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iPi Soft Unveils Multi-Person Tracking And Multiple GPU Support Features For iPi Motion Capture 2.0

iPi Soft Unveils Multi-Person Tracking And Multiple GPU Support Features For iPi Motion Capture 2.0

Leading Markerless Motion Capture Solution Now Also Includes Increased Tracking Speed for Exceptional Performance; Batch Processing Enabling Faster Tracking; and Support For Eight Sony PS Eye Cameras

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, August 8  iPi Soft, LLC, is pleased to announce it has added multi-person tracking functionality and multiple video cards support for increased tracking speeds to its popular iPi Motion Capture markerless motion capture software line, as well as batch processing and support for eight Sony PS Eye cameras (up from six in previous version).

Responding to the demands of its growing customer base of filmmakers, animators and videogame developers, the new capabilities are free to all Standard license owners. Multi-person and multi-GPUs functionality and other new features are available via the companys website

According to Michael Nikonov, iPi Softs Founder/Chief Technology Architect, the multi-person tracking feature lets users track two separate, perfectly synchronized, natural-looking motions  a remarkable innovation for users of all creative levels looking to capture intricate movements such as choreographed dance, fight, action sequences and more.

Almost since the day we introduced iPi Motion Capture, our customers have been asking us to add multi-person functionality to capture even more sophisticated motion, Nikonov says. The new multi-person tracking feature will initially support up to two actors, requiring five to eight Sony PS Eye cameras or two depth cameras (such as Kinect or Xtion). Were proud to offer this improved capability to industry professionals, students and enthusiasts to help them realize their creative potential without limitation.

More info about multi-person tracking can be found here (

The Graphic Film Company relies on iPi Motion Capture for previs and to track zombie motions in the upcoming feature film "Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D"

Nikonov added the multiple video cards capability represents a step closer toward the companys goal of real-time tracking. With two GPUs, users will see an estimated 40-percent increase in tracking speed, as well as an optimized pipeline thanks to users spending less time tracking results. More info about multiple GPUs can be found here. Additionally, the company has made two other significant changes to the software:

  • Batch processing  allowing users to set up several tracking jobs to be completed one after the other, saving their time with improved results due to opportunity to experiment with various tracking options. More info about batch processing can be found here.
  • Support for eight Sony PS Eye cameras  up from previous six-camera max, this improvement ensures more accurate tracking of two actors and more complex motions capture with one actor.

Anthony Hoit, Systems Development Lead at The Graphic Film Company, the Los Angeles-based visual effects house using iPi Motion Capture for the past two years on production of Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D, the feature film slated for theatrical release in early 2014, sees the multi-person functionality and multiple GPU support as huge boon to animators.

Were already using iPi Motion Capture successfully on our middle-ground and background zombie action, but having the ability to record two actors at the same time and get that interaction is a huge plus, Hoit says. "With access to multi-person tracking we will be able to generate an expanded range of unique motions to incorporate into our animation. Coupled with the increased tracking speeds, this is a real game-changer, especially considering the desktop software is so affordably priced.

Pricing and Availability:

The multi-person functionality is a free upgrade for those using the Standard license of iPi Motion Capture 2.0. iPi Soft is offering new customers and owners of Basic and Express licenses a 30 percent discount valid through August 25, 2013. Details and pricing are available at

About iPi Soft:

Launched in 2008 by CEO and Chief Technology Architect Michael Nikonov, iPi Soft, LLC is the Moscow-based developer of iPi Motion Capture", a markerless motion capture software tool that uses sophisticated image processing and computer vision algorithms to recognize and track the human body. The companys breakthrough technology digitizes the movement of a human skeleton, rendering it in expressive 3D characters for video games or computer generated films. For additional information, on iPi Soft, product pricing or a 30-day free trial please visit,

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