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3ds max Community

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Discreet News
Carbon Scatter 2: Edit and Populate Millions of Plants Per Second!
Okino's PolyTrans-for-Maya and PolyTrans-for-3ds Max 3D Converter Software
(29-Apr-11)  Okino Computer Graphics ships its 15th Yearly Release of PolyTrans-for-3ds-Max® & PolyTrans-for-Maya® 2012 for CAD, DCC, Skinning, Animation & Architectural File Format Conversions
cebas Visual Technology releases SP2 for its leading 3ds Max core rendering engine
(20-Mar-11)  Today, cebas Visual Technology Inc. released its Service Pack 2 (SP2) update of finalRender. The latest release includes many easy presets that run extremely fast and readily create outstanding results. This allows first-time users to quickly get up to sp
Carbon Scatter for 3ds Max Released
(14-Mar-11)  Oregon e-on software, the leader in Digital Nature solutions today announced the immediate availability of Carbon Scatter, the companys instancing plugin for the mental ray™ and V-Ray™ renderers for 3ds Max.
Free Open Beta of Carbon Scatter for 3ds Max Released

3ds max Forums
3dmax used in 3d architectural rendering
Hi! We are a professional 3d architectural design company located in Shanghai, the P.R.China for 8 years. Our scope is in 3d interior&exterior rendering, 3d animation, 3d virtual reality, CAD converation, 3d character modeling, 360 degree panorama vi ...
What is Architectural 3D Modeling and 3D Architect
Architectural 3D Modeling: Architectural 3D modeling is creative art that used to represent 2D wire frame in to 3D objects. At the present time 3D technology is widely used and can be applied to any given objects. Using this technique professional a ...
Art Gallery - Please comment.
Hail to all!!! This is the what I've been doing these last days... Please comment so I can proceed with this work... Thanks!! [img]images/forums/usergallery/ACF248.jpg[/img] ...
The Importance Of Architectural Rendering In Real
3D Architectural Rendering These days, website design business has become a common business, all over the world. In order to be competitive from the cost point of view, customers are offered website design service at a cheaper cost by using ready ma ...
Moving dirt with bulldozer blade
I've completed an animation where a bulldozer blade moves reactor stones as it contacts them. The client wants 'DIRT' to pile up in front of the blade. Has anyone made dirt that can be moved by an object? Thanks in advance. Michael ...
V ray vs Mental Ray
Hello! Looks like ao many people making great images with V- ray. Is V-ray better than mental ray? I'm a 3D max user and want to improve my interior lightings. Please let me know~~~~ thanks ...
Big problem.Help please!!
Im having this big problem with my 3dmax 7, there seems to be a constraint while im making objects, moving and scaling too.It is a blue square with cross in the middle, it delimitates my moves and mesh moving too. How can i take this away. Thanks ...
How to upload and embed flash SWF into MySpace
Nowadays, MySpace is fast becoming a great place to network with business professionals! An elegance profile page with flash presentation will first help you grasp lots of eyeballs from tons of MySpace users and attract like-minded individuals in the ...
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