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Cinema 4D - character modelling
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character modelling

Dont suppose any1 could give me any pointers on modelling the human form in c4d - i ve started but i got this problem - when modelling the hips i keep on getting a flat side - see picture below -

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Reply Date: 20-Apr-05

I use maya but ill try to help, looks like youu either have smoothed with polygons very close togeather which would result in a flat look, or a sub division face that has double edges resulting in a pinched edge also. Check the edges of that reason and see if you have more than you think.

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Reply Date: 23-Apr-05

Hi, you prpbalby have bridged the same point twice. Get into Isoparm mode and in polygone tool, delete the faulty section then get in Point tool and rebridge everything; you'll find the culprit welded points. You can always delete a polygone section without deleting its points then you can rebridge these points the appropriate way. Keep on trying it will come!


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Reply Date: 26-Apr-05

Hi, - cheers for the advice guys, after some inspection, i realsied laurie was correct some of the points were actually a bit too close. Below is a slightly updated version albeit not finished at all - thank you to everyone who helped :)

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