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Cinema 4D - My new spider pic... Please tell me what you think
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My new spider pic... Please tell me what you think

Well here it is. It was not modelled for realism.

please post you comments...

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Reply Date: 15-Jun-05

i woud change his happy face into an anger face :O

look nice, but thats always when you use much polys. ( sorry i lost my life in low poly )


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Reply Date: 16-Jun-05

Hey, I really like. I think the happy face makes it look creepy, and I kinda like it, but if creepy isnt what you were going for, oughta change it. The eyes just come out of the head, nothing really seems to attach them, it'd be a good idea to maybe put a tiny frame or something at the seam between the eyes and head. Also the text color is flat, I'd do something with it in the mat editor.

And as far as high/low poly goes, not everything in high poly looks good, just because you aren't limiting your poly count in no way makes it automatically good.

Good work, I like it.


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