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WEBMEISTER --OZ Interactive Offers 3D Streaming Solution --Macromedia Updates Dreamweaver --Applet to Spread Words "About Living" Across the Internet DEVELOPER'S TOOLBOX --TEAC Ships 4X12 External CD-R, Announces HiFD Floppy Drive --Paul Mace Publishes Media Utilities --Scientific-Atlanta Launches Set-Top Developers Program --Micro House Offers Free Drive Imaging Software IN THE INFOGROOVE --Webvertising CPMs Down 6 percent from Last Year --Singing Electrons Introduces Web Audio Equalizer --Lincoln Beach Updates Download Butler --IntelliSeek Unveils Search Tool BullsEye --MidPoint 3.Promises Failsafe Downloads GRAPHICALLY SPEAKING --Adobe Announces Photoshop 5.0 --STRATA Announces StudioPro 2.5 for Windows NT & Mac WEBSIGHTINGS --Independent Exposure Provides Films, Videos, Computer Art --Yahoo! Launches Computer Resource CONSUMER CHANNEL --PCs Used Increasingly as Entertainment Devices, Survey Shows THE DIALS & LEVERS OF POWER --New Riders Publishes Inside 3D Studio Max 2 Volume I DEALS --Evans & Sutherland to acquire AccelGraphics GAMES PEOPLE PLAY --Looking Glass Releases Flight Unlimited II Upgrades --Barrage Demo Available --Jagged Alliance 2 Release Delayed --Berkeley Systems Announces Teen Pop-Culture Trivia Game --Your Choice: Eat, Burn, Drown, Kidnap or Bury Victims NUMBEROLOGY --CNET Reports Q1 Results --3Dlabs Reports First Quarter Results DIGERATI ILLUMINATI --Blizzard President Assumes Chairman Role; Co-Founder Promoted to President HAPPENINGS --E3 Sells Out, Adds Content Developers Session F.Y.I. --About Spectrum --------------------------------------------------


OZ Interactive Offers 3D Streaming Solution OZ Interactive today announced OZ Live 1.0, a client and server solution for the delivery of real-time streaming 3D animation over the Web, OZ Live 1.0. A thin renderer for the Real Media Architecture (RMA), OZ Live 1.0 extends the functionality of Real Player 6.0 to include delivery of 3D models and streaming animation synchronized with audio, video, RealFlash, and HTML over a 28.8Kbps or better Internet connection. OZ Live 1.0 consists of three components: the OZ Live RMA renderer, a small extension to the RealPlayer 6.0 client that downloads and installs automatically on the user's system; OZ Live Server, which adds OZ Live support to the RealServer; and OZ Live Creator, an authoring tool that converts geometry and animations from animation tools, such as Softimage 3D and file formats such as VRML 2.0, to the OZ Live streaming file format. Find more at http://www.oz.com -------------------------------------------------- Macromedia Updates Dreamweaver Just released from Macromedia is Dreamweaver 1.2, an upgrade of its visual tool for Web site design. New features include: · 3.0 and 4.0 Browser Compatibility - Web designers can create pages that incorporate advanced Dynamic HTML features, such as layers and cascading style sheets, for users with 4.0 browsers, while ensuring compatibility for users with 3.0 browsers. By using the Convert to 3.0 Browser command, the page will be compatible with 3.0 browsers, while allowing users with newer browsers to experience Dynamic HTML. Dreamweaver 1.2 also includes a behavior to automatically send viewers to the page optimized for their particular browser. · Site Management - Users can check for broken or external links within pages, directories, or the entire Web site. A single update fixes all references to any orphaned files. Customers using Dreamweaver from behind a firewall can take advantage of Dreamweaver's extensive FTP functionality. · Integration with Leading Web Development Tools - Web developers can edit images by launching their familiar image-editing tool, such as Macromedia Fireworks or Adobe PhotoShop, from Dreamweaver. · New JavaScript Behaviors - includes an enhanced library of JavaScript behaviors. In addition to rollover effects, form validation, drag and drop, image swapping and Shockwave controls, new behaviors include check browser, drag and drop layers and pre-load images. Users can also create new behaviors and configure them in the customizable behaviors palette. · Advanced Interactivity - the new Drag Layer feature lets Web developers assign properties to specific layers without coding. Also, a new Graphical Resize feature lets users select and resize images and other elements directly on the page. · International Authoring - double-byte enabled, users can configure fixed and proportional fonts to support the Japanese, Korean and Chinese character sets. A 30-day trial version of Dreamweaver 1.2 is now available for download at no charge at http://www.dreamweaver.com. All current Dreamweaver 1.0 customers can download a free Dreamweaver 1.2 updater from http://www.dreamweaver.com. -------------------------------------------------- Applet to Spread Words "About Living" Across the Internet Aboutliving.com is making its "daily quote about living" available as a Java applet free to other personal and business sites. To include a daily quote on their site, publishers choose where they would like the quote to appear, pop the applet in their HTML code, and the About Living server will load a new selection from the great thinkers and writers of the world every day. The applet is currently available for download at http://www.aboutliving.com. --------------------------------------------------


