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WEBMEISTER --Lernout & Hauspie Announces Real-Time Internet Audio Product --GEO Introduces Emblaze VideoPro for Streaming Video --PictureTalk Announces Second-Generation Screencasting Solutions --Web Graphics App Beta Available for Free Download DEVELOPER'S TOOLBOX --Three D Upgrades Perspective for Java Charting Tool --Mixed Signals, Veon Announce Interactive Television Authorers IN THE INFOGROOVE --Midisoft Releases Internet Media Player v3.0 --Webroot Releases WinGuardian Web Monitoring Tool for Parents, Employees GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING --Equilibrium Adds Animation, Digital Video Features to DeBabelizer --Viewpoint Releases Interchange 5.0 for Windows --Adobe Announces New PhotoDeluxe Home Edition --Ligos Introduces Software MPEG Player WEBSIGHTINGS --Taxpayers for Common Sense Action Launches Congressional Scorecard CONSUMER CHANNEL --Aftermath Media Debuts Interactive Movie Tender Loving Care THE DIALS & LEVERS OF POWER --Webskills Launches FreshFace Multimedia Talent Bank --Report Reveals Growing Market for Software, Online Courseware DEALS --Microsoft Signs Development Deal with Total Annihilation Designer GAMES PEOPLE PLAY --3DO Ships Meridian 59 Insurrection --Activision Announces Pool Hustler for Playstation --Red Baron Goes 3D Accelerated and Multiplayer --Redneck Deer Huntin' Opens Season on Retail Markets --Konami Announces International Superstar Soccer '98 HAPPENINGS --Canada Hosts Game Design Event F.Y.I. --About Spectrum --------------------------------------------------


Lernout & Hauspie Announces Real-Time Internet Audio Product Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products (L&H) has released L&H Audio Cafe, a Java applet that makes speech and music available to Web site visitors. The audio is delivered over the Internet through standard HTTP protocol. The developer of speech and linguistic technologies is also sponsoring a contest for Web developers who most creatively use the applet on their sites. Audio Café lets developers add sound to Web sites from Microsoft FrontPage. Developers click on a pull-down menu in the FrontPage editor and select Audio Café as an option. Once they select it, a screen wizard walks them through the steps of inserting sound from the built-in library, or compressing their own sound file to insert into the Web site. L&H Audio Café Lite, with a selection of 30 pre-recorded sound files, is free. The full version, L&H Audio Café, which lets developers compress and add their own sounds to a Web site, is available for $29.95. Both products will be available July 31 from http://www.lhs.com/speechtech/audiocafe. -------------------------------------------------- GEO Introduces Emblaze VideoPro for Streaming Video Just out this week from GEO Interactive is Emblaze VideoPro ($295), an upgraded version of Emblaze Video, which lets Web developers add video with synchronized audio to Web sites without programming, plug-ins or special server software. New to Emblaze VideoPro are such features as: * scaleable architecture - optimizes video for specific bandwidths, including 28.8 Kbps, 56 Kbps, ISDN and T1/LAN * batch processing - allows developers to adjust settings once and compress multiple files without manually configuring the program each time * movie buffering - provides smoother playback of video by allowing developers to control the amount of buffering to compensate for natural fluctuations in connection bandwidth * frame resizing - creates larger or smaller video frames, with the option of locking the frame height and width into proportion * professional soundtrack clean-up - normalization process prepares the audio track for better Internet playback * playback control options - include Play, Pause, Rewind and a slider bar, which allows site visitors to quickly scroll through any part of a video For more information, call 800/576-7751 or visit http://www.emblaze.com. -------------------------------------------------- PictureTalk Announces Second-Generation Screencasting Solutions PictureTalk announces Release 2.0 of its software solutions for sales, marketing, training, and support. PictureTalk for Web Seminars enables users on PCs and Macintoshes to "screencast" slide presentations, text documents, and live software demonstrations from their desktops to tens or hundreds of users over intranets, extranets, and the Internet. New features in PictureTalk Release 2.0: * users can tune the PictureTalk server for the type of content currently being presented - slides, live software, or video. * a Web Surfer tool lets conference presenters display selected Web pages in the browsers of conference participants. * online trainers and seminar hosts can send conference participants yes/no and multiple choice questions. A User List window instantly tallies answers and records them in the conference audit log. * users can attach files to PictureTalk sessions by dragging and dropping file icons on Communicator. Users can browse a list of files associated with a session, and select the ones they would like to download. * supports contact categories used by popular contact management solutions, such as ACT, GoldMine, and Siebel. Sales and marketing teams conducting seminars can instantly collect contact information for all seminar participants either in a tab-delimited ASCII file ready for importing into these programs or in VCard 2.1 format. Communicator 2.0 for Windows 95 and Windows NT, and PictureTalk Server 2.0 for Windows NT and Sun Solaris are currently available. Communicator 2.0 will be available for other platforms later this year. PictureTalk for Web Seminars Release 2.0 is available for 20 users for $25,000, for 50 users for $40,000, and for 100 users for $60,000. PictureTalk, Inc. is located at 4234 Hacienda Drive, Suite 200, Pleasanton, CA 94588-2721; telephone: (510) 467-5300, fax: (510) 467-5310; Email: info@picturetalk.com; WWW: http://www.picturetalk.com. -------------------------------------------------- Web Graphics App Beta Available for Free Download NetStudio, a Web graphics software developer, today announced the NetStudio 1.0 beta version is available for free download from the company's Web site, http://www.netstudio.com. NetStudio lets users accomplish the following: * assemble Web graphics and diagrams by dropping logos, photos and scans into graphics templates * mix colors, fonts, effects and layout to create a custom look * create a set of Web graphics, including buttons, navigation bars, fancy text, banners, photographs, backgrounds, and shapes * create Web special effects, including color changes, shadows, washouts, transparency fades, fade fills, picture fills, and embosses Designed specifically for both intranet and Internet sites, NetStudio is integrated with Microsoft FrontPage, and works with other leading Web page editors such as Netscape Composer, Adobe PageMill, and NetObjects Fusion. The beta version of NetStudio 1.0 is available at http://www.netstudio.com. The final version will be available in September at SRP $149. --------------------------------------------------


