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Cinema 4D - How should i go about modeling this?
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How should i go about modeling this?

Hello... im new to cinema 4d and i am really having a ruff time getting use to the modeling part of the interface. i found a few crappy guides on one aspect or the other of modeling but nothing that covered an allaround (use this for this and not for this) type of tutorial.

I used Blender for a while and i got really use to add and subtract modeling for faces. i am really likeing the HyperNURBS on a primitive for editing but i cant seem to make it do what i want when i need it to do it.

I have been retrying different approaches to the same model for about 2 days now and im getting nowhere.

i am wanting to slowly start a HUGE project that will probably take me about a year to finnish. (and another 2 to render :P)

but the first thing i am trying to model is this guy

but no matter what i seem to do i cant seem to get it good enough.

i tried starting with a cube and that wouldnt get the eyes right and then i tried a capsule with alot of segments wich just made the eyes look jagged on the edges. so basically i am wanting to know is..

How would you go about modeling this character.
what tool or method would you use to get the MASK and the COAT.

and if anoyne could link any tutorials on this that are decent i would love to see them. ive allready watched like 500 videos on youtube and i cant find any straight forwarward tuts on this area.

Any help would be awesome.



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Reply Date: 18-Jan-10

I would box model it and use Hypernurbs - should be fairly straight forward. It's a bit too much to explain how to do here - you just need to think and plan first. If it's worth money to you then invest in a decent tutorial - Fluff have good modelling tutorials.
Good Luck.

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Reply Date: 09-Mar-10

hello can you email me ? i will explane how to make this cartoon of the picture i work 9 month in cinema 4d every day i can say i now the basics now that how complex it is mal me at and have a look on my site made as school projcet with limitd time. nice you are intrested in 3d i think you better train before you start moddeling this big project becose you woed see you skills suck in the biging end develop neat the end you whooth have to make it agian to give it a nice rezult. well like to hire form you if you are still intrested in 3d. greetings berend kok

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