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Title: Alaska
Artist: LeVirus Watts
Software: Terragen
Theme: Nature
Description: This one fits with New Zealand's story. This is my best Terragen picture to date. To get people to believe this as a true piture (printed on photo paper) we used this story: "While my Grandparents were traviling though Alaska, my Grandpa looked out and away from the trail and saw this beuitiful range that you see here. At that moment he desided he should take a photo of it. Apone taking the picture, he slipped on a patch of ice and assumed the photo would come out blury, so he desided to take a seconded just in case. He took a steady footing and took the seconded photo. When he went to get the photos developed, he was shocked to find the seconded one came out blurry, but the first one, the one you see before you, had come out perfect." Everyone we showed the photo to and told the story, believed us.
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