Three D Upgrades Perspective for Java Charting Tool Three D Graphics debuts Perspective for Java, an upgrade to Perspective JavaChart. Perspective for Java is a Java Class Library, JavaBean and preconfigured Java 1.1 applet designed for real-time creation and manipulation of charts live on the Web. Characteristics include: * link to data from almost any source: HTML, JDBC, raw text files, "live" data via a class or method, dynamic data server processes, CGI scripts, and many more. Charts update instantly whenever the data changes * built-in drill-down support allows specification of URL and target for data points * full property- and method-based API - use as either a JavaBean (with full Property list support) or as a class library with a "set" and "get" programming interface * can be configured to run as a server process that creates charts and saves them as GIF images directly on the server, which can be included in a Web page * 86 different chart types, including varieties of bar, line, area (both single and dual-y axis varieties) and pie charts, plus more esoteric charts like radar, polar, bubble, and histogram - and 11 different types of stock charts, including hi-lo-close with volume. * three-dimensional charts, with real-time wire-frame rotation, preset viewing angles, and more. * works with Microsoft J++, Symantec Visual Café, IBM Visual Age for Java, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Sunsoft JDK, and other Java development environments Site license fees with a minimum of 100 seats start at $4900. A demo version and more info are available at http://www.threedgraphics.com -------------------------------------------------- Mixed Signals, Veon Announce Interactive Television Authorers At last week's Herring on Hollywood conference, Mixed Signals Technologies launched its Interactive Television Authoring Suite. The first module, TV Link Creator, lets broadcasters encode interactive data with their programming. The viewing audience, currently supported by WebTV Plus and Windows 98, is approaching half a million users, and is expected to number in the millions by July of 1999. TV Link Creator is a software and hardware component that encodes a special string of data into the video signal. This data is "decoded" by the viewer's set-top box, and displayed to the screen. Notes president/CEO Alex Thompson, "Previous attempts at interactive TV have been unsuccessful because you need to have several components working in harmony between broadcaster and viewer. With TV Link Creator, the ease of implementation for the broadcaster, coupled with the massive proliferation of WebTV Plus and Windows 98 has brought this to reality. In addition, the technology is based on an open standard, so companies developing new products can design them to take advantage of these Interactive Broadcasts." Full information can be found at http://www.mixedsignals.com. At the same event, Veon, Inc., a provider of server technologies and development tools for the creation, management and delivery of interactive media, demonstrated its convergence media solution, including tools for adding interactivity to existing media assets, production services to assist customers in developing interactive content, and application servers to deploy the content across distribution media from Internet to broadband, cable, telco and satellite. Veon says its Interaction Server is optimized for running interactive applications built on streaming media. It delivers personalized and customized video, e-commerce transactions, interactive advertising and personalized one-to-one promotions. For more information, visit http://www.veon.com. --------------------------------------------------


