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Cinema 4D - one object comming out of another !!! please any
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one object comming out of another !!! please any

hey people,

really need some advise on this, im fairly compotant with c4d, just not spelling, lol.

i am trying to have 1 lower half of an arm ie= fingershandfore arm and elbow(using ZigoteMan Preset) come out from inside a Sphere !

I am aimming to have no visibility of the arm when inside of the sphere as this will be partially transparent, plus as the arm "reaches out" if you will, i want the result to be a single object ie = no edges so in essance it will be a ball with an arm(1 piece) follow ? better way of exlaining it would be - a ball grows an arm, that makes sence, lol .

i have experimented with boolean, meteball(with this the hue value really confusses me !!!) and also shrinkrap defformer, i am really stumped !!

if anyone has an idea or any sort od direction for me to persue i would be really really gratfull thanks

ps running 11.5

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