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Using MotionBuilder with Poser

Using MotionBuilder with Poser

By Markcus Dunn

1. Load the model you want to animate into Poser (I’m using Victoria 2 for this tutorial).

Poser Screen

2. Turn off IK for legs and arms (if on)

Curious Labs Poser

3. Open the joint editor

Poser Joint Editor

4. Select the model’s hip and click Zero Figure in the Joint Editor.

Zero Figure in Poser Joint Editor

5. Export as a .bvh file.

Exporting bvf format in Poser

6. Choose Scale Automatically

7. Import the bvh file into MotionBuilder.

Import the bvh file into MotionBuilder

8. From the Asset Browser, drag and drop the Character icon onto your skeleton and choose Characterize.

MotionBuilder Asset Browser

9. Double-click your Character named “Character” under Characters and open the Character definition panel.

Kaydara Motion Builder

10. From the scene browser, drag and drop the skeleton body parts into the correct slot. You must fill in all of the Base parts. You may want to match some additional parts as well.

Kayara MotionBuilder Import Skeleton

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