Midisoft Releases Internet Media Player v3.0 Midisoft Corporation has just released Internet Media Player v3.0, an updated version of its streaming media player that takes advantage of the Microsoft DirectShow application programming interface. The Windows 95/98/NT-compliant application supports audio and video streaming media content encoded in Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) for delivery by the Microsoft Windows NT Server NetShow Services. Internet Media Player is available at the introductory price of $14.95 and can be downloaded from Midisoft's Web site at http://www.midisoft.com/. Internet Media Player supports playback of Windows Media Content and RealNetworks v4.0 formats. The Player is dynamically pre-loaded with Standard Station groups containing destination links to content from MSNBC, CBS Sportsline, NetRadio and many more Internet sites. Users can create their own links to streaming and non-streaming media content on the Internet or on corporate Intranets and catalog them in user-defined Favorites groups such as News and Sports, Music and more. Selecting a Standard or Favorites Station opens a direct-access link to the stream or file without having to use a browser. -------------------------------------------------- Webroot Releases WinGuardian Web Monitoring Tool for Parents, Employees Chalk up another one for Big Brother as Webroot Software releases WinGuardian, a child and employee monitoring utility. The software assists parents, employers, schools, and libraries with monitoring and controlling inappropriate use of their computers. Unlike standard filtering software, WinGuardian does not prevent Web sites from being accessed. Instead, it runs hidden and stores a secure log of every program and Web site that a user accesses, with or without their knowledge. WinGuardian also keeps a keystroke log of what a user types into any Windows application; useful for monitoring what a user is doing in chat rooms. Using the keystroke monitoring ability, parents finally have a way to determine if their children are being exposed to inappropriate activity in the many chat rooms on the Internet. WinGuardian can also display a warning message and acceptable use policy (AUP) when the computer is turned on, when a screen saver stops, and when the Internet is accessed. A user must click on the "AGREE" button before being allowed access to the computer. By displaying these messages it helps to ensure that users are aware of the organization's policies. Furthermore, it creates a powerful deterrent. If a user knows that their actions are being monitored, they are less likely to engage in inappropriate activities. More information and a trial version can be found at: http://www.Webroot.com/. --------------------------------------------------