TEAC Ships 4X12 External CD-R, Announces HiFD Floppy Drive Now shipping from TEAC is model number CD-R55SE, its 4X12 External CD-Recordable drive kit (MSRP $549). Bundled software includes: Adaptec Easy CD Creator, a premastering application that creates data and audio CDs for Windows 95/NT; and Adaptec Direct CD, which creates CDs by allowing users to drag and drop files from any source such as a hard drive, floppy or the Internet. The drive also includes an Adaptec PCI SCSI host adapter card for connecting to a PC. The TEAC 4X12 CD-Recordable drive is also available in an internal model, the CD-R55S (MSRP $449). Both internal and external 4X12 drives support CD-ROM standards such as 8cm or 12cm disks; Audio CD; CD-ROM mode 1 and mode 2; XA ready; CD-I; multi-session Photo CD; Video CD and Enhanced CD. The drive can write 650MB of information in approximately 15 minutes and reads all CD-ROM formats at 12X speed. The company also announced plans to manufacture the HiFD floppy disk system, based on a standard recently announced by joint developers Sony Corporation and Fuji Photo Film Co. The drive will provide a 200MB capacity (138 times that of a standard 3.5-inch diskette) and a maximum 3.6MBps data transfer rate (approximately 60 times that of the conventional floppy drive), and is backward compatible with existing floppy drives. The drive's flying recording head eliminates the possibility of direct contact between the recording head and the media itself, reducing erosion and wear of both components. Contact TEAC America, Data Storage Division Headquarters, at 7733 Telegraph Road, Montebello, CA 90640. Telephone: (213) 726-0303. Fax: (213) 727-7672. Web: http://www.teac.com. -------------------------------------------------- Paul Mace Publishes Media Utilities The first release in a new collaboration between software industry pioneer Paul Mace and co-author Ravi Singh is MAS Media Utilities, a $99 Windows-based solution to multimedia and image processing needs. "We've used a decade of experience," said Mace, "to design a tool that streamlines one the most frustrating aspects of multimedia and Web authoring: finding, viewing, re-formatting and converting existing animations and digital imagery to fit a particular need." "It's guaranteed the minute you take a digital picture, scan an image, finish painting pixels or composing an animated GIF, FLC or AVI, it will be the wrong size, the wrong file format, have the wrong palette, or simply be lost on your computer amid all the other images and animations." Features include: · Visual Search By Example uses any image or drawn sample to find matching files. · translate between all popular animated and single-frame formats · optimize GIF and FLC files automatically to produce small files that all browsers and all animation tools will read · split animated formats into individual frames · resize animations and images with the option of centering the output within a frame. · animated icons or cursors created from GIFs, FLCs, AVIs · adjust colors to any depth · create SuperPalette for any set of images. Save Palette for any image in 20 formats including 'C' headers and Pascal Units. · preview and print thumbnails Paul Mace Software can be reached at (541) 488-2322, (800) 944-0191, fax 541 488-1549. mailto:info@pmace.com. Web http://www.pmace.com -------------------------------------------------- Scientific-Atlanta Launches Set-Top Developers Program Scientific-Atlanta's new CreativEdge Developers' Program is designed to help third-party application developers test, integrate and launch new interactive services for the Explorer 2000 advanced digital set-top. The unit, said to be the only advanced digital set-top shipping this year, provides high-throughput two-way communications and sufficient processing power, memory, and graphics to enable a variety of two-way, interactive applications for cable subscribers, including Internet access, video-on-demand, home shopping and IP-based applications. Once a part of the program, participants receive network software development kits and gain access to a developers-only Web site with FAQs, technical documentation and bulletin boards. Developers can select from multiple middleware choices including HTML, JavaScript and PersonalJava. PowerTV will also assist developers with operating system-related questions. As a member of the CreativEdge program, a developer receives technical support and training, as well as special pricing on software development licenses. Developers also receive sales and marketing support through Scientific-Atlanta's global sales force. Nine U.S. and Canadian cable operators plan 1998 deployments of Explorer set-tops, which comply with expected OpenCable specifications. For more info, visit http://www.sciatl.com -------------------------------------------------- Micro House Offers Free Drive Imaging Software Micro House International offers ImageCast LE, its freeware drive imaging product for cloning standalone and networked PCs. The program includes many features of flagship drive imaging product ImageCast Deluxe, including its multicasting technology, which distributes a single image file to multiple recipients at the same time. ImageCast LE works with DOS, Windows 3.x, and Windows 95 systems, and allows individual technicians to clone up to three computers simultaneously. ImageCast LE is available at http://www.imagecast.com. --------------------------------------------------


