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Cinema 4D - rotoscope / image plane
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rotoscope / image plane

hey there,
have used c4d before but have always wanted to know how to do this one (really great) trick.
I want to use c4d to do some rotoscoping. Id like to make an image plane that corresponds to the video format that Im working in and lock it to the camera then either put a movie texture upon it so that it will advance (and show) with frame advance so that animation could be properly registered with background movie. I can sorta kinda do it now but it aint accurate at all. so forget roger-rabbit styled stuff unless one of you has an idea how to do this in C4D version 9.
please please help me if you can. Ive done this in maya but am stumped on how to do it in C4D. don't have maya right now.
thank you

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