Equilibrium Adds Animation, Digital Video Features to DeBabelizer Newly available from Equilibrium is a free Video/Animation Service Pack for Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 4.5 for Windows, software for automatically preparing digital graphics and video for delivery. The Service Pack adds support for Apple Computer's QuickTime 3.0 as well as Microsoft's AVI format, improves animated GIF compression for Web animations, and expands support for Adobe Photoshop plug-ins and files. DeBabelizer Pro 4.5 is said to automatically process QuickTime 3.0 files for the smallest possible video files with the cleanest playback, and process and convert animations and video to QuickTime for progressive download on the Web, which lets users watch movies without having to completely download first. Full AVI support lets users batch-process legacy Video for Windows files for use on most any Macintosh and Windows systems for the Web, CD-ROM or kiosk. Making use of a lossless custom frame differencing algorithm, DeBabelizer Pro's animated GIF compressor reportedly lets DeBabelizer users resave animated GIFs as much as 70 percent smaller than before. Layered Photoshop files opened in DeBabelizer Pro are now composited automatically, enabling Photoshop 4 and 5 users to Batch Process and repurpose all of their images with DeBabelizer, without unnecessary additional work. Find more info and the download at http://www.equilibrium.com. -------------------------------------------------- Viewpoint Releases Interchange 5.0 for Windows Viewpoint DataLabs has just released the Interchange 5.0 file translation system for Windows ($495--upgrades $99). New capabilities include enhanced format support for 3D Studio MAX and LightWave 3D, editing functionality, texture conversion, and a familiar graphical interface. Additional features include: * A graphical interface lets users view 3D models in both "list view" and "graphical view" modes. * Users can create or edit hierarchies using a visual tree structure similar to the familiar Microsoft Windows interface. Pivot points can also be edited by placing them graphically within the 3D interface. Once edited, the model along with these attributes can be translated to one of the many formats supported. * Translates 2D texture maps at the same time as the 3D geometry. Supported formats for texture maps include Windows BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, Targa, SGI .rgb and many others. In addition, Interchange 5.0 allows the conversion of multiple texture maps per material. * A new 3D Studio MAX plug-in lets users load and save all Interchange-supported formats directly from within MAX. Interchange 5.0 also provides enhanced translation for LightWave 3D geometry, textures and groups, as well as continued support for more than 40 file formats including Softimage, MultiGen OpenFlight and Wavefront, as well as other popular formats such as 3D Studio R4, Direct3D and VRML 97. * Batch Conversion - Select any number of files for unattended batch conversion. Interchange automatically recognizes each file's format and performs the translations selected by the user. Viewpoint also just released its Autumn '98 Premier Catalog with more than 2,500 new models spanning 18 categories, ranging from Geography, Anatomy, Transportation and Architecture, to unique Characters, diverse Landmarks, an extensive selection of Military objects, and more. A new Cartoon category contains hundreds of cartoon-like 3D representations of characters from history and modern times, with multiple morph targets for immediate animation. Find more at http://www.viewpoint.com. -------------------------------------------------- Adobe Announces New PhotoDeluxe Home Edition Adobe Systems announces Adobe PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.0 software, the latest version of its $49 consumer photo-editing software. Based on Adobe Photoshop, the program's new capabilities include: * color management system * simplified way to download photos into the computer * special effects, including sepia tint or romantic impressionist enhancement, plus a library of changeable clip art that can be "morphed" to meet the needs of any creative project. For example, the image of a tiger can be changed from cunning to cuddly, or from artistic to cartoonish * output to print or Web, including the ability to create multimedia slide shows with music and sound effects that can be emailed to family and friends * "stitch" together photos to create panoramic views For further information, call 800/888-6293 or visit http://www.adobe.com. -------------------------------------------------- Ligos Introduces Software MPEG Player San Francisco-based Ligos Technology, a developer of multimedia technologies and applications for digital video recording and navigation, announces the LSX-MPEG player, a DirectShow-compatible filter for the playback of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams through Microsoft's Media Player for consumers, while providing application developers with a path for integration. LSX-MPEG Player will be available within 90 days at an introductory price of $29.95. The player is also available to OEMs and developers for bundling or integration. When available, the player can be downloaded from http://www.ligos.com. --------------------------------------------------


Taxpayers for Common Sense Action Launches Congressional Scorecard Taxpayers for Common Sense Action, a politically independent budget watchdog organization based in Washington, D.C., introduces the Common Sense Taxpayer Scorecard, located online at: http://www.taxpayer.net. The scorecard aims to provide citizens with information about wasteful government spending, unfair subsidies, and harmful tax breaks. Features on the Common Sense Taxpayer Scorecard allow users to: * enter their zip code to determine who represents them in Congress * email Senators and Representatives to encourage common sense reforms * review a description that explains each vote TCS Action scored * compare any Member's score against other Members by state, region, political party or committee * view scores for the entire Senate and entire House --------------------------------------------------


Aftermath Media Debuts Interactive Movie Tender Loving Care Tender Loving Care (TLC), said to be the world's first interactive movie for home viewing, debuted last week in the U.S. on DVD-ROM and CD-ROM. The $45 title is a psychological thriller based on a novel of the same name by Andrew Niederman ("Devil's Advocate"). Dr. Turner, a psychiatrist played by John Hurt, enlists the viewer's help in analyzing the story's characters -- a beautiful, deluded patient, her dangerously unpredictable husband, and the mysterious, seductive psychiatric nurse who has arrived to provide what may, or may not be, Tender Loving Care. As the story progresses, the viewer can explore this cozy little household to gain knowledge about their hidden motivations. Likewise, Dr. Turner explores the viewer's secret desires and aversions through a series of probing psychological questions, thus determining how the story unfolds. TLC was created by Aftermath Media's Rob Landeros and David Wheeler, architects of the first big interactive CD-ROM successes, "The 7th Guest" and "The 11th Hour." They plan to use the Internet as a retail channel, selling TLC directly to U.S. consumers via Aftermath's electronic storefront. Check it out at http://www.aftermathmedia.com. --------------------------------------------------