Webvertising CPMs Down 6 percent from Last Year AdKnowledge, a provider of Internet marketing solutions, last week revealed new statistics that show the average gross Web ad rate for March 1998 was $36.63, a decrease of six percent during the last 12 months and two percent during the first quarter 1998. Technology sites showed an increase in ad rates, rising more than 10 percent over the past year. Additionally, the company disclosed that the number of newspaper-type sites and Web-specific sites saw a three percent and two percent decline respectively since December 1997, while the number of magazine-type sites remained static during the same period. AdKnowledge's Online Advertising Report (OAR) is a compilation of Web advertising statistics gathered from MarketMatch, the company's independent Web media planning and research tool, and SmartBanner, a campaign placement and performance analysis service. The company also reported figures that show standardization in banner sizes continues with IAB and CASIE standards dominating as acceptable banner size. The 480 x 60 banner size has experienced significant penetration across Web sites with 60 percent of sites now accepting this banner size, up 5 percent from the end of the year. AdKnowledge can be reached via phone 650-842-6500, fax 650-842-0665 or on the Internet at http://www.adknowledge.com. -------------------------------------------------- Singing Electrons Introduces Web Audio Equalizer One of the biggest challenges facing organizations delivering audio on the Web today is sound quality. CD quality stereo sound requires more than 175,000 bytes of data every second; a modem sending and receiving 33,600 bits per second can only provide a small fraction of that. Web audio server technology from companies like Real Networks relies heavily on compression to reduce bandwidth requirements to a manageable level. However, just as compressed video images lose some detail and clarity, compressed audio is not as sharp and clear as the original. Audio software developer Singing Electrons decided the key lay in a technology called equalization ("EQ"). Equalization is a means of adjusting the signal strength in different frequency ranges. Since compression reduces the strength of the bass and treble frequencies more than the middle frequencies, EQ can restore audio that has been compressed to a state very close to the original sound. The company's new WebEQ is a five-band software parametric equalizer with a real-time graphic spectral display that allows the user to see and adjust the amount of signal in each band while the audio is playing. WebEQ is available from http://www.singingelectrons.com -------------------------------------------------- Lincoln Beach Updates Download Butler Lincoln Beach Software has just released Download Butler 2.0, the latest edition of its Windows utility for collecting and categorizing downloaded files. New to Download Butler 2.0 are: · a dynamic tree view which lets users to create subcategories for easier file organizing. · Zip Contents, Report Viewer, Explorer Viewer and Download Status screens can all be viewed on the main screen · Built-in support for HTTP and FTP downloading with built-in scheduler, including dial-up capability · HTML reporting lets users customize a report using standard HTML codes Download Butler is available for $29.95. For more information, contact Lincoln Beach Software, P.O. Box 1554, Ballwin, MO 63022, tel. (314) 861-1500, or via the Internet at http://www.lincolnbeach.com or mailto:info@lincolnbeach.com. -------------------------------------------------- IntelliSeek Unveils Search Tool BullsEye Cincinnati-based IntelliSeek, Inc. announces the beta availability of its flagship product, BullsEye from its Web site <http://www.intelliseek.com/>. The result of two years of research, BullsEye is designed to solve the problem of managing "information overload" from the Web. Features include: · find relevant information from anywhere on the Web · manage and share all information sources of one's interest on an ongoing basis · track information sources in an automated fashion · intelligent search agents offer access to specialized search categories plus query interface, customized to the search context, with support for advanced Boolean queries, including a visual Boolean query builder, query assistants such as thesaurus, built-in spell checker, sounds-like word list, etc. Also, users can: · organize the information found from the Search or Track process · go back and look at the information retrieved in the past (Reports) · look up and reuse searches conducted in the past (Search History and Favorite Searches) · manage tracked information requests, · organize and manage Bookmarks across browsers, etc. The beta product is available in a controlled fashion. Apply at http://www.intelliseek.com/be/beincentive.htm. -------------------------------------------------- MidPoint 3.Promises Failsafe Downloads According to MidCore Software, the company's new MidPoint Gateway and MidPoint Companion version 3.0 increase Internet reliability. Should a connection to an ISP drop during the receipt of a graphic or file download, FailSafe Downloads will automatically reconnect to the ISP and continue the receipt of the download right where it left off. If MidPoint's Modem Teaming is being employed, the download is automatically shifted from the dropped connection to another connection so that the download continues uninterrupted. Another enhancement in MidPoint 3.0 is its support of the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). As a DHCP server, MidPoint automatically assigns TCP/IP addresses for any workstation on the LAN that requests one. DHCP server support within MidPoint significantly reduces the level of effort required to setup the "guest" computers for shared Internet access through MidPoint. A full description of what's new can be found at http://www.midcore.com/whatsnew.htm. --------------------------------------------------


