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Dennis Rodman Jersey 1 qiaohai0005 22-Feb-2012
My designed rings 3 d084uga 19-Apr-2009
!~^~!WaTcH Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens Li 0 sabalba108 27-Sep-2012
Trying to animate simple dolly shot 2 rignard 16-Apr-2009
Using the Knife Tool on Splines 0 Cedricopsmgr 27-Mar-2012
Cinema 4D Tutorials 1 FrozenFlame17 19-Jul-2010
Cinema 4D Rigging Course 0 FranEll3 28-Jan-2011
Discovering BodyPaint With 3DKiwi 0 FranEll3 10-Dec-2010
New 3D production 2010 coming Christmas 0 MrCosta 11-Nov-2010
NEW C4D Training 0 FranEll3 27-Oct-2010
one object comming out of another !!! please any 0 3eee DyM3nshons 03-Jul-2010
supply 3d architectural rendering service 0 ensann 26-May-2010
WHERE TO FIND FREE 3D ANATOMY MODEL? 0 hitchi_00 16-Apr-2010
My first C4D project, constructive criticism PLEAS 0 vidkidfx 12-Apr-2010
How should i go about modeling this? 2 bajungadustin 06-Jan-2010
Film colorization, Film restoration and Film carto 1 fdshows 06-Feb-2009
OB-Wan Saber 1 Thamyris 16-Jan-2009
Potato Chip 1 bergo 30-Jun-2009
Bottle Label 1 porschefan 10-Apr-2009
MAXONs SIGGRAPH 2009 Presence 1 DianaLee 31-Jul-2009
Animated zoom. Please help 0 FlightMaster 11-Jul-2009
TakeTool 1.0 Released 0 franz78 06-Jan-2009
BigStar.TV Short Film Contests...!!! 0 imls1978 08-Dec-2008
Cinema 4D and Maya comparison 2 fabiobasile 14-Jan-2007
HDRI Experiment 1 graphix 23-Feb-2005
Cisco Film Making Contest 0 Harpreet 18-Sep-2008
Filmaka New Theme- On The Road 0 Harpreet 08-Aug-2008
Need help with 3D modeling 1 KMazor 02-Jul-2008
Who can help me please 1 beta 10-Apr-2008
rotoscope / image plane 0 egendron,man 06-Jul-2008
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