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Cinema 4D - Need help with 3D modeling
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Need help with 3D modeling

Hello! I am very new to Cinema 4D, i love the functionality of the program and i'm excited to learn more of it. What i am currently trying to do is to create a 3D mouth, complete with individual teeth, and with each tooth containing the correct anatomy of a tooth. My skill in C4D is very basic, what would be the easiest way to model all of this? Is it possible for me to lay 3 separate paths on the x,y, and z axis and then have C4D build a 3d object from the 3 2D paths? Is there an even easier way? All suggestions and information would be very helpful, and samples even more so. Thanks ahead of time!
Here is a simple example somewhat like what i want to do:

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Reply Date: 01-Aug-08


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