Adobe Announces Photoshop 5.0 Adove Photoshop 5.0, priced at $995, is expected to ship in May. Key new features include: · The History palette lets users undo multiple steps with a single click · The History Brush lets users seamlessly combine different versions of the same image. · The Magnetic Lasso enables tracing the outline of intricate objects by automatically following an image's natural edges · Layer Effects lets designers add drop shadows, inner shadows, outer glows, inner glows, bevels, and embossing to layers in one step. When applied, these effects remain "live," which means that the effect updates automatically when the user edits the layer. · editable text layers · Spot-color channels · Color management enhancements, including support for industry-standard ICC profiles Find more at http://www.adobe.com -------------------------------------------------- STRATA Announces StudioPro 2.5 for Windows NT & Mac It's been a long time coming, but Utah-based Strata Inc. promises to ship, in May, a Windows NT version of StudioPro (SRP $1,495), its flagship 3D graphics app. The 2.5 version of StudioPro will also be available for Macintosh in the same time frame, and Strata says Windows 98 will also be supported once that OS is released. Among the new features and enhancements are: · support for the OpenGL API, which allows textures to display real-time in the modeling window. With OpenGL, an image or movie can also be placed as a backdrop in any modeling view, allowing alignment of 3D objects with actual footage. · animation enhancements include four types of path splines, individual frame visualization, cycle back-and-forth attributes, continuation of paths, and time-varying polymesh. · improved Fountain tool supports metaballs and shapes, allowing effects such as random explosions or fanciful fountains. · scanline renderer supports soft shadows. · collision detection of particle effects · support for PostScript fonts, as well as TrueType Power Module 1, the first of a series of plug-ins, comes free with StudioPro 2.5 for a limited time and includes: Deform, Smooth, Mirror, Hair, 3-D Fire&Smoke, 3-D PixieDust, 3-D HotSpot tools, as well as bones-based Inverse Kinematics. The IK function, upgraded with the 2.5 release, allows multiple bones to be associated with and deform a polymesh object. For additional information, contact Strata at 1-800-STRATA3D, or visit http://www.strata.com. --------------------------------------------------


