier CD-ROM library, which will allow users to convert the 25 provided sample 3D objects. To convert other objects, users must purchase the software, whose standard pricing ranges from $495 for a single-user Intel-based version, to $4,495 for a five-user Unix-based version .

Viewpoint has also acquired San Francisco-based software start-up ThinkFish Productions, Inc. ThinkFish is the creator of LiveStyles, an "artistic" 3D software technology. LiveStyles uses proprietary techniques to draw 3D scenes in the styles of 2D art from the human hand. These styles range from pencil, paint, charcoal, and cartoon, to artist-based styles reminiscent of Picasso and Monet, to the deeply abstract and experimental.

Whether delivered interactively or as still images, LiveStyles media is said to be smaller than other 2D or 3D media types.

The LiveStyles technology and style libraries will be integrated with Viewpoint's library of 3D models.

Viewpoint ( http://www.viewpoint.com ) is privately held and based in Orem, Utah.



Intel to Acquire Chips and Technologies

Intel Corporation has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Chips and Technologies, Inc., based in San Jose, California. The acquisition is aimed at advancing capabilities for graphics and visual computing in mobile personal computers.

The terms of the agreement provide for Intel to commence a cash tender offer in the near future for all outstanding shares of Chips and Technologies at a price of $17.50 per share. The terms further provide for a merger of Chips and Technologies with a subsidiary of Intel in which all remaining outstanding shares of Chips and Technologies will be converted into the right to receive $17.50 per share. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and other conditions.

Chips and Technologies is said to be the market segment leader for notebook graphics accelerator chips. The company is currently sampling graphics accelerators with integrated memory.

Chips and Technologies will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation and part of Intel's Graphics Components Division. Jim Stafford, Chips and Technologies' president and chief executive officer, will join Intel as a vice president of the company's Desktop Products Group. He will team with Avtar Saini, vice president and general manager of the Platform Components Division, to co-manage Intel's Graphics Component Division in Folsom and San Jose, California.

Current Chips and Technologies employees will become employees of Intel.

Intel does not anticipate any immediate changes to Chips and Technologies' product line, and Chips and Technologies will continue to manufacture and provide its products to customers under existing arrangements for the foreseeable future.



O'Reilly, ActiveState to Offer Perl Resource Kit

O'Reilly & Associates, an Internet publisher and software developer, is now working closely with ActiveState Tool Corporation, a new company founded by Dick Hardt.

Hardt is widely considered to be the leading expert on Perl for Win32 systems. The two companies will share development projects, beginning with O'Reilly & Associates' "Perl Resource Kit - NT Edition," scheduled for release in Q1, 1998, O'Reilly & Associates has announced.

Hardt, Chief Technology Officer and President of ActiveState, was the creator of the Win32 implementation of Perl 5, including its support for Active Server Pages (ASP) with PerlScript.

"Perl Resource Kit - NT Edition" will include an online help system, a Perl compiler, a Perl development environment, and four books: "Perl Module Programmers' Guide," "Perl Module Reference" (two volumes), and "Perl Utilities." "Perl Resource Kit - NT Edition," scheduled for a Q1, 1998 release, is the second of two such kits. The first, "Perl Resource Kit - Unix Edition," is being written and developed by Larry Wall, creator of Perl, along with Nathan Patwardhan, Clay Irving, and others. That product is scheduled for a November, 1997 release.

ActiveState, formerly known as ActiveWare, was incorporated in early July, 1997. O'Reilly is an investor in ActiveState.



Nationwide Advertising Service Acquires E.span

Nationwide Advertising Service (NAS) announceds E.span--an online recruitment service--has become an affiliated company through common ownership.

E.span has been purchased by Nationwide's shareholder group, and the two companies will offer an integrated and expanded online service for clients.

The NAS shareholder group is headed by New Jersey investor Gordon Gund and assumes control of E.span from former owner J. Bruce Laughery, who will continue as an advisor to the business. In addition, Timothy Orbaugh, Ph.D., remains as president of E.span.

Organizations and individuals use E.span to search job databases, study company profiles and distribute resumes electronically.

E.span provides proprietary services including ResumeMail, CareerMail, and Knowledgepoint Job Descriptions. New capabilities will let clients integrate their Web pages with E.span for job postings and other human resources needs.

Find E.span, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, online at http://www.espan.com.




Game of the Week: Carmageddon

As I point out regularly in these virtual pages, I'm no fan of racing games. It seems three or four new titles come out every week for the various gaming platforms, and as far as I'm concerned, that's usually three or four too many. Thus, it was with no great enthusiasm that I installed Carmageddon, just out from Interplay for DOS or Win95 PCs, and began to play. I should've known better: In general, Interplay doesn't do ordinary games.

Carmageddon is, hands down, the best driving game I've ever played. The basic premise is simple: race around various 3D environments (the first is a generic cityscape; that's as far as I've gotten), run over hapless pedestrians and smash into rival drivers. It's ostensibly a race course, and there are checkpoints, but you don't get anything for passing them, except the ability to progress through the game if you also accomplish the other goals. You do get points for the aforementioned goals, plus money (useful for in-game repairs, plus upgrading your vehicle between games), and most importantly in the single-player version, extra time. The faster you're going when you hit a target, the higher you score. And if you hit another vehicle head-on, or hit two pedestrians at once, or pull other types of "stylish" maneuvers, you get bonus points. You also get time and other goodies by hitting barrels scattered around the gamescape.

Yes, it's a violent game, but it's cartoon violence, with terrific sound effects including squealing tires, crunching metal and screaming pedestrians, plus great reactions by your driver in the rear-view mirror.