Webskills Launches FreshFace Multimedia Talent Bank Webskills Inc. has developed FreshFace.com as a talent bank for media developers and Web producers. With audio & video feeds from Pseudo Internet TV, daily media news feeds from I-Syndicate, national classified ads from E Page, FreshFace delivers access to content creators and industry events. Says CEO Gary Bryant, "We plan on featuring individual artist content including graphics, music and editorial copy. Freshface.com, via its forums and close association with Webskills, Inc will offer free or low cost consulting and services to artists and aspiring content creators." FreshFace also provides chat rooms and the FreshFace ShowCase, a Web database of artists, composers, Web developers and others involved in migrating and applying art and music to the Web. Visitors can post their own Web site to the Showcase as well. http://www.freshface.com http://www.Webskills.com -------------------------------------------------- Report Reveals Growing Market for Software, Online Courseware The market for instructional materials used in U.S. college classrooms is slowly beginning to change with sales of multimedia products growing faster than any other segment of the college publishing market from 1997-2001, according to The College Publishing Market 1998-99: Analysis of Print & Electronic Learning Materials, a new report by Simba Information Inc. (Stamford, CT). Multimedia sales are expected to increase at a compound annual rate of 24 percent to $528.9 million in 2001. Increased enrollments, more spending on technology resources by colleges and an expanding market for online degree courseware will power the explosive growth of multimedia sales in the 1997-2001 period, according to the report. Multimedia will account for 10 percent of the college publishing market in 2001, up 4.1 percentage points from 6 percent in 1997. Simba defined multimedia as instructional software and online degree courseware used by students to obtain undergraduate or graduate degrees. Instructional software is defined as diskette or CD-ROM software used as part of a formal course of study, while online degree courseware is defined as courses offered over the Internet that can be used to obtain degrees. Much of the multimedia segment's growth can be attributed to the rise of online degree courseware. Although still a rather small market with only a few players investing heavily in the hopes of future profits, online degree courseware is growing faster than any other segment of the college publishing industry. From 1995-97, for example, Simba estimates sales of online courseware grew at a compound annual rate of 21.8 percent, reaching $53.8 million in 1997 and accounting for 24 percent of the college multimedia market. According to the report, the growth of online courseware was driven by more working adults going back to college and more colleges offering courses online. One-third of U.S. colleges offered online courses in the 1995-96 academic year, according to the report. Overall, Simba estimates the college publishing market--which is defined as new textbooks, used textbooks, multimedia, coursepacks and trade books--will grow at a compound annual rate of 8.7 percent from 1997-2001, reaching $5.25 billion in 2001, fueled by increasing enrollments and more customization of materials, among other factors. Find Simba Information online at http://www.simbanet.com. --------------------------------------------------


Microsoft Signs Development Deal with Total Annihilation Designer Microsoft Corp. has signed a multi-title development deal with Gas Powered Games, a new company formed by Chris Taylor, lead designer of Total Annihilation, a critically acclaimed real-time strategy game. Taylor will create a role-playing game as the first project under his deal with Microsoft. "Microsoft is proving its success in the games business by building strong teams around a small portfolio of high-quality games," Taylor said. Taylor was both lead designer and lead programmer on Total Annihilation, which was released in September 1997. Total Annihilation won several awards, including the 1997 Game of the Year (PC Gamer Readers Choice Awards), a 1997 CG Choice Award (Computer Gaming World) and a GamePen Editor's Choice Award. During his career, Taylor has worked with game developers such as Electronic Arts Inc., Accolade Inc. and Humongous Entertainment Inc., to develop games such as Hardball II and 4D Boxing for the PC, Test Drive II and Triple Play '96 for Sega Genesis, and Virtual Stadium Baseball for 3DO. --------------------------------------------------


3DO Ships Meridian 59 Insurrection Newly available from Trip Hawkins' 3DO is Meridian 59 Insurrection, the latest version of the company's online multiplayer role-player. An upheaval of alliances has produced a power vacuum, whose resulting turmoil threatens the community's political structure. New features include: * new magical spells and combat skills * new creatures * new quests and magical items * newly refurbished cities Order the $10 CD at http://www.3do.com, or if you've got a fast connection, save the bucks and download the 70MB title for free. -------------------------------------------------- Activision Announces Pool Hustler for Playstation Activision plans to launch the realistic pool simulation Pool Hustler for the PlayStation game console this fall. Featuring true-to-life physics and multiple gameplay modes, Pool Hustler challenges players to hone their shooting skills and hustle each competitor out of as much money as possible in order to advance to the next city to become the ultimate pool shark. As they progress through Pool Hustler, players will encounter 12 menacing A.I. opponents, each with different skills, taunts and betting strategies, in different environments with unique pool tables, cue sticks and backstories. Pool sharks will have the choice of six play modes and five games, including 8- and 9-ball, 14-1, Rotation and Bowlard. Players can wager money on their games, accumulate wealth and earn the right to move onto tougher opponents. Players also have access to authentic pool techniques, including English, backspin, masse and jumping. Pool Hustler was developed in Japan by ASK Co., Ltd. More information can be found at http://www.activision.com. -------------------------------------------------- Red Baron Goes 3D Accelerated and Multiplayer Sierra brand Dynamix announces the October release of Red Baron 3D for Windows 95, featuring 3D accelerated graphics and multiplayer combat. The title lets players enter the cockpit of a World War I aircraft in a dynamic virtual world where gamers encounter smoke, fog, sun-glare, explosions, anti-aircraft gunfire, buildings and planes. Features include 22 flyable planes, modeled to the specifications of the original aircraft. Drag, air to lift ratios, weight, wingspan, length, engine power, etc., allow the user to experience flight on an independent basis for each. A dynamic mission generator produces random missions that simulate real situations faced by pilots in World War I. The mission generator directs activity within a 100-mile radius of the player's squadron--players encounter such challenges as dogfights already in progress, aircraft landing at their aerodrome, enemy planes bombing a target or a friendly spotter plane being attacked. Free multiplayer capabilities are available over the World Opponent Network (WON.net) with support for up to 20 players simultaneously. Red Baron 3D also supports independent or rogue servers. These servers will support a minimum of four players simultaneously. Melee, team Melee and Baron tag will all be available options for game play. More information is available at http://www.sierra.com. -------------------------------------------------- Redneck Deer Huntin' Opens Season on Retail Markets In a fairly transparent attempt to capitalize on the success of cheapie outta-nowhere software hit Deer Hunter, Interplay Productions and Xatrix Entertainment, the creators of Redneck Rampage, announce an "offbeat hunting game that's so real players will be afraid to leave their trailers." With Leonard as the local backwoods guide, players explore acres of 3D terrain using tracking tools to follow, find and finish off the prey. Redneck Deer Huntin' lets PC hunters travel through four areas of prime habitats, a choice of four different weapons, and four types of prey. Players will be able to walk through the forest, wade through lake water and trudge through fallen snow. Hunters wanting to improve their aim are encouraged to try the target range, complete with moving and stationary objects. The rifle's scope will allow hunters a closer look, and ensure a better shot. But as in life, game animals are wary of hunters. The snap of branches underfoot or one missed shot, and the animal will run for the hills. However, if hunters score a clean hit and bag "the big one," they can showcase their kill in the Redneck trophy room. More information is available at http://www.interplay.com. -------------------------------------------------- Konami Announces International Superstar Soccer '98 Konami's International Superstar Soccer '98 will be released in three different versions this summer: International Superstar Soccer'98 for the N64, International Superstar Soccer Pro '98 for the Sony PlayStation and International Superstar Soccer for the Game Boy. The Nintendo 64 version will feature "head tracking" elements, allowing the player's eyes and head to follow the actual ball movement on screen. It will also reportedly feature precise player movement with variable speed due to 3D analog joystick control. Other new features to both console versions include multiple camera angles; motion-capture technology providing more than 17,000 player animations; and play-by-play with Tony Gubba, BBC soccer announcer. Find Konami at http://www.konami.com. --------------------------------------------------


Canada Hosts Game Design Event Bell Canada and MediaLinx present The Big Game Hunters Summit, a BanffSummit event, August 22 - 25, 1998. Tuition: $300 for applicants. A professional development think tank, The Big Game Hunters Summit brings together more than 50 senior game designers, artists, writers and key leaders from television and the World Wide Web. Case studies and presentations will focus on expansion into new markets, emerging content and new technologies, economic and production models. How can the gaming industry improve its product, its market and its discussions? To register call: The Banff Centre of the Registrar Phone: 1-800-565-9989 Fax: (403) 762-6345 E-Mail: arts_info@banffcentre.ab.ca Web site: http://www.banff.org --------------------------------------------------


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