Independent Exposure Provides Films, Videos, Computer Art The Sync, a provider of Webcast programming, has teamed up with Seattle's Blackchair Productions to offer "Independent Exposure," a monthly program of original short films, videos and computer art from around the world, to Internet audiences. The "Independent Exposure" programs are available for viewing on The Sync Web site (http://www.thesync.com). Founded by video artist Joel S. Bachar, "Independent Exposure" is a screening programs for original short subjects, including animation, experimental, narrative, and ambient art films, videos and computer art, with monthly screenings at Seattle's Speakeasy Cafe. Each month, The Sync will offer a selection of new works from the "Independent Exposure" lineup in RealVideo format. Net surfers who do not have RealVideo can instantly download it from The Sync's site. -------------------------------------------------- Yahoo! Launches Computer Resource Yahoo!'s new Yahoo! Computers (http://computers.yahoo.com) is a new resource for Internet and computing-related news, shopping and information. The service launches with news articles, product reviews, daily tips and shareware downloads from ZDNet, along with features such as shopping services, chat, message boards and Web resources. "Computers is one of the most popular topics in the Yahoo! directory," said Bill Yee, senior producer of Yahoo! Computers. --------------------------------------------------


PCs Used Increasingly as Entertainment Devices, Survey Shows Faster access to the Internet and greater technological awareness have spurred today's multimedia PC owners to use their computers increasingly for entertainment purposes, according to the 2nd annual Multimedia PC survey released by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association (CEMA). The Internet has become an important medium from which consumers can listen to live audio broadcasts and play sound files. The CEMA survey shows that, with the rapid advent of faster modems, consumers are reaching the Internet and accessing multimedia content much faster today than a year ago. Survey results show that only 13 percent of multimedia PC owners currently use a modem that transmits at 14.4 Kbps or less. Twenty-seven percent use a 28.8 Kbps modem; 28 percent use 33.6 Kbps; and 17 percent use 56 Kbps. The first annual survey -- conducted in December 1996 -- showed only 16 percent transmitting at 33.6 or greater. According to a comparison of the two surveys, consumers have become more familiar with the capabilities of plug-ins -- applications that allow Web browsers to play multimedia content -- and have installed some of the more popular ones on their PCs. In fact, installation of common plug-ins has more than doubled over the last 14 months. Currently, 68 percent have installed RealAudio on their PCs, as compared to 32 percent in December 1996. Macromedia's Shockwave is currently installed on 36 percent of multimedia PCs, up from 13 percent. CEMA's survey was conducted through its Consumer Research Service and administered via telephone in January 1998 to 500 households with a multimedia PC. For further information, contact Ed Korenman, Staff Director, Communications of CEMA, 703-907-7648, fax: 703-907-7690, mailto:edwardk@eia.org --------------------------------------------------


New Riders Publishes Inside 3D Studio Max 2 Volume I Just out from New Riders Publishing is Inside 3D Studio MAX 2 Volume I ($59.99; ISBN: 1562058576), with 1300+ pages of tutorials, illustrations, and undocumented techniques and strategies. The author team was led by Steven Elliott (Kinetix lead technical writer for 3D Studio MAX 2) and Phillip Miller (Kinetix product manager for 3D Studio MAX 2). Contributing authors are Jeffrey Abouaf, Dave Espinosa-Aguilar, Steven Alexander, Doug Barnard, Paul Kakert, Dave Kalwick, Kevin Kelm, Michael Koch, and Mark Williamson. Technical editors were Mark Gerhard and Larry Minton. Order from Amazon.com --------------------------------------------------