What makes Carmageddon really special is the realistic physics. If make a fast turn, you go up on two wheels. If you drive into the lake in the first area, you hit mines that toss you around like a tin can. While Carmageddon is certainly great fun, if you're not squeamish, it's also a very impressive simulation of real-world physics, with aggressive AI on the part of the computer players.

There are five different 3D environments with 36 race courses. For smashing up your friends, the game supports seven different network games against up to five other players, with only one CD required. Hats off to developer SCi Ltd. and Stainless Software for a sickeningly inspired game of good old-fashioned mayhem and fast driving.



H+a Launches Web Site for VRML Action Adventure Game

Toronto, Ontario-based I. Hoffmann + Associates Inc. (H+a) announces the launch of the Mortalus Web site ( http://www.mortalus.com ), in anticipation of the release of Mortalus, CD-ROM & DVD action adventure game. The site provides visitors with a glimpse of the game's 3D environments, logic games and plot.

The Mortalus Web site uses such plug-ins as Macromedia's Shockwave, Live Picture's RealSpace Viewer 1.0 and Apple's QuickTime.

Features include: ( some features still under construction) * story synopsis

* interactive Shockwave games

* GIF animations

* 3D VRML puzzles

* 360-degree panoramas

* game stills

* hints and clues

* chat room

* feedback and FAQs

* sound clips

* the making of Mortalus

* blue screen video, SGI animations




SFSU Multimedia Studies Program to Offer Open House

When: Fri., Aug. 15, 6-9 pm

This free open house will include an information session, class demonstrations, student and faculty multimedia presentations, MSP Technology Partner booths and much more. Sponsored by the SFSU College of Extended Learning, SFSU Downtown Center, 425 Market Street, San Francisco.

Call (415) 904-7740 for more information, or visit http://msp.sfsu.edu



Jupiter to Offer Online Advertising Forum in NYC

Reps of consumer brands such as Nike, Lifesavers, Dockers, and Disney will converge in New York City for Jupiter Communications' ONLINE ADVERTISING 2 conference and expo, to be held at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers in NYC, August 12-14, to debate whether the Web is ready for prime time.

With big consumer brands starting to add online into their media campaigns, ad buyers and sellers-and everyone in between-are jostling for position in the growing market. Advertisers see a chance to gain mind share among consumers in the new medium. Publishers see badly needed revenues, and a host of others-from agencies to auditors-see the chance to help the two sides meet.

Confirmed keynoters include Mark Kvamme of CKS Group, Scott Kurnit of The Mining Company, and Tom Phillips of ABC News Internet & ESPN Internet Ventures. Walter Forbes of CUC and Jerry Kaplan of OnSale will keynote the pre-conference seminar on Online Shopping.

For further information, contact Jupiter at 212-780-6060 or 800-773-4545.

Visit Jupiter online at http://www.jup.com



Java Internet Business Expo this Month in NYC

Coming up August 25-28 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, The Java Internet Business Expo includes keynote speeches by such technology executives as:

· John M. Thompson, senior vice president and software group executive, IBM

· Jim Barksdale, president and CEO, Netscape Corporation

· Dr. Eric Schmidt, chairman of the board and CEO, Novell, Inc.

· Larry Ellison, chairman and CEO, Oracle Corporation

· Scott McNealy, chairman, president and CEO, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Also, more than 150 companies will be exhibiting Java and Internet applications that organizations are using today.

The five conference tracks will include:

· Enterprise Computing with Java

· Applying Java in the Real World

· Java Commerce and Security

· Java Technologies and Roadmap for the Future

· Java Development Practices and Tools Advisory Board and Program Committee

For additional information or to register, contact SOFTBANK Forums at (888) 528-2397 (U.S. only) or (415) 372-7069, or Stacey Bender, Bender-Hammerling Group, Phone: 201-744-0707, mailto:pr@bender-hammerling.com



SF Forum to Features New Media Pundits

Are we losing our selves in cyberspace? Or are we finding each other?

Leaders in new media will debate these and other questions as they examine the human side of the digital age at the NTT New Media Minds Forum - "Intelligence, Technology & ARTificial Society: Who or what are we becoming?" The four-part forum, which includes lectures and panels, is presented by the San Francisco State University New Media Institute in association with LEONARDO/ISAST. NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation), the title sponsor, is a telecommunications multimedia company headquartered in Japan. The lineup is:

· Jaron Lanier, Thursday, September 11, 7:30 pm

· "A Cyber-Feminine Perspective," a panel featuring Denise Caruso, Linda Jacobson, Marleen McDaniel and Soledad O'Brien (moderator), Thursday, September 25, 7:30 pm

· Thomas Dolby Robertson, Thursday, October 9, 7:30 pm

· "Virtual Communities and Virtual Worlds," a panel featuring Linda Stone, Mark Pesce, Char Davies, Sandy Stone, Gail Williams and Bruce Damer (moderator), Wednesday, October 22, 7:00 pm

All events will be held at the Center for the Arts Yerba Buena Gardens.

The first three will be in their Forum facility, the last one in their Theater.

For information and updates, check the SFSU Multimedia Studies program Web site at http://msp.sfsu.edu or call (415) 904-7740.



Electronic Commerce '97 Conference in Boston

CLE International is sponsoring the Electronic Commerce 1997 Conference on September 22 & 23, 1997 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston, MA, and providing a faculty of experts who will discuss issues of concern

The keynote address will be given by U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) presenting on "Policy and Legislative Issues." The conference is aimed at in-house lawyers and private practitioners, financial institution managers, software developers and publishers, vendors and service providers, high technology company executives and anyone else involved in conducting business on the Internet and intranets.

Full conference agenda is available on the Web through http://www.cleinternational.com and directly at http://www.cleinternational.com/bosele97.html




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