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Pixels Digital Ships New Version of PiXELS 3D

Pixels Digital Ships New Version of PiXELS 3D

PiXELS 3D 4.0 makes high-end NURBS modeling, character animation, and cinema-quality rendering affordable and easy to use

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- May 8, 2002 -- Pixels Digital, Incorporated, creators of PiXELS 3D, has released a new version of PiXELS 3D, its powerful yet easy-to-use 3D modeling, animation, and rendering program.

New Tools

PiXELS 3D version 4.0 takes the best tools from PiXELS 3D version 3.7 and makes them even easier to use. ShaderMaker Pro has now been fully integrated into PiXELS 3D. Formerly a stand-alone tool, its patch-bay style interface allows artists to easily create realistic, cinema-quality procedural shaders. Particle systems are also included in the new PiXELS 3D, so animators can create naturalistic fluids, smoke, and objects that use real physics without ever leaving the program. In addition to NURBS surfaces, PiXELS 3D version 4.0 gives the user more object types, including new primitives, curves, polygons, and metaballs. Relational modeling and stackable, non-destructive modifiers are also included in this new version.

New Interface

PiXELS 3D 4.0 takes advantage of available hardware acceleration with its completely new 100% OpenGL user interface. The AttributeManager now helps users organize and control every aspect of a scene. Everything, from objects, lights, and shaders to rendering options and keyboard shortcuts, are accessible through the AttributeManager.

New Renderer

PiXELS 3D has always had one of the highest quality rendering engines on the Macintosh. PiXELS 3D v. 4.0 raises the quality even further with its brand new renderer called Tempest. Tempest lets users create superior quality, fast, high-resolution images, with displacement shaders, subsurface scattering, ray marching, depth of field, and motion blur, plus the capability to render in batch mode.

Pricing and Availability

PiXELS 3D 4.0 is now available to customers worldwide through Pixels Authorized Resellers and the Pixels Store at Prices for PiXELS 3D 4.0 are $599.00 for the full product, and $249.00 for the upgrade from any prior version of PiXELS 3D. For more detailed information about new features and upgrade policies, please visit: For information on academic and other pricing, please contact

About Pixels Digital, Incorporated

Pixels was originally founded as an animation studio in 1991 by Andrew Bryant, who still owns the company. Soon after its inception, Pixels began developing custom, "in-house" tools to fill in the gaps in their production pipeline. By 1993, no off-the-shelf software was in use at Pixels (with the exception of RenderMan, which was used for 95% of all rendering). It was at this time that Pixels converted some "in-house" tools into products published by the Valis Group. The product, PixelPutty, was an organic NURBS modeling plug-in for Pixar's ShowPlace, and was an instant hit. Encouraged by the success of the plug-in, Pixels decided to produce a more powerful, stand-alone version of PixelPutty -- PixelPutty Solo. This product, which was released at SIGGRAPH 1994, contained many innovative features including unprecedented support for Pixar's RenderMan, intuitive & natural organic modeling tools, a built-in shader editor and a clean, simple interface. In 1999, Pixels and the Valis Group parted ways, and Pixels took over the sale and promotion of PixelPutty. It was at this point that the software name was changed to PiXELS 3D. In 2000, Pixels introduced PiXELS 3D version 3.0, which included a built-in raytracer and an improved GUI, among other new features. Now, in 2002, Pixels has created a powerful new renderer and incorporated its most popular plug-ins into PiXELS 3D version 4.0. With the release of this ground-breaking application, the company changed its name to Pixels Digital, Inc. to better reflect its concentration on producing world-class 3D tools for the Macintosh. ### © 2002 Pixels Digital, Incorporated. All rights reserved. Pixels, PiXELS 3D, ShaderMaker, ShaderMaker Pro, and Tempest are trademarks of Pixels Digital, Incorporated. Mac and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer, Incorporated. Pixar, ShowPlace, and RenderMan are trademarks of Pixar Animation Studios, Incorporated. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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