Evans & Sutherland to acquire AccelGraphics Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation (E&S) will acquire AccelGraphics, a supplier of 2D/3D graphics systems for Windows NT and Windows 95, for approximately $52 million in cash and stock, or $5.75 per share of AccelGraphics' 9.1 million diluted shares of common stock outstanding. The transaction will be made in accordance with purchase accounting rules. Completion of the transaction is expected early in the third quarter of 1998, subject to regulatory and AccelGraphics shareholder approvals. The companies will combine E&S' chips with AccelGraphics' board designs. --------------------------------------------------


Looking Glass Releases Flight Unlimited II Upgrades Now available from Looking Glass Studios is a four-part upgrade for Flight Unlimited II. Additions to the flight sim include a triplane, six new adventures, an adventure builder kit and patch 1.04. Patch 1.04 adds water splash effects and moving ground objects; artificial intelligence refinements including improved performance of AI controlled planes; better communication through the Air Traffic Control system; programmable force feedback joystick support for Logitech Wingman Force, CH Force, and Microsoft Sidewinder Pro force feedback controllers; and enhanced hardware accelerator support for Power VR and Riva. Patch 1.04 must be installed to enable the other upgrades. Find the goods at at http://www.lglass.com, and on the EIDOS Interactive Web Site, located at http://www.eidosinteractive.com. -------------------------------------------------- Barrage Demo Available Barrage is an impressive-looking 3D flying shooter, currently under development by Mango Grits. You can find a time-limited, 3Dfx-only demo at http://www.3dfxozstyle.com/barrage/Barrage.exe. Also, download description and system requirements at http://www.mangogrits.com/descrip.htm, and download manual at http://www.mangogrits.com/2levman.htm. -------------------------------------------------- Jagged Alliance 2 Release Delayed Sirtech Software Inc. announced last week that Jagged Alliance 2 is scheduled to be in stores on October 1, 1998. "Jagged Alliance 2 is one of our flagship titles, and we're taking the time to do it right," said veep/marketing director Robert Sirotek. "The game world is over three times the size of the original Jagged Alliance. And there's more of everything: story, characters, weapons, and so on. That's why it will take a little longer." -------------------------------------------------- Berkeley Systems Announces Teen Pop-Culture Trivia Game Berkeley Systems and developer Jellyvision will debut HeadRush, a pop-culture trivia game for teenagers, at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Atlanta. Based on You Don't Know Jack, a quiz show party game for grownups, the title will ship in August with over 550 questions for Windows 3.1, 95 and Macintosh, at an anticipated street price of $30. "Kids really love to play You Don't Know Jack, but can't relate to the crusty old '70s trivia, so we wanted to create a game just for them," stated Michelle Gorchow, co-director of HeadRush for Jellyvision. HeadRush features a variety of question types including twisted multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks and buzz-ins and new special hosts like "Milan the Janitor" and "Old Man." Cartoon segues introduce each question and every game includes an animated commercial for such "sponsors" as Humpy the Camel soda ("I'm not thirsty but you are!") and Cordless Pigeon. -------------------------------------------------- Your Choice: Eat, Burn, Drown, Kidnap or Bury Victims Tantrum/Interplay Productions announced last week the first title from Planet Moon Studios, the development team comprised of the creators of the smash hit MDK! Giants (a working title) for Windows 95 is a multiplayer combat game containing elements from both the action and strategy genres. Scheduled for fourth quarter, 1998 release, Giants provides a choice from one of three sides in a battle where enemies eat, burn, drown, kidnap or bury their victims to gain control over a serene paradise hidden deep inside a beautiful nebula. Battle ensues on a massive fragment of shattered planet consisting of 40 separate islands. Gamers can select from three creatures--the Sea Reapers, the Meccaryn and the giant, Kabuto--all fighting for control of the world. During confrontation, each character's strengths and weaknesses will come to the forefront. Kabuto can crush victims with his bare hands, Meccaryns have space travel and weapons to their advantage and the Sea Reapers can travel the seas and control devastating elemental powers. The action continues as gamers manipulate the landscape to create obstacles and destroy the enemy. More information is available at http://www.interplay.com. --------------------------------------------------


CNET Reports Q1 Results San Francisco-based CNET, Inc. last week reported net revenues of $10.7 million for the first quarter ended March 31, 1998, a 69 percent increase over revenues of $6.3 million for the first quarter ended March 31, 1997. Net loss for the quarter was $5.7 million or $0.38 per share, compared to a net loss of $12.9 million, or $0.97 per share for the same period last year. Revenues for CNET Online increased 76 percent to $8.0 million for the quarter, versus $4.5 million one year ago. Despite an operating loss for the division of $664,000, CNET Online was profitable for the month of March, 1998. Traffic on CNET Online sites increased 20 percent to 6.5 million average daily page views in the first quarter from 5.4 million average daily page views in the previous quarter. According to the most recent data from Media Metrix, CNET had a reach of 10.7 percent in the first quarter. Snap! Online revenues totaled $906,000 for the quarter, with an operating loss of $3.7 million. Total Snap! expenses were $4.6 million for the quarter, equal to total Snap! expenses for the fourth quarter. The service last week unveiled a new look, centered around a hand-compiled directory. -------------------------------------------------- 3Dlabs Reports First Quarter Results Bermuda-based 3Dlabs Inc. Ltd. last week announced financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 1998. The company makes chips for 2D and 3D graphics hardware acceleration, most notably the Permedia and Glint lines. Total revenues in the first quarter were $24.5 million, up 56 percent from the $15.8 million reported in the first quarter of 1997, and up 10 percent from the $22.3 million reported in the fourth quarter of 1997. Product revenues in the first quarter were $24.4 million, up 32 percent from the $18.5 million reported in the fourth quarter of 1997. Net income for the first quarter was $2.3 million, or $0.15 per share on a diluted basis. Gross profit related to product sales was $8.0 million, up 81 percent compared to $4.4 million reported in the fourth quarter of 1997. Product gross-margins in the quarter increased sequentially to 33 percent compared to 24 percent in the fourth quarter of 1997. Revenues reported in the fourth quarter of 1997 included $3.7 million related to licensing and royalties. --------------------------------------------------


Blizzard President Assumes Chairman Role; Co-Founder Promoted to President Allen Adham, president of Cendant Corporation division Blizzard Entertainment, has accepted the new role of chairman, and Mike Morhaime, executive vice president, has been promoted to president. The management changes allow Adham to focus entirely on development, while Morhaime assumes the day-to-day responsibility for the success of Blizzard. "My first love has always been making games. After we completed Starcraft, I realized I wanted to devote more of my time to game design. By relinquishing control of day-to-day operations, I can focus all my efforts on development," said Adham. The company is best known for its hit titles Warcraft II and Diablo, and has just released Starcraft, its latest real-time strategy game. --------------------------------------------------


E3 Sells Out, Adds Content Developers Session Next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3Expo) will include a Developers Super Session. Set for May 28 to 30 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, E3Expo is a trade event for interactive entertainment and educational software and related products. It was also announced that the show has sold out. Exhibit and meeting space sales hit a total of 534,000 square feet, matching last year's floor size. The E3Expo '98 Developers Super Session is designed to enable a discussion between some of the world's leading software content developers about the future of the $10 billion global entertainment software industry from a creative perspective. Set for Friday, May 29 at 8:45 AM, the session will feature: · Peter Molyneux, managing director, Lionhead Studios · Toby Gard, managing director, Confounding Factor · Dave Perry, managing director, Shiny Software · Louis Castle, executive vice president, Westwood Studios For more information, visit http://www.e3expo.com. --------------------------